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The woman's buttocks is better than the woman's breasts


The first round is acceptance, but any comments are welcome. The question can't ultimately be mathematically resolved, but evidence should be cited for your position. Evidence can be scientific, anecdotal, or personal experience....

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Mobile phones have adversely affected our social life and has emerged as a new form of addiction


I totally disagree with the topic. As mobile phones are the basic necessity of everyones life. It help us contact and communicate with each other. How can it be said that it affects social life??? I want more in depth answer in this matter against the topic so guys please help me....

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On balance, jury nullification in the United States is just


This debate is for the Autumn tournament, round one. Resolved: On balance, jury nullification in the United States is just. Some definitions: Jury nullification is defined as the practice of a jury nullifying a law by returning a verdict of not guilty even though they believe that the defendant is guilty because they believe the law to be unjust. On balance: with all facts considered. I will define justice as giving each their due. What exactly is meant by "just" may be a point...

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God Most Likely Exists


This is a debate between me and whoever accepts first. I will be arguing that God most likely doesn't exist. God: the creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the supreme being. You may start in the first round. Format will then be simple presentation, then refutation. For an equal number of rounds, Pro must leave their last round blank....

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God Exists


Rules and Structure The debate rules are simple: no swearing, spamming, or insults. This debate is relatively unstructured. You must provide your support in each round and refute your opponent's arguments. I, as pro, will be arguing for the existence of a God. Con will be arguing against the existence of a God. I will be providing&n...

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Adolescents ought to be able to make autonomous medical decisions.


The debate is "Adolescents ought to be able to make autonomous medical decisions." My position in this debate is Con/Against. An autonomous decision is characterized by being an informed decision performed completely and solely by one person. Adolescents as a group are defined as ages 10-19 year old by the US National Library of medicine. ( At this point in life, the brain is not fully developed, and the adolescent is not able to make a...

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What is more important, to be understood (con) or to understand (pro)?


My definition of to be understood is for people to be able to comprehend your current situation and simply be understood as a human-being with feelings, and my definition of to understand is to neglect your feelings and consider on other's situation instead and I choose pro simply because to understand people's feelings is more crucial and a lot easier in order to advance one's relationship rather than being selfish and expecting others to understand us or else, we'd feel devastated and upset. I...

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Feminist Movement is outdated


The American feminist movement"s main goal was to grant white women with the right to vote, hold property, and have equal rights to their male white counterparts. Mission accomplished. Feminism was not originally created for anyone other than white females, seeing how the movement started well before 1965, the year when African-American men and women were finally given the real right to vote. The first and most important problem with the "feminist" movement comes in the name itself. The de...

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The belief in the Judeo/Christian god is illogical


By agreeing to this debate, you must agree to follow my rules and my layout:Round 1: AcceptanceRound 2: ArgumentsRounds 3-5: Rebut.The debate topic is well defined in the title: Is the belief in the Judeo/Christian god logical? I'll be argueing that the belief is illogical....

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Resolved: Nightmare Moon is an Underated Character in My Little Pony.


Rules First round is rules and definitions by Pro, acceptance by Con. Second round is contruction arguments, no reubuttals. Third Round is Rebuttals. Forth Round is rebuttals and conclusions. No trolling. No kritics or counterplans. No semantics, the definitions provided are those that are to be used in the debate. BOP is shared. If any of these are violated then all 7 points shall go to the opposition of the one who violated the rules .DefinitionsNightmare Moon- Nighmare Moon is the...

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