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Gun control does not reduce crime (USA only)


I will be arguing that gun bans do not reduce crime in the United States of America.My opponent will argue that it does.Good Luck...

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We Should Have Stricter Gun Control


This debate will cover whether or not we should have stricter gun control. For the first round, we will set up the perimeters and definitions. We should not have arguments/points/etc. in the first round, only introductions. From the second round onwards, we shall flesh out our arguments. Gun control would be considered as how easy it is to attain guns (meaning eligibility and sales), how strict the regulation on concealed weapons is, and how much power our government should have in terms of r...

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Gun control is an effective way to reduce the impact of violent crime


This is a relatively common topic, I realize, but I'll try to provide a spin to it. I am a supporter of some methods of gun control, and I feel they're worth defending. As such, I will take the Pro side of this debate, and argue, as the resolution states, that gun control is an effective way to reduce the impact of violent crime. Rather than define the terms, as that would make this a broad debate about all forms of gun control and thus allow me to invite and then avoid a great deal of argume...

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Gun control works


My contention will be that gun control is demonstrably effective in reducing the incidence of homicide and that there are precedents for effective gun control which illustrate its effectiveness. These are ignored by gun proponents because it doesn't suit their purpose, and instead of looking at facts, they produce anecdotes and hypothetical scenarios where a gun would help them defend themselves. I will argue that these are hypothetical in nature and have a significant motivation behind the...

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It is more sane and wise to support *some* gun control.


Burden of proof shared. DEFINITIONS: "Gun" actually is a stand in for "arms" in the 2nd Amendment. "Gun control," therefore means some limitation to the arms that may be owned by private citizens....

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Gun Laws / Control in the United States


Welcome. I do not think there should be restrictions on Guns. Now, let me make a clear point here. I'm talking about guns, not deadly weapons ex. Nuclear Bombs or Missiles. I believe that the gun control in the US is unnecessary and nonproductive. I am glad to find someone to debate me over this topic in which I feel very strongly about, and welcome you and you're beliefs honorably. So, here we go. Gun control and laws are wrong....

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Gun control


You might be asking, am I going to start a gun control debate every time there is a horrible massacre? Maybe so. Because every time I see reports of mass murders and massacres, we all pretend to feel bad about it and we all pretend that we think mass murders are horrible things, but then we go on with our lives and don't do anything at all to prevent more mass murders. Is that not the definition of insanity? Today, in Alabama, a faculty member opened fire and killed at least 3 people because...

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The United States should impose Stronger, More Effective Gun Control Laws


Resolution: The United States should impose Stronger, More Effective Gun Control LawsThis resolution can also be interpretted as the U.S. Congress Should pass stronger, more effective gun control legislation than we have now, to deal with the surge in mass gun shootings over the last three years and the 491,930 cases of gun violence the nation experiences on average annually. (On average, 33,000 Americans are killed with guns ea...

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Recent and past shootings are not a gun control problem but a problem of society and the individuals


In light of the recent shootings in Oregon and Connecticut, the media and anti-second amendment proponents have tended to spin these tragedies in a manor that reflects the issue of gun control in the United States. This debate is to determine if gun control is the main problem and should be highlighted or if the powers that be are ignoring other more important issues to propel their anit-gun campaigns. I will be taking the side stating there are much bigger issues involved in this and that g...

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Gun Control Is Bad (BROAD)


1.(No links or sources unless one of us asks for one) I want to have a logical and reasonable debate. Most pro-gun control people slap a few poorly made sources without understanding the concept of what they are arguing. I rather keep the argument towards logistics of why gun control is bad and what causes gun crime, and the specifics of why gun control won't largely change these factors. All in all you need to be able to defend your argument with your own words and not rely solely on "sources"...

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