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Abortion should be made illegal


Abortion is murder. Abortion is basically killing a innocent babe that is alive in it's mothers womb. People try to say that the baby isn't alive and it's totally unaware. But in reality its heart and brain are the first things to develop. Not only does the baby die but the mother feels the loss. This should automatically tell you there is something wrong with abortion. What if God decided that he didn't want you to be born and killed you? Would that be right? No of course not! So why would i...

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This is a simple debate on the issue of abortion in America. I, the Pro, will argue for the right of a woman to receive an abortion, and the Con will argue his/her oppositions to abortion. I am willing to make some changes to the rules and details of the debate if you comment about it.Debate Itinerary:Round 1: Acceptance and definitionsRound 2: Introductory argumentsRound 3: Rebuttals

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A true member of the Democratic Party, at this time, cannot be anti-abortion


RULES: Round 1: Acceptance, including acceptance of all rules and definitions stated herein. Round 2: Presentation of arguments by Pro and Con Round 3: Rebuttal Round 4: Final rebuttal & closing statements. There shall be no new arguments presented in Round 4 by either PRO or CON. If this rule is violated, the arguments shall be ignored by the judges and the responsible party shall loose conduct points. The burden of proof falls on PRO, however, any arguments or rebuttal provided...

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Resolved: Abortion Should Be Legal


IntroWelcome.This is the second in the series of video debates that's become popular these days.Here's the first one between Kasmic and Lee001: to some issues with the format on the first one, Kasmic has proposed a multi-round structure which I will be listing here. These video debates are technically still in trial form,...

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Finacial abortion


I agree that a woman is entitled to control her body, and determined if she is ready to be a Mother or not. However, according to the 10th amendment of the constitution--The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. Shouldn't a man have a choice about if he wants to bear responsability or whether he wants a role at all in the life of a child without being force by the government or the state. I understand that i...

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Is abortion right or wrong?


I read on you profile(which anyone can see) that you are for abortion. I will be taking con. Here is how it will go. R1: Acceptance R2: Opening statement: Contingents R3: Rebuttal R4: Rebuttal to rebuttal R5: Closing statement: Persuasion Let the battle begin! (In less than three days)...

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is abortion right or wrong


the definition: abortion is the act of removing a fetus out of womb. case A: when it kills lifein every ordinary abortion the fetus is removed. if the fetus is considered a living being then it is a killing of B: when it saves life abortion saves life in the following cases: rape, molestation, critical medical condition when mother's life can be saved by removing fetus. etc.i am saying abo...

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Abortion Good or Bad.


These are the reasons that women have given for want to have an abortion. " 21% Inadequate finances " 21% Not ready for responsibility " 16% Woman"s life would be changed too much " 12% Problems with relationships, unmarried " 11% Too young and/or immature " 8% Children are grown; she has all she wants " 3% Baby has possible health problems " <1% Pregnancy caused by rape/incest " 4% Other I only see one thing on that list that merits thought for having an abortion and it is less tha...

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A pregnant person should always have the right to abortion, regardless of circumstances.


I am arguing that a pregnant person should ALWAYS have the right to an abortion, regardless of circumstances. Many times "pro-choice" advocates will argue that abortion must remain legal to protect victims of rape, incest, etc. I believe that it is an issue of bodily autonomy (on the part of the pregnant person, not the fetus.) Regardless of the circumstances in which the fetus was conceived, whether there was consent present or not, it is up to the person carrying the fetus to decide whether...

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should abortion be illegal


I feel like abortion should be aginst the law and anyone who aborts their child should be put in jail there are other ways like adoption or just not getting present...

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