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History Debate #3


This is my third debate about an historical topic. This debate is impossible to accept, so write your proposed topic in the comments and I'll invite the person with the best topic to debate. Please include all definitions and assumptions you'd like to use in your comment. Also, no WWII topics - there are thousands of years of history to choose from, please pick something less cliché.

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The Big Bang theory is true and accurate


Now, i want to have a rational debate about the Big Bang theory. I will argue that the Big Bang happened nearly 14 billion years ago. I don't want an argument about deities that supposedly created the universe or other irrelevant arguments to the topic. I want this to be a science debate. Burden of proof is shared,but it will mostly be on me. 1st round is acceptance 2nd round will be for opening statements and arguments 3rd round will be for rebuttals and cross-examinations 4th round will...

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The usual arguments #4: Free will


This debate is impossible to accept. Leave a comment if you would like to debate.I will NOT argue against the existence of free will. I will argue that free will doesn't prove the existence of a god. Structure:Round 1: acceptanceRound 2: arguments(no rebuttals)Round 3: rebuttals(no arguments)Round 4: additional arguments/rebuttals and conclusion...

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Sexism is still an issue in modern society.


I firmly believe that sexism is still an issue in modern society. This is not limited to women only. Both men and women are subject to sexism and I wish to prove this. My opponent will argue the opposite stance. I wish to have a mature, rational debate and therefore I feel obligated to implement a few crucial rules:

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Doctrine of Justification by Faith Alone is Not Biblical


I will approve the opponent on basis of his theological expertise. I prefer you have to be good in theology to accept this debate that so just make a comment if you want to debate on this, then I will forward it to you. Con has to be a non-Catholic, believer of sola-scriptura. You must believe all books to be equal especially book of James (Yakov or Jacob). This will be my opening statement of first round. If you disagree with any definition and representation of this doctrine given by me then d...

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Should the results from experiments conducted by people like Mengele in the holocaust be used today? Some people may think that what happened was so unethical that the results cannot be used today. However, others might think that science is science and what has happened has happened and because there is no way to take back the experiments, the results should be used. What do you think?...

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Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto Shippuden) Or Roranoa Zoro (One Piece New World)


Who would win? Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto Shippuden) Or Roranoa Zoro (One Piece New World) The pro i for Sasuke And the Con is for Zoro....

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Irradiated Food


A common belief is that irradiated food is radioactive. This statement is false. The radiation used to process food is much different than radiation that would occur after a nuclear fallout. The sources that process the foods do generate enough high energy to make food radioactive( also the food never comes in contact with the radioactive material( The FDA and many other organizations have set the Limits for the use of Radiation, which includes the maximum amount al...

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Does children food advertisement affect children mentally and physically?


Children advertisement can affect them physically and mentally, but who is to blame?...

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Rob Ford on Jimmy Kimmel's show?


Toronto's mayor, Rob Ford, was recently seen on Jimmy Kimmel's late night show. The question is that do you think Rob Ford used Jimmy Kimmel's show for his advantage in order to promote Toronto or was the show to the advantage of Jimmy Kimmel in getting some answers from the Toronto mayor for his recent behaviour?...

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