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Gun control does not reduce crime (USA only)


I will be arguing that gun bans do not reduce crime in the United States of America.My opponent will argue that it does.Good Luck...

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Gun Control Doesn't Prevent Violence at all.


Gun control does not prevent violence. It will either do nothing or make things worse in most circumstances. I understand that gun control does not equal banning guns, but in places where guns have been banned, after the ban rates of robbery, assault and sexual assault have gone up. But say guns weren't banned. Say there were just strict laws put in place. Well, in Canada, when strict gun legislation was put in place, their homicide rate went from 7% to 35% of the homicide rate of the United Sta...

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Gun Control


Gun control is a completely unnecessary and near-idiotic idea promoted by the current left wing politicians, both in office domestically, and abroad. In the wake of the shooting of a gay bar in Orlando, it is necessary for members of LGBTQ to take action, and to take the responsibility of defending themselves into their own hands. Already, groups have been formed nationwide dedicated to this idea. Not only should members of the LGBTQ community defend themselves, but the general American public s...

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Should we have gun control?


I think that we shouldn't have gun backround tests. Especially because you can lie on them! Think about it. Could not we all lie about having a marajuana addiction or being mentaly challenged? Those are questions onn the test. I feel it is stupid and unnessecary to have gun control....

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Gun control


Gun control.. Come on! It doesn't work! As you can see in Chicago and D.C. As well as in Japan. It is the 2nd amendment right and it shall not be infringed upon. We, Americans, need an equalizer. Something to guarantee our safety. Against potential government tyranny and criminals. As the unfortunate victims in the Orlando night club stated, "We wish we had guns!" And don't bring up the argument that criminals bring guns from other states to Chicago and D.C. Why do you think they go to those are...

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There Should be no Gun Control Reform Laws


The U.S government is taking gun control reform too seriously and the best idea is to stop gun control laws. I would like to thank my opponent, whomever it is for his argument and his time. Now I shall begin my argument: 1) Contrary to popular belief, the places with more gun control reform actually have more deaths per year than places where there are less gun control reform such as London. Why? That is because in those countries with more gun control reform, the criminals know that the citize...

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The US Should Have Better Gun Control


I believe that the lack of gun control in the Unites States is a serious danger to the public, in nations with full gun control the homicide rate, armed robbery rate, and suicide rates are much lower. First Round is for acceptance Second Round is for initial arguments & rebuttals Third Round is for further arguments & rebuttals Fourth Round is final rebuttals & concluding statements only, no new arguments...

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Gun Control


Hi, I hope that we can have a nice debate. No swearing please and do not be too rude, although I will probably shrug it off.The second constitution tells us that we have the right to bear arms. Why would we oppose something directly in our constitution, it would make it easier to break other constitutional rights in the future. We should not be restricting our right to bear arms. ...

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Gun Control


Guns legally owned help reduce crimes from taking place and make our communities safer. If you were to disarm every single American, the only people with guns would be criminals since criminals break the law by their very nature. If someone were to open fire where there is a large group of people with no ways to protect themselves, there would be a massacre when the police would get there. This is called a gun free zone. The worst is when people advocate for gun free schools because the first li...

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Should there be gun control in the US?


I personally believe that the US government should not regulate guns. Con, myself, will be arguing that there should not and pro will be arguing that there should be. I wish the best of luck to con and look forward to an interesting debate....

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