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is Obama treating the poor better than any other president that came before him?


Obama is the kindest president toward the poor people....

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Barrack Obama a great United States President?


Hi! In my first debate I would like to see if anyone is up to debating me on President Barrack Obama's legacy and success. I believe he has done wonders for the nation as a whole, and the burden of proof falls on my opponent to prove otherwise. Please no semantics, just a logical discussion....

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The friendship of Narendra Modi and Barack Obama can tackle terrorism?


Hello, I am your friend Ravi is here to debate with you on a exciting topic. The friendship of Narendra Modi and Barack Obama can tackle terrorism? I am in favour side. I thinks that the friendship of narendra modi and barack Obama can tackle terrorism. because the terrorist activities in Indian subcontinent damage the life of people and because of this the superpower is helping India to overcome this obstacle. I have much more for the next round also......... please accept the debate challe...

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President Obama Will Take a More Internationally Interventionist Stance During His Last Tenure


During most of the time that President Obama has held office, we've seen him fairly unwilling to interact with other countries militarily, and soft power has often taken too long or been totally ineffective. All that being said, there has been a bit of debate over whether or not he will take a more interventionist stance. I would like to bring this debate to this site, if any are willing to accept. The format for debate will be as follows: Round 1: Acceptance, stating why you would like this...

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Barack Obama is responsible for the assassination of Pierre Trudeau


To clarify I will be arguing that US president Obama IS responsible for the assassination of Pierre Trudeau and Con will be arguing otherwise. Format of debate: R1: Acceptance R2: Opening Arguments R3: rebuttals R4: Closing arguments Terms: Obama: Barack HUSSEIN Obama II is the 44th and current President of the United States, and the first African American to hold the office. Pierre Trudeau: The 15th Prime Minister of Canada from April 20, 1968 to June 4, 1979, and again from Ma...

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Is Obama good or bad?


Is Obama good or bad? First post...Don't know exactly how this works but I can get used to it. I don't know much about Obama but he seems like any other president......

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Resolved: The United States Legislative Branch should impeach President Barrack Obama from office.


I would like to wish my opponent good luck in this first round of the Beginners Tournament. I would also like to thank him for coming up with the debate resolution. Rules: First round is NOT for acceptance. As Pro, my opponent should make his first argument now. Also, in order to keep the number of rounds fair, Pro shall type "No round as agreed." in the final round. As it is my opponent who is making the positive claim, and a change in the status quo, he has the full burden of proof. A...

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Barack Obama


I would really like to debate this topic. I know a lot of people now are against him and what he is doing. However, I know that there are still a lot that would vote for him again if he were to run. Here are the rules: You MUST reference at least one thing at the end of Each argument post. A forfeit is an automatic win to the opponent New arguments can be made at any time You are allowed to "write off" what you have previously said if you realize that it was a wrong statement. A point of...

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Obama should be in the BBC's TV Debates, alongside Cameron, Miliband, Clegg & Farage

LordKavstar Cameron said he would not be a part of the TV debates unless the Greens were invited, because of course it would be completely unfair if we didn't also have parties who haven't achieved anything in the debates.Then the Greens were invited (well, just one to be precise). & now Mr Cameron says that Northern Ireland parties should be repr...

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Is Barack Obama shattering USA's competitiveness?

gannon260 The article that brought this to my notice. My points against the article (i.e. i say barrack Obama is NOT shattering the LONG term competitiveness of the US economy. The article speak of a Capital gains tax increase, which somehow leads to a fall in companies(specifically start ups). It says that the number of start ups are falling and more of them are failing. but that is...

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