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Resolved: Gun Ban in the US


IntroductionThis will be for missmozart, as we agreed to debate, and it happended to be this topic. It's been around 2 months since I debated a gun debate, and I like doing this topic, so I will be doing it right now. In this debate, the voting standards wil...

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Resolved: A ban should be placed on Muslim immigrants.


Full text of resolution: The USFG should enact a complete ban of Muslim immigrants.Structure: Round 1: Acceptance Round 2: Constructive (No rebuttals) Round 3: Rebuttals Round 4: Closing ArgumentsDefinitions:USFG- United States Federal Governmentshould- compelled to do something as it is the best path of actioncomplete ban- no new immigrants can enter the countryMuslim- An individual who identifies as a follower of the...

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Debate.Org User Information Bulletin (Official)


Aloha!This debate, formerly known as the "Debate.Org Presidential Bulletin," is part of an effort I am making to reach out to more areas of the site and to update more users about site programs. I recognize many members may not frequently visit the forums, and so I conceived of this debate as an alternate way to disseminate information out into the larger DDO community. I will post information about several programs that users can avail themselves of in this debate,...

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Resolved: The PRC Should Grant Tibet Sovereignty


Definitions:PRC: People's Republic of China, commonly referred to as ChinaGrant: To permit as a right, privilege, or favor [1]Sovereignty: A country's independent authority and the right to govern itself [2]First round is acceptance only.Sources1.

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Maturity and physical and online presence of youth in relation to an adult or young adult.


I believe that youth should be taken more seriously, even when presented with logic and proof of intelligence some adults still claim to be more intelligent and mature than youth. I argue that in some cases(nowadays probably half or more) of the times when children are belittled and told they are not on the same level as adults mentally is absurd, just because they are youth doesn't mean they should be told they can't have the same mental capacity as an adult....

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Abortion is murder and should be a punishable crime....

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Team Debate: Ban Violent Sports!!!


I was looking at my wins, and I went to my debate with yomana about violent sports. I said there would be another debate on this, but I must have forgotten, because it wasn't updated for a long time. Hayd was my expected partner on this, so if he still wants to accept, he can do so. Debate impossible to accept. If you accept without my permission: You lose the debate, and automatically forfeit the whole debate to m...

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Man is not responsible for the recent warming trends


Outline: R1: Acceptance R2: Arguments (no rebuttals) R3: Rebuttals (no new arguments, you can strengthen your argument) I am debating that man is not the cause of recent significant warming. I am not arguing that the world isn't warming. Also, please don't cite any consensus or use the argument that "97% of scientists agree" because I don't care what other scientists think. This is a debate between you and me, not me and the random scientist you are citing. If you have any questions...

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Illegal aliens should not be given American citizenship at all


Hillary Clinton said that if she wins the presidency, illegal aliens who are not violent criminals will be given a pathway to citizenship. I believe that giving illegal aliens citizenship, violent or not, will harm United States and diminish its immigration laws. Instead deportation for all illegal aliens (if not all, at least half) should be considered. 1) lannan13 cannot join. Love you bud but I wanna debate this with another user 2) Use citations 3) Follow this structure: ROUND 2: Op...

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The Earth is spherical and the Flat Earth hypothesis is false


It is a widely accepted fact that the Earth, and all planetary objects are spherical (even though they may not be perfect spheres), and yet Flat Earth believers insist that the Earth is a flat cuboid travelling through space with a Sun and moon with a diameter of 32 km above it and provides absolutely no evidence for their ridiculous claims while disregarding the countless amounts of evidence we have for a spherical Earth as government lies. Flat Earth believers simply reject evidence such as...

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