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Relying upon science alone is faulty, as it cannot prove anything.


First, just some ground rules:TOPICALITY:Both sides must stay on subject. If someone strays away from topic, it is grounds for forfeit.STRUCTURE:Round 1: Acceptance only. No arguments in this round.Round 2: Openings. No evidence may be brought forward in this round, just give an overview of where your argument will go. You need not rebut the opposing side's opening either.Round 3: Constructives. Evidence is allowed here. Constructives can be r...

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Do aliens actually exist on earth?


Aliens do NOT exist all of the apparent "aliens" have been hoaxes or they have been new pieces of animals. Although we have not explored much of space or even our own world they/we have all developed on this earth even if "we" came from another place....

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Famous' Unofficial Tournament: R1


IntroductionI would like to thank famousdebater for allowing me to join the tournament as a replacement, and I would like to thank my opponent for agreeing on a topic with me on short notice. This should be a fun and interesting debate, and I look forward to what it has in store.Full ResolutionResolved: When in conflict, an individual's freedom of speech should be valued above a community's moral standards.

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Is LGBT eligible for children under the age of 19?


I think not. Being this young and being able to make this types of choices that could affect your life in the long run, and not for the better. Children got through things like puberty that implement mood swings and voluntary reactions to different questions. A kid might feel a certain way one day and feel the exact opposite on another. So seeing them make choices like this as kids is hard. I recommend they should thing about it over the years to get an answer that you they have approved and...

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Abortions should be illegal


I'll be arguing that abortions should be illegal, and that the only exception should be if the woman and/ or the child is in very critical condition....

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Should eugenics be used to improve the human race?


I believe eugenics is a viable option for improving the overall quality or life for all humans. Eugenics (also called scientific selection, or artificial selection) has a bad reputation, obviously because it was a tactic used by the Nazis to create a master Aryan race. I am here to defend it. By participating in this debate, you are hereby accepting the following: - Eugenics is defined as: the science of improving a human population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desi...

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The Federal Reserve Should Be abolished:


There are a few terms to this debate that you should agree to before accepting the challenge, they're really simple I just have to state them to resolve a few issues. First of all you are not allowed to "drop out" of the debate, once you accept the challenge you must respond to my arguments in their entirety within 3 days, that way if you start to lose you don't get to flake out on me. Secondly, google documents are not a conduct violation, you could just as easily as I can star...

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Donald Trump is better than Hillary Clinton


Donald J. Trump would be the best candidate for America in the election cycle of 2016. Mr. Trump is the only main party candidate to support American interests over the interests of foreign countries. This nationalism has historically made America project more power, and helps American citizens affected by jobs being moved out of country due to high taxes created by Democrats and Republicans. The mainline politicians of...

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Humans Have Become Too Dependant On Electricity and We Should Make Attempts to Limit The Use of It


I have noticed that us humans use too much electricity in today"s modern society, and I think that and we should make attempts to limit the use of it. (P.S this is only an opening paragraph no arguments)...

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Affirmative Action


In this debate, I will attempt to prove that the very nature of affirmative action is racist and sexist. Definitions: Racist- someone or something that discriminates on the basis of race Sexist- someone or something that discriminates on the basis of sex Affirmative Action- The encouragement of increased representation of women and minority-group members, especially in employment Minority groups- anyone who is not a white male. Tax Credit- a deduction on your taxes. Subsidy-...

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