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The Holocaust happened


ADDENDUM: TheTroof has asked for a gas chambers only debate, so we'll do that instead. I am the most reasonable man in America. TheTroof has been been debating the Holocaust with a couple of people with decent knowledge of the topic. It's been interesting to read. I'm interesting in seeing whether he's interested in trying his hand with something with years of experience debating this topic and with sufficient expertise to have taught the topic at the university level and to have published sc...

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Muhammed is Not Predicted in the Bible.


Hello Julia Salaam Alaikum( Please tell me if I got that wrong) I was directed to your profile a little bit ago and I realized that your the first Shiite Muslim I've ever met in my life. I really don't want to let this oppurtunity go by, so I was wondering if you'd be able to have this quick debate with me. I'm a Christian and I'll be arguing that Muhammed is not mentioned in the Bible and I hoped you would be willing to argue as con. We've got 5 rounds to get through with 72 hours to argue....

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Should prayer be allowed in schools?


For this debate, it will be discussed if any student in school (Elementary, Middle, High School, or College) should be allowed to pray within the school. I shall be "Pro", meaning that I am on the side for allowing kids to pray in school, without interuptance of "forcing" religion down anyone elses throat. My opponent will be arguing the opposite.Structure:1st Round: Acceptance and Any Questions within the Debate (Ask Questions in the com...

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Right Wing vs Left Wing


Battle of Opinions/Facts (Right Wingers and Left Wingers ONLY!) Right Wing: Tea Party, Whig Party, Conservative Party, and Republican Party Left Wing: Green Party, Liberal Party, Democratic Party, and Justice Party DEBATE NOW!...

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God Does Exist, ( Christian God )


As you can see from the title of the debate, "God Does Exist." I have made a claim that there is a God, and the only other counter claim is that there is not a God. Therefore you and I have to provide evidence for our claims, not by saying things like, "There is no evidence for God" or me saying "There is no evidence against there being a...

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Should Gay Parents be allowed to raise children?


No rules! The first round are is accepting the debate. Good luck to anyone who challenges me!...

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Reality Binds Itself Through Telesis


From CTMU: Thus, languages are ultimately self-processing; they must either contain their processors in their expressions, or be expressed in terms of a more basic language fulfilling this requirement. Accordingly, the expressions of SCSPL are dynamic informational configurations of information-processors, implying that SCSPL everywhere consists of information and acceptive-transductive syntax in a state of logical intersection. Together, information and syntax comprise infocognition, self-tr...

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The Perfect Crime


I'm sure you've all thought about it: the perfect crime. If you were to go on a killing rampage, how would you do it? How would ensure that you got away with it? I'm not a would-be criminal, but I'll admit to a certain fascination with the topic. In this debate, I'll be arguing about a specific way to go on a massive crime spree with impunity. As Con, you'll need to show that the killer will be both caught and convicted (i.e. sufficient evidence, will overcome procedural hurdles, and so on)....

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Should Schools be required to have a magical rainbow slide leading down from their highest building?


Just for fun. :) I'm interested. I believe that schools should be required to have this. School environments are too strict these days and are also too academically straining for students at times. Students being able to have a brake on this magical rainbow slide could be appropriate for relaxing them and preparing/refreshing them for further classes....

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Is there a god?


Hello, So the age old, common debate,"is there a god?". Currently I believe no, however if there is more, solid, supporting evident I am all ears. As we all should know there are many religions, with many different gods. So what makes one god more real than another? Religions merely provided a simple and unexplained answer to our creation. The only 'evidence' given to us are believers stories and a book from many years ago. Time and time again science has disproved such cases that were publi...

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