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Team Debate :On Balance a Ban on Guns would be beneficial for the US


Resolution - On balance a ban on guns would be beneficial for the US This is a team debate Team (Con) - Mikal - Whiteflame - 16k Adams Team (Pro) - TBD - TBD - TBD Shared BOP The Con team shall be ran from my profile, Team pro may chose to run the debate from one team members profile, or make a team debate account. Team Pro is going to argue for a complete ban on gun ownership, and we will argue the implications of said ban. As Pro is the affirmative, they shal...

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Team Debate: On balance it is acceptable for men to objectify women


As promised I would do more team debates in my term to spark better debates. I have gotten so much flack for my recent debate where people "rated models". Thus I am affirming the resolution that it is alright to objectify women. Resolution - It is acceptable for men to objectify women Terms acceptable - Able to be agreed on; suitable. Defensible , acceptable objectify - Degrade to the status of a mere object. To treat (someone) as an object rather than as a person This is a...

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humans should endeavour to become a vegan species


the act of eating other animals and their by-products for our sustenance is a behaviour that we inherited from our ancestors who were living in a different world to our world today ultimately as a species, we have highly adaptable digestive systems and our bodies have the mechanisms to extract the nutrients they need from both animal and plant foods. however the reason why we should embrace veganism is due to the fact that our current environment and society has enabled us to produce ample...

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Atomic Bombs


In August of 1945, the United States dropped two atomic bombs on two different Japanese cities. The use of these weapons has been debated since that time. Was the use of atomic bombs in Japan justified or not? Use evidence from the text to support your claim and argument....

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Pokemon Trainer Rap Battle


First round acceptance. Basically, you're your trainer in the Pokemon x/y or Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. You have to include at least something about all 6 of the Pokemon in your party. This will be fun!...

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Who is the best Doctor from Doctor Who? Justify your opinion and try to refute others opinions.


I think that the eleventh doctor and seventh doctor are the best. The eleventh doctor's boundless enthusiasm gave the viewers a sense of wonder on to what there is to come. His playful eccentricity gave you the impression that the Doctor was an unpredictable alien. But most importantly during his era the writers played with the idea that the Doctor may not be a good man but most certaintly he is a madman with a box. The seventh doctor was a dark incarnation it showed how much of a "villain" the...

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Sony Take Responsibility for your Actions


I don't understand why Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton decided make a movie Threatening the life of North Korea Leader Kim Jong- Un thinking that it would funny. First of all its against the law to threaten the life of another human being especially Kim Jong- Un the leader of another country that the United States does not have a good relationship with. I don't condone the that course of action Kim Jong - Un has taken to retaliate but what would you do if your life was threaten....

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Resolved: NATO presence improved the lives of Afghan citizens.


This is a part of the Official Beginner's Tournament (, where Team 16kadams and Team Zaradi face off in this debate. First round is acceptance only, and no new arguments in the final round (rebuttals and crystallization). I wish my opponent TheSpoonyRealist best of luck in this beginner's debate!...

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Contender chooses topic


I want to debate something, but I can't find a good topic. You MUST obey the rules, failure to do so will result in an automatic loss 72 hours to argue 10,000 character max 10 days voting period BoP can be decided by opponent RULES: 1. You must explain your topic in round 1 2. You must also argue in round 1 3. You cannot argue in round 5 (forfeit in round 5 is acceptable, however I would rather you just to post something.) 4. The topic MUST BE ABOUT VIDEO GAMES (all caps because...

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Romania was a more helpful ally to Nazi Germany than Italy during WWII.


As I am currently obsessed with the whole World War II time period, I decided that this would be an interesting, not to mention original, debate to create. The premise will be as followed: Romania was a more helpful ally to Nazi Germany during the entirety of World War II than Italy was. I will provide a few definition/clarifications just to be safe.

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