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That the Omnipotence Paradox is a Flawed Argument


Hello to all. I have been in a religious mood for a couple of days now, and have been mulling over this specific paradox. Comment if you would like to accept.The Omnipotence Paradox is as follows:Can God create a stone so heavy that...

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Debate.Org Presidential Bulletin


Aloha!I am the elected President of, and this debate is part of an effort I am making to reach out to more areas of the site and to update more users about site programs. The positions of President and Site Moderator are not the same; but, as President, I do run, oversee, or work on various initiatives that are pertinent to members who primarily use the debates section. I am not empowered, however, to grant you voting privileges or delete debates or things of that nat...

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it's impossible to objectively measure intelligence, nobody is more or less so than anyone else.


Intelligence cannot be measured as a whole. Skills can be, and knowledge, but not intelligence. Nobody can be truly said to be more or less intelligent than anybody else. Intelligence is relative, not actual....

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TEAM DEBATE: Star Wars: The Force Awakens


PrefaceI, Lord Bish the Magnificent, and my padawan, Darth Harderious the Grand [], shall pit ourselves against any Jedi who accept. We are definitely looking forward to a very fun, very nerdy, very force-tastic debate. We are also looking forward to unlimited power.You must have 2,500 ELO to vote, and you must have completed 3 debates in order to accept. This 3 debate minimum applies to both members of the c...

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Can video game be a form of art?


I think that the games can be a for of art for many good reasons Definiton Art:something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings R1 acceptance R2 main arguments R3 counter argument R4 rebuttals and closing statements. apply in comments...

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On Balance: Schools Should Teach Fine Arts to the Students


While many schools are stopping the art programs such as music, drama and art it is my belief that we shouldn't stop giving students the option to take these classes at school. It is therefore my belief that "Schools should be capable to teach arts and music to their students" Definitions School: an institution for educating children. Should: used to indicate obligation, duty, or correctness, typically when criticizing someone's actions.

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Total War: USA (pro) v (con) China.


Resolution: The United States of America v The People's Republic of China II.Rules:- Sources may be external.- No Semantics or Shotgunning.- No Conduct or Spelling/Grammar points.

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A hypothetical and interesting compromise on gun control and gun rights


This will be my first debate on this website. I am eager to learn how this site works as well as seeing others opinions on things that I feel strongly about. I have 3 pieces of gun control legislature that have either been advanced or considered by gun control advocates that I disagree with. But in the spirit of compromise I grant them legitimacy of their laws so long as they grant the compromise. 1). Many gun control advocates say that Universal background checks (UBC's) will close the looph...

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Sexual attraction to female breasts is natural


Before I do my research on this topic and initiate a real debate, I wanted to poll and see who if anybody wants to go on the pro side of this topic. Leave a comment if you would like to go pro on this topic....And honestly I'd probably be willing to go devils advocate so if you would rather go con you can say that in the comments too....

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Is non conformism a better way of living life?


Conformism is letting others interpret how they should live their life, therefore, letting so many people with different and often sick standards let you show how to live your life is a miserable way to do so. [I am new here, I want to improve my debating skills. So I wanted to start with things on my mind others would dismiss as "nonsense".]...

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