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The God of the Bible, and His Existence.


Hello. In this debate we will talk about the existence of the God of the Bible, so fasten your seatbelts. I'd like to start off with saying that I believe the God of the Bible is non-existent, due to many scientific errors and issues in the Bible. Let's look at some. 1: In Genesis, the moon is referred to as a "light" ("lesser light" actually). The moon is merely a reflector of the sun's light, and produces no visible light, although it does shine in different wavelengths not perceivable to th...

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Racial dating preferences are a form of racism.


Preferring to date a person due to that person's race, either in whole or in part, is, I will argue, racist. It is racist to have racial dating preferences. I will argue that a person with such preferences is a racist.Rules:1. Citations are mandatory. When necessary, citations must be provided. For example, "People of mixed raced are usually unhealthy" or "Race doesn't exist in nature" would require ci...

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Norwegian Whaling


I will be arguing in favor of Norway's minke whale hunt. Opponent can start with arguments. Only accept this if you are capable of completing the debate. Thank you!...

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Jesus is God by nature


This debate challenge is strictly not for Atheists/ Agnostics but only for those who are Christians by calling especially the Unitarians. This calls for the use of the Bible per se as the source of both arguments and rebuttals. This is my debate challenge: JESUS IS GOD BY NATURE. Jesus Christ is God by nature because of one singular reason and that's His being the Son of God.

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Jesus Christ Existed as a Historical Person and was Not a Myth


My opponent must argue that Jesus didn't exist at all and his whole story as recoded in the Bible was borrowed from pagan myths. He must present his arguments in his opening round, showing why he doesn't think Jesus existed. He must also give sources for his claims. Here I present my opening argument which shows that Jesus was a real person who started the Christian movement. "But not all the relief that could come from man, not all the bounties that the prince could bestow, nor all the aton...

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9/11: All conspiracy theories about 9/11 are painfully false.


If anyone out there believes an alternate reality of the events of 9/11 and thinks they can prove it, I challenge you. If you believe the US government was behind it, it was a controlled demolition, there were no planes, it was a space beam, Larry Silverstein did it, or it was done so we could go to war in the middle east, or any other crazy theory, please prove it....

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The infringement of personal zones in church lead to a biased and emotional response to the gospel.


It is a known fact that each individual has what is called the personal/ intimate zone. It is also known that the reason why large numbers of protester often turn violent, even though they only intend to protest peacefully, is that an entry into a personal zone leads to an emotional response and at most anger. Churches (especially Pentecostals) have a similar setup to the protest situation. Large numbers of people are in the church and interfering with each others zones. Surely it fits in to...

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Why is islam misunderstood


I feel that this is an invalid question, buts its my first one on the site so im just getting familiar with the whole thing. my question/ debate is why is Islam so misunderstood and why are the things that "Muslims" claim to do the worst. I mean Hitler was trying to rid the world of Jews but no one brings any other religion up like Christianity and the fact that he was Christian or Jewish or whatever. my other thing is that people back then like the Spanish explorers used religion as an excuse t...

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Objective Moral Judgements can be made in Moral Nihilism


*Leave a message if you want to accept this debate*Details:I have been thinking for a while how to word this resolution, which is my own position in terms of moral philosophy. I am a Nihilist, and I think it's a rational starting position for making moral judgements. For example, I will make the claim the holocaust was wrong, and I make that as an intended objective statement. The BoP is on me to demons...

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I am a strong Believer in toast for Breakfast. meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh mehm eh meh meh emeh e...

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