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Genetic differences explain racial IQ gaps


Comment if interested. The debate should be impossible to accept. If someone manages to accept, it will be counted as a loss.Rules:- Pro and Con should avoid debating the merits of IQ as a metric, or race as a classification system. While these are certainly debatable, being largely seperate and rather nuanced subjects, they would be best suited to their own debates. Anyone interested in that should feel free to start or challenge a debate on those.<...

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Debate.Org Presidential Bulletin


Aloha!I am the elected President of, and this debate is part of an effort I am making to reach out to more areas of the site and to update more users about site programs. The positions of President and Site Moderator are not the same; but, as President, I do run, oversee, or work on various initiatives that are pertinent to members who primarily use the debates section. I am not empowered, however, to grant you voting privileges or delete debates or things of that nat...

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God is not worthy of worship


Resolved: God is not worthy of worshipI realize the nature of this topic is likely to garner the contempt of many. I respectfully ask that you spare me any personal attacks. I sincerely want to debate this topic. I am not motivated to do so out of a desire to disrespect anyone or their beliefs. Rather, I desire this debat...

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DDO should not frown upon Kritiks


Full ResolutionResolved: On balance, DDO should not frown upon KritiksDefinitionsOn balance - with all things consideredDDO - Debate.orgShould - Used to indicate correctness, especially when criticizing someone's actions [adapted from google's definitions]Frown upon - to look upon with disapprova...

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The Big Bang Theory is Reasonable.


Rules and Conditions 1. You may only write a confirmation of accepting the debate in the first round. 2. The full topic of the debate is "Resolved: The Big Bang Theory is a Reasonable Explanation for Existence." 3. In this debate, the burden of proof is shared. Pro must show that the Big Bang Theory is logically reasonable and probable, and Con must show that the Big Bang is logically inconsistent and improbable. 4. I ask the voters to abstain from awarding points for Spelling and Gr...

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Choose the Topic debate!!!


Resolution: Choose the Topic Debate!This is how it goes like.1st round: Rules from Pro (me), and my opponent lists 5 topics. 2nd round: I chose one topic out of the 5, and...

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Resolved: In a democracy, civil disobedience is justifiable.


Express interest in comments section....

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Coke or pepsi


Coke is better because it was first made and more original...

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Donald Trump can win the presidency.


Round 1-Acceptance, Round 2-Cases, Round 3-Rebuttals, Round 4-Defense This debate will be a debate about chance. I will be arguing that Donald Trump has a more than 50% chance of winning the presidency. My opponent will disagree, and will most likely argue that he will be crushed in the general election. This debate should be impossible to accept. Comment if interested....

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Coming back Debate: Choose a topic


Russia_The_Almighty is back to Debating. I'm not sure what debate I should do, so I decided to do one of the comment for what you want to debate on. This debate should be impossible to accept. If you somehow manage to accept this, you immediately forfeit all 7 points. Rules: 1. No debate involving presidency. I am seeing so many politics on the news, I want a break from the race for president. 2. Keep the topic appropriate. Nothing sexual, violent, vulgar, or anything like that. 3. Keep...

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