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Gun control is a good contributor, if not a necessary factor, to keeping homicides at a lower rate.


Due to me not being on time with my argument on the Gun control debate with the user Gunsbelonginamerica, I am re challenging him to this debate. I will accept all and any argumentation, no matter how bad. Definitions Gun: Weapon used to fire bullets with the intent of wounding or killing. Control: Moderate to extreme regulation of weapons. This can include licenses, tests, required homing in police stations or a ban altogether. Contributor/Factor: helping hand in Good: Useful Homicide:...

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Gun Control


I believe that you should not control guns, but control the lunatics and the criminals. If you take guns away from law following people then they can't protect themselves from bad people. When someone's house is getting robbed first thing there gonna do is call someone with a gun. Criminals will always find away to get guns. Ban guns and then it would be mayhem. Remember prohibition? When alcohol was banned a whole new industry dedicated to smuggling and murder was born. Ban guns and it will be...

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The US Should Have Better Gun Control


I believe that the lack of gun control in the Unites States is a serious danger to the public, in nations with full gun control the homicide rate, armed robbery rate, and suicide rates are much lower. First Round is for acceptance Second Round is for initial arguments & rebuttals Third Round is for further arguments & rebuttals Fourth Round is final rebuttals & concluding statements only, no new arguments...

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Gun Control


I am tired of seeing other people argue this topic and want to do it myself. I am against gun control in general and will argue as such. 1st round accept, 2nd for opening statements, 3-4 are rebuttals and 5 is to close. Be CONCISE. I want a real discussion, not some sincerly ignorant troll or name calling knucklehead....

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Gun Control


Gun control... for it, first round acceptance :) look forward to this debate... got owned previously... XD...

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American Gun Control


I believe that the 2nd ammendment to The United States Constitution needs to be revised. It is one thing to hunt for sport but to bear arms to 'protect yourself' is dodgy....

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Gun Control


We should not stricken gun control laws because it will not fix anything. Because in America we all no that when you ban something it just magically disappears. Well that's not true. If someone were to break into my house and shoot at me I would that I had the absolute right to shoot back. If guns kill people than pencils misspell words, cars make people drive drunk, and spoons make people fat. Oh ne-ne this is not true, people kill people. If we were to make it harder to get a gun than we are l...

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Gun control is an effective way to reduce the impact of violent crime


This is a relatively common topic, I realize, but I'll try to provide a spin to it. I am a supporter of some methods of gun control, and I feel they're worth defending. As such, I will take the Pro side of this debate, and argue, as the resolution states, that gun control is an effective way to reduce the impact of violent crime. Rather than define the terms, as that would make this a broad debate about all forms of gun control and thus allow me to invite and then avoid a great deal of argume...

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Gun Control Laws Do More Harm Than Good


Hello everyone - this is my first debate so wish me luck :) Today I am here to debate the topic of Gun Control Laws Doing More Harm Than Good. I will be on the pro side of this argument. If anyone accepts, here are three rules. First, the opposition and I are not allowed to rebut or bring in any mention of the comments, and secondly both of us will be kind and courteous. Lastly, each round a maximum of two points will be made. I prefer nice and long and thoughtful points to many but sho...

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Gun Control; Should it be enforced completely on the mentally ill and former criminals?


Yes and no. I fully realize that there are particular individuals out there who are simply too unstable to be granted the use of firearms. That's undeniable for sure. However, does this justify generalizing them as all too unstable to be granted the use of arms? No. It definetly does no justify this. What basis do I have for this claim? Well, to start, I myself fit both of these "descriptions". I have been diagnosed with various social skill impeding (I will not be specific on these, sorry. Pri...

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