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Abortion should be outlawed


Abortion should be outlawed. It is just disgusting how a women can kill their offspring just because she had "sexy time" wrong. I don't want to hear the argument, "what if she got raped." If she did get raped she should have the baby and the raped pay all losses to the women. Now when she has the baby, alls you have to do is to bring it to a orphanage or a firehouse. How much can that cost you, if you bring it there on the way home from the hospital. Also, 1.2% of abortions are with girls who...

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Abortion should be illegal in the United States


Medical abortion first became legal in the United States in 1973 under the Roe v. Wade supreme court ruling. In this debate, I wish to show that this ruling should be overturned, as abortion goes against the Constitution. I will prove this using logic and clear facts. I will start by defining my terms. There are many kinds of abortion, but in this debate I will specifically address the type of abortion legalized in Roe v.Wade. That is, abortion before the point of viability. I also wish to in...

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Late term abortion is morally correct in every situation


I stand in firm negation of the resolution. As my opponent is affirmative, the burden of proof lies on him/her. I will allow my opponent to speak first. To clarify the debate I offer the following definitions: Late term abortion-Also called voluntary abortion. the removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus in order to end a pregnancy, done in the late stages of pregnancy. Moral-of, pertaining to, or concerned with the principles or rules of right conduct or the distinction between right...

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[Definitions] For clarity I pose the following definitions. Trimester: 3 months Conception: meeting of the sperm and egg [Contention] I hereby propose illegalizing abortion after the 21st day of conception except to save a woman's life, or in the case of rape or incest. [Reasons] 1. On the 21st day after conception the fetal heart starts to beat and most major organs are functioning. The common law definition of death is the stoppage of a heartbeat and most functioning organs. Mos...

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Abortion should be illegal


Abortion should be illegal. it is terrible that someone would just bail out on a child who has a beating hart 3 weeks after being concieved. It is murder! no baby should be killed just because the parents are irresponsible i do not support abortion in any way!...

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Abortion is right


Abortion is not wrong, you have to think about the people that are in the situation of being raped? If you were raped and a pregnancy was a result of that would you really want to have that baby?! What if there was someone that was raped by someone in there family and that resulted in a pregnancy, do you think they should actually have to give birth to that baby? Not to mention what if you were completely under age? a child having a child. In situations like that abortion is completely understan...

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Abortion is genocide and should be illegal in the United States


Abortion is genocide. Some of the biggest pro-choice people admit that the argument that a baby is not alive in the womb is inadequate. From the moment the child is conceived, it is a human. Murder is the act of killing a human life. Why should their be a double standard that while "in the womb" it doesn't count as murder?...

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Pro Abortion


I am pro-choice, and want to argue with a pro-lifer. Anyonw is welcome to accept, but please dispense with the typical cliched arguements....

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Should abortion be illegal?


In the age where human rights is of immense importance, why is it that society demeans the meaning of life by legalizing abortion?...

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Abortion is wrong.


I am here, not only to state my opinion that abortion is wrong, but to also see the other side of the situation. God creates us all, with a unique personality and mind, and with a role to play in this world. Taking that chance from an individual is wrong. Abortion is murder, if you do not want your baby, or are scared, there are plenty of alternatives to killing it. One of the best, there are couples out there that cannot have a baby of their own and then there are people who are killing...

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