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Should Gay Marriage Be Legal in a Christian Country?


Anyone can join this debate, (preferably a Christian). RULES: 1. No fighting. 2. If you use a website for "inspiration", make sure you state with your source. 3. Most importantly, have FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

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Gay marriage should not be permitted


PrefaceThis is only my 2nd debate on gay marriage, the first of which I lost. Please be gentle =) Full TopicIn a just society, gay marriages would not be permitted.TermsJust - based on what is morally or ethically right and/or fairGay marriage - a legally binding union conferring on two same-sex partners the same legal rights, stat...

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Legalization of Gay Marriage


Gay Marriage should definitely be legalized for many positive reasons. Firstly, our era has evolved so much with accepting black people and removing the slavery laws. But how have so many places around the world not legalized gay marriage? All humans should be able to love and feel attached to people regardless of sex. Marriage is defined as a commitment between a man and a woman but should we really let these definitions take control over basic human rights? No! Why do people keep referring t...

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Gay Marriage should Not be Permitted


PrefaceI thank Zarroette for this debate. I hope she agrees to accept, and I look forward to a cordial, engaging exchange of views. If she would like to alter any rules or formatting, she should PM me prior to acceptance. This is, of course, an issue that is important to me personally, and so I hope to defend my position well. Due to the tendency for some users to cast ideological ballots on sensitive current-issue topics like this one, there is a mi...

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Religion is good for humans while homosexuality and gay marriage is bad for humans


As a homophobic atheist, I prefer to debate an atheist because most atheists are pro gay and anti religious. Even though God is fake, religion is a psychological immune system so it's good for those who believe God exist 1. Gays triggered the HIV epidemic in North America according to the timeline of aids from " Source 1981 "270 reported cases of severe immune deficiency among gay men, and 121 of those individuals have died" 1982" "CDC reports cases of...

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Supporters of gay marriage and homosexuality are on the wrong side of history


History repeats itself especially regarding human nature. Science shows the human anatomy simply does not sit well with homosexual behavior. We are just now entering the information age. As humans become more Knowledgeable, it will become clear that homosexual behavior is simply bad for the human species and embracing a behavior that is bad for the species will fall on the wrong side of history....

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Should gay marriage be legal (not is it right)?


I am arguing the legalization and not whether or not it is right. I think that gay marriage should be legal because It does not affect you if you are not gay. Just because gay marriage is legal docent mean that the government is going to force you to divorce your spouse and get married to your same sex. If you are worried about God's approval than don't get married to someone of the same sex. If someone on tv gets married and you see it you are not going to hell. This reminds me if The Stanford...

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Should gay marriage be legalised?


pls go easy on me as i am a newbie Rules No swear words or religious arguments Rounds 1- Acceptance 2- Definition/Background Info 3- Arguments Any queries will be settled on comments....

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Gay marriage


Gay marriage is wrong and should never have been legalized. This "progress" that people like you claim that America has made is only proving to be a step back. Real progress would be a way to achieve this without restricting the liberties of those within the Christian community. What is progress when there is a group of people who are being forced to commit actions that go against what they believe in? I do not believe in this at all, but if it must be done then why can't gay couples go some...

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It is a good thing that gay marriage is now legalized in the United States


Hello - and thank you for joining my debate. This debate will have 3 rounds for argument with the following setup:1st round: Opening statement and argument2nd round: Counterarguments3rd round: Final counterarguments and conclusion / final statementI look forward to a friendly and detailed discourse from both sides.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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