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Wizard's Quidditch Should be Banned


Muggles, wizards, and half-bloods alike, hearken to what I have to say! There has been many dispute among you fellows whether or not the sport known as Wizard's Quidditch, with a capital "Q", is safe or not. Our council has officially decided that it should be banned. However, we do not know of your opinion. If anyone would like to step up, please come up and accept as round one! There will be 6,000 characters each round and 72 hours for each of us to argue. Do not take too long and run out...

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Americans, in general, are idiots


Hello! Standard debate format for response: Greeting and/or Opening Rebuttal Rebuttal Closing First of all the positing that an alarmingly and - relative to other developed countries - big segment of Americans are morons is, sadly, quite easy to demonstrate. Poll after poll shows that Americans are dumb and uneducated, to the point of where one seriously starts to ponder how America got to be "number one" in the first place. The general knowledge among Americans, in general, are stunn...

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Resolved: The movie Frozen is connected to other Disney movies.


This is a debate on weather or not the Disney movie Frozen is connected to other Disney movies. I have made this debate impossible to accept. I you wish to accept please say so in the coments. If you find a way to accept this debate you will automatically forfeit all 7 of your points. This is also mainly a picture debate. Pictures will be key evidence in this debate. Rules Round one is acceptance. Round 2-3 is arguments. Round 4 is Conclusions only. No swearing No SemanticsViolations of th...

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Is it racist to only date your race or only a particular race?


Firstly, I'd like for this debate to be mature. I'd prefer to have just an exchange in views, nothing hateful; nothing racist. Secondly, the debate should be in some sense academic; that is, have at least some understanding of race, racism, it's history and how it functions in society as well as an understanding of people from a variety of backgrounds. Format of the debate: Round 1: Acceptance and any other pleasant exchange. Round 2: Presentation of Arguments. Round 3: Rebuttals Roun...

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Should schools be allowed to punish off campus cyber bullying?


Schools should not have the right to punish off campus cyber bullying. Think about it like this. If two kids get into a fight at a park does the school have the right to suspend them? NO! What makes the internet different? It's outside the school therefore outside their jurisdiction. It is the parent's job to punish kids for cyber bullying NOT THE SCHOOL's....

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Should schools mention sports grades on report cards of students?


Should schools mention sports grades on report cards of students?...

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Why the death penalty is ineffective and should be banned by the house


In this debate I will be arguing that the death penalty is ineffective and due to its ineffectiveness it should be banned by the house. The reasons that I will use will be that it's expensive, it causes racial disputes, it endangers innocent lives, and finally it doesn't deter crime rates. This is how I will put it down: 1.Introduction of the debate (first round) 2.Opponent's statement that he/she will agree to debate. 3.Arguments from both 4.Rebuttal/or counter argument 5.Conclusion...

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Should universal background checks exist in the United States?


At this moment universal background checks are not mandatory in the United States, although many polls show 90% of the public think there should be universal background checks. I will be arguing for the implementation of universal background checks...

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Pregnancy Begins at Conception - not Implantation. ACOG is wrong.


** For the purpose of screening candidates, this deabate should be near impossible for you to accept. However, if you are interested in accepting the role of defending ACOG's position in this debate, please make yourself known in the comments section. **The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) has issued the following statement in response to recent 'personhood' measures by some States in the U.S.

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Should India have annexed Pakistani Kashmir in the 1971 Indo-Pak war?


I have restarted this debate because the earlier one was forfeited by the opponent.Though the topic might seem controversial, I will argue for it. I would like to get some more insights into this issue hence the debate. Do be respectful.This debate should be impossible to accept (if i did it right). Notify in comments if you wish to participate in this debate.

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