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Should abortion be abolished?


Abortion should not be abolished. Abortion can be a way to save a suffering instead of killing a life in some extent. If the parent can't provide a basic living standard for the child, they shouldn't cruelly force the child to be born and to endure the miserable life. The child does have the right to live, but how could you let the child bear the irresponsible actions of the parents. Having a baby in not only giving birth, but also raising the baby and being responsible for him or her....

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Abortion should be illegal


Read all rules before accepting. Violation of rules should result in a 7 point forfeit. 1. My opponent may not use the letter E at anytime during this debate. Any use of the letter E will result in a 7 point forfeit. 2. My opponent may not intentionally misspell a word.3. Types of abortion excluded from this debate are ones that are medically necessary for the physical well being of the mother, or terminations of pregnancies as a result of incest or rape. 4. Any attemp...

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Abortion should be entirely legal, although it should never be paid for by taxpayers. The simple fact that it is the mothers choice to terminate an UNBORN child/fetus, and she can afford to pay for the procedure is good enough reason to keep abortion legal....

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This debate is should not be possible to accept. If you are interested post a comment. Greetings people of DDO! I saw this topic being discussed in the forums and in some debates in the recent past, but none of them seemed satisfactory to me, so here I go trying it on my own.As Pro I will argue that abortion is always a justifiable course of action, thus Con will argue that it is not the case that abortion is a justifiable course of action (this can...

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Why Abortion should be banned


When you go and get an abortion you are giving up a life that God gave you no matter if its an mistake. God wanted you to have that baby and you are killing it. If someone would have done that to you then you wouldn't be here at this very moment talking about how it should be done. Its good that now in some states you cant get an Abortion if you are over 12 weeks because by then the baby is starting to develop its organs and arms. Your killing a human being but you as a person don't realize that...

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Violent defense of the unborn is a legitimate tool to end abortion.


I will be arguing that the use of physical force to defend the unborn is legitimate and morally justified. My opponent necessaryly takes the opposite view. First round for acceptance only. ...

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Abortion is the killing of an innocent human being, the right to life is an inalienable right given to every innocent human being, therefore, abortion, as the direct result of the killing of an innocent human child, violates the inalienable right to life. Thus, abortion is wrong. I would like to argue against abortion. There is no layout other than that my opponent should first provide a retort to the paragraph stated above in round one. This is just a free discussion in a relaxed manner. Als...

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Abortion is legalized murder


Abortion is nothing more, than the disgusting legalization of murder. You are taking the life of an innocent baby for nothing more than your own selfishness, because you don't want to deal with the responsibility of a child, yet still continue to have sex without the use of contraceptives. I am 100% okay with the use of birth control, in any form, but abortion is an entirely different thing because you are committing murder against someone who can't help or defend itself. Its no different than k...

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Abortion Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?


Abortion is a hot topic in modern society. I know many people may view it as a political question, but I see it as a philosophical one; is an unborn baby a human? Do they have rights? I say yes, so I'm pro-life and I consider myself a libertarian AKA pro same-sex marriage, weed legalization, small government etc. Honestly though this is a different issue it isn't you you're affecting it's someone with a future that you are cutting off before it even can happen. It's murder. Honestly I'm not even...

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Abortion Should be Illegalized


Abortion is the process by which a baby is terminated while still in its mother's uterus. I consider this to be a form of murder, because you are killing a baby while it is helpless in the womb. Usually, by the time a mother finds out that she is pregnant, the baby already has a beating heart, fingers, a torso and legs, and is about the size of a quarter. It essentially has all the body parts of a human being. So, that proves that you aren't killing a blob of cells, you're killing a baby. You al...

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