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Mormonism is Irrational and Flawed


Hello all. This debate is on the merits of Mormonism, and whether or not is irrational to believe in it. I will be arguing the position that Mormonism is a flawed religion, and therefore it is irrational to be a Mormon. My opponent will be opposed to this view.FormatR1: AcceptanceR2: All Main ArgumentsR3: Rebuttal (no new arguments)R4: Final Rebuttal/Conclusion

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What women want from men


You could assume women want you to be super macho, wax lyrical about your feelings and ditch your female friends, but guess what? Myth, myth and myth....

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The God of the Bible Exists


ResolutionThe god of the bible exists.ProHas the Burden of Proof and 30,000 characters to demonstrate the existence of the god of the bible and rebuttal Con. No need to forfeit rounds, because there are no rounds, just characters.ConIs rejecting the claim and only has 20,000 characters to rebuttal Pro.May the most convincing argument win....

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Nurse Practitioners To Deliver Primary Care services Independently


Nurse practitioners are registered nurses with years of nursing and medical experience who go back to school to become certified as Nurse Practitioners. They are trained clinically to provide primary care services and have a lot to offer. With physician shortages, lack of access to care in certain areas, changes in healthcare reimbursement, it is essential to fill the gap with highly trained individuals such as NP's. In California currently NP's are not allowed to practice without the supervisio...

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Should the World live under Sharia Law even if most people aren't muslim? No


Accept first, then r2 present arguments, r3 present rebuttals, r4 more rebuttal and conclusion.My claim is that the world should NOT live under Sharia Law if most people are not muslim and do not want to live under Sharia Law. Definitions;Muslim: a follower of the religion of Islam.Sharia Law: Islamic canonical law based on the teachings of the Koran and the traditions of the Prophet (Hadith and Sunna), prescribing both religious and sec...

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Sexiest Female Rapist Debate


Each round My opponent and I will post up to 3 sexy female rapists. No rounds wasted. Real life female rapists and cannonical characters may be used. No fan art or fanfics allowed. Winner goes to whoever has the sexiest female rapists. Sexy actress Ellen Page rapes an ugly, old, and obese man! That's wha...

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Did Jesus Christ have an earthly father?


I challenge Scratch to debate whether or not Jesus had an earthly father. I will prove Christ had an earthly father using Scripture alone. I have done this debate before, therefore, I will use the evidence I posted in that debate from R2, in this debate, for my opening argument. Rules of debate: 1. Challenger MUST be a Christian or Catholic. 2. Challenger MUST use the Bible ONLY as evidence for his/her claims. 3. Challenger CANNOT change the topic of the...

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Christianity VS Islam: Which one is true?


This is going to be a debate on deciding which religion is true; Christianity or Islam. I have taken the pro side, meaning that I will be defending Christianity and the con will defend Islam. Here are the rounds: 1st: Acceptance 2nd: Opening Statements 3rd: First rebuttals 4th: Second rebuttals 5th: Closing statements Keep in mind: After the third round, no new objections are to be raised. The fourth round is for clarifying and defending what was said in round three. The closing stat...

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Does the God of Christianity most likely exist?


Here is the outline of the debate. I am looking for an atheist or agnostic who will take the con side. The rounds will look like this: 1st: Acceptance 2nd: Opening statements 3rd: First rebuttals 4th: Second rebuttals 5th: Conclusion Keep in mind: After the third round, no new objections are to be raised. The Fourth round is for clarifying and defend what was said in the previous rounds. Concluding statements are just that. No new arguments or objections....

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do you think british govermnt bend backwards for the muslms?


hey.. i just wanted to post something interested that had today. i was in supermarket looking at few newspaper when a old black men was aslo looking at newspaper, starting to talk to me. he was reading something that muslums culture are doing their thing here in the uk like pologramy marriages ( men can have more than 1 wife in thier culture) but in uk it not allowed but he keeping say that the british people are allow them , as they allow them a lot freedroms , he keeping saying british bend...

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