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Socialism vs Capitalism


I am going to defend socialism against my opponent, who will defend capitalism....

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Politcal Correctness Is Bad


I think that political correctness is a very bad idea in general. While I can see that people who implemented it meant good. In practice, The Liberal/Democrats use it as a weapon. To silence those who have a opposing political view. In the past few years, We have been seeing the rise of Islamic extremism as more and more terrorist attacks happen by the day. But whenever there is a Muslim who commits a terrorist attack, The Leftists avoid using the term Muslim or Islamic Terrorist. Because politi...

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The "Black lives matter" group is a racist, violent black version of the KKK


All lives matter. Be it white, black, brown or yellow we are all human beings but for some reason some members of the black community feel differently. They openly rant about there hatred of white people, especially the police. What happened In Dallas when the sniper started shooting people? All these black lives matter members RAN BEHIND WHITE POLICE OFFICERS FOR SAFETY. Some of these morons actually think some police officers wake up everyday and go to work in hopes of killing a black person....

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The cure for cancer has been found already and buried by greed.


OutlineI. IntroII. The Cancer IndustryIII. The science and why it worksIV. ConclusionV. SourcesI. IntroThe cure for cancer was discovered by Mr. Gerson. [1][2]Yet, why hasn't this reached the general public? Why is not this on the front page of every newspaper? The simple answer is greed. As seen in this film Healing Cancer from Inside Out. [3]...

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THBT Dumbbells are, on balance, better than Barbells for lifting weights.


PrefaceIn the last couple of months I've become more and more involved in lifting weights at the gym. While it's incredibly enjoyable, I found myself somewhat torn between using dumbbells or barbells for a majority of the routines I do. After a month of mainly utilizing one or the other I've come to the conclusion that dumbbells are generally better than barbells for lifting weights. I'd like to see if I've come to the right conclusion on this and thus am instig...

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Overall, humans are generally worse than they are good.


Overall, humans are definitely worse than they are good. The damage that has been done by humans since throughout the last several thousand years is far greater than any good we have done. The pain we cause each other as well as other species is of a much greater magnitude than the amount of good we have done. For every random act of kindness, humanitarian effort, or charitable work done, there are countless wars, murders, acts of sheer brutality, and continued human ignorance/arrogance that out...

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Islam Is not a religion of violence and terror.


After all these attacks by ISIS (whom are de facto islamic at best) people have had a twisted and generally bad view of islam. I'm going to argue that ISIS does not represent Islam through the teachings of the quran. BoP is shared. ...

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Is the Theory of Evolution true and accurate?


Hello there, i am here to discuss why Evolution, n my opinion, cannot be disproven and is simply scientific fact, there are no holes that can be poked into the Theory of Evolution that will disprove it because as i said before, it is, in my opinion, un-falsifiable. However if you do come forward with arguments that cannot be refuted i would be more then happy to hear them, your Religious background (or lack there of) Does not matter to me, at least as far as prejudice is concerned and i would...

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Football (soccer) is over-priced and they need to earn less money


Footballs get paid way to much just to kick a ball about! There are people working their bums off when they are living the 'high life' from doing nor much! I know there is skill invloved, but come on, open your eyes!...

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It's time for Chridtianity to become militant against Atheism


It's time for Christianity to become militant against Atheism. Why? Atheism is destroying the West. Christianity gave it an inch politely, and now Atheists have decided to become militant against Christianity, thus it is time to snuff it out of society completely and by force if neccessary. ...

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