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My 101st Debate: Universal Health Care


PrefaceThis is my 101st debate. Uchiha has been eager to get this debate done, and I look forward to taking it up with him. Hopefully I can have more luck defending UHC this time than previously. Uchiha may not accept this debate before 1:00am, DDO time, on Nov. 8th, or he auto-loses the debate. I thank him in advance for accepting, and look forward to an interesting discourse.Full TopicA just society ought to provide uni...

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The Christian bible and god are responsible for the presence of morality


Please do not submit new points in your final round - this should be used to provide your conclusion. Please only accept this argument if you are genuinely interested in debate with intellectual honesty. I am taking the stance that the Christian bible and its contents as well as the Christian God are not vital components of morality and that the complete absence of these things would not leave a person morally void. I am an atheist and therefore do not accept theistic claims of there bein...

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You are invited to attempt to prove the existence of your god


I would like to invite my potential opponent to provide arguments in favour of the existence of their god. I am an atheist so I will provide rebuttal for any arguments presented in this debate. First round should be reserved for my potential opponents opening statement in favour of their theistic god. Last round should be reserved only for a closing statement and as such no new arguments should be presented. Other than this, I am happy to adjust to any argument my opponent wishes to present. I l...

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Can medical research help create a full dive virtual reality


I think we could use what we use to monitor brain activity to help create virtual reality because that accesses our brain and so does virtual reality...

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Creation vs Evolution


I would like to begin by stating that I am a Atheist and therefor do not believe in god. So I will be taking the side of evolution. The following rules will apply: -NO forfeiting -No trolling -Please do not use offensive language -First round if for acceptance only I really do love these debates, they might even be my favorite topic to debate. So, Im looking forward to a interesting debate! Good luck to my opponent! :)...

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USA vs Russia War Scenario


The United States of America would defeat the Russian Federation in total war. Conditions: 1. USA is attacking 2. 1vs1, however allies can help economically (sanctions, trade deals, etc.) 3. No nukes 4. Current military technologies only, however this war would last for many years so industrial production of these current technologies, and not just current numbers, must be taken into account 5. If you want to change any of these conditions you may 6. I hope you accept :) After reading y...

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Are black eyed children real or fake?


They might knock on your door on a late, quiet night that you're home; or if you're out, they might approach your car while you're stopped. They might seem to be in need of your help, or they might just want to come in for no clear reason. They won't look threatening; mere children, in fact. But they do want to come in. They may give you this excuse or that one, but no matter what you say, they will persist. They must get in. And you will say no. You will say no because they are not quite right:...

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Should guns be legalized in america?


Hello, I think guns should be legalized in America, because people need protection, and for an example, the crime ratein Kennesaw deacreased by 89% of course, i think there needs to be a restrictment to the barrel of the gun used and a number of gun(s) in the house. And i ask you this, should they be replaced with Tazers? No! If the victim of, for example a robbery uses a tazer against the criminal, the criminal could come again, this time prepaired....

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Reaganomics<Fiscal Discipline


Reaganomics noun noun: Reaganomics the economic policies of the former US president Ronald Reagan, associated especially with the reduction of taxes and the promotion of unrestricted free-market activity. Fiscal discipline (As that practiced by William Clinton) Fiscal discipline is defined as the capacity of a government to maintain smooth financial operation and long-term fiscal health.

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Cannabis should be legalised across the globe.


Cannabis should be legalised across the globe. I am not saying it is harmless, I am saying that a government who bans it's citizens from using it has become over controlling. This debate is about freedom and democracy, more than the health risks of cannabis. Also, this debate is set in the context of the current world affairs. One must accept that they think alcohol, coke, cigarettes e.t.c should all be illegal, if they think cannabis should be illegal as well, based on its health risks....

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