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Abortion not only ends the life of a person, but ends the life in an unfair manner, the child could grow to do many things for the benefit of anyone; they could discover anything. Ending any life is unfair, but ending a life without giving it a chance, is even more unfair....

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Abortion is the killing of an innocent human being, the right to life is an inalienable right given to every innocent human being, therefore, abortion, as the direct result of the killing of an innocent human child, violates the inalienable right to life. Thus, abortion is wrong. I would like to argue against abortion. There is no layout other than that my opponent should first provide a retort to the paragraph stated above in round one. This is just a free discussion in a relaxed manner. Als...

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Abortion Is A Humane Mesaure


Please, give me a GOOD reason too ban it....

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Abortion Should be Illegalized


Abortion is the process by which a baby is terminated while still in its mother's uterus. I consider this to be a form of murder, because you are killing a baby while it is helpless in the womb. Usually, by the time a mother finds out that she is pregnant, the baby already has a beating heart, fingers, a torso and legs, and is about the size of a quarter. It essentially has all the body parts of a human being. So, that proves that you aren't killing a blob of cells, you're killing a baby. You al...

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Abortion is murder and it should be banned worldwide


When an abortion is carried out, you"re killing a small, innocent human being. You"re terminating a life. Terminating a life is wrong and should be punished. Anyone performing abortions - legally and illegally - should be put in jail and given a huge fine. It"s never okay to have an abortion, and there"s no valid reasons for killing an innocent human being. Abortion should be banned worldwide, because it"s killing a human being. And killing - murder - is illegal. Abortion is murder and not on...

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abortion should ge not legalize


i think the abortion should be legalize because there is about 69% where most of the mothers doesn't have a comfort to give birth . so i think the abortion should be legalize because for example if there is a mother with a lesser earning and have got a devorse from his husband how can she give a birth suppose there are no good relatives also, so how can she give a birth to a child. if she thinks the child will get mentally ill she may think to give death to the child not because she doesn't love...

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The Life at Conception Act would effectively negate the constitutional right to abortion


I've invited philochristos to this debate. I look forward to our exchange. This debate is inspired by another currently-running debate about whether Congress should pass the Life at Conception Act. The debate can be found here: And the text of the bill can be found here: I am intrigued by a related question not being discussed in that debate. The proponents of the bill argue that the...

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Abortion is always Morally Permissible


PrefaceI have recently been having some philosophical and logical consistency issues with my Pro-Choice stance. I would therefore like to defend a Pro-Life position to help me understand that persepective, and to determine which point of view I find more compelling.To accept this debate, you must have completed 4 debates already. To vote you must have a minimum of 3,000 ELO. Because this is such a contentious issue, I would also like to remind voters...

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Should Abortion be illegal in America?


Abortion is the ultimate child abuse. A child is a Human, not a choice. If you want to give your child a better life than what you think or want to give them, adoption is ALWAYS a choice. The embryo or fetus may not be fully developed, but at 18 days, the heartbeat begins beating, at 30 days, blood begins flowing through their veins , at 8 weeks, all organs are functioning, at 9 weeks the baby has fingerprints, at 10 weeks the baby can feel pain, at 12 weeks the baby can smile. For you, this ma...

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Watch the 28 minute movie silent scream. Abortion is immoral.


Watch silent scream, a 28 minute movie narrated by former abortion doctor and now pro life activist Bernard nathanson. The movie shows an abortion through an ultra sound. Abortion kills a baby and is immoral. Please don't debate me until you've watched the movie. Happy Martin Luther King day!...

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