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The US Government should substantially increase investment within the African Continent.


I will argue the resolution that the United States government should increase investment within Africa. The United States government will constitute all things distributed or provided by the nations ruling body. Africa will be defined as the 54 countries that constitute the African continent. - BOP is shared.- First round is acceptance- No rebuttals will be made until t...

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The government created the great depression


This is for an economics tournament, and I am certain no trolling will occur, but if it does its an automatic FF. 1st round acceptance 2nd arguments 3rd rebuttals 4th rebuttals ---> No trolling ---> No semantics...

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I argue that Capitalism has brought prosperity and freedom to Millions. Capitalism has, again and again, proven to be a successful system. It brings increased prosperity to all classes, from top to bottom. If you look accross the world's nations, you can see how successful Capitalism is. The nations with Free Markets, Lower Taxes, Lower Spending, and more Stable Monetary Base are the most successful. I don't just argue that capitalism is more successful than Socialism, but I also argue...

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The Case For the Minimum Wage


The Case For The Minimum WageThis Debate will cover the minimum wage laws in the United States. I will try and make the case in support of the concept of minimum pay requirements, and Garret Kade Dupre will oppose. The Burden of Proof will lie on Con, since he will argue against estali...

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Guaranteed Minimum Income


Full resolution: The United States should begin conversion of the existing welfare structure into aguaranteed minimum income.Right now, I've made this debate impossible to accept. If you're interested, comment or PM me.Some definitions: A guaranteed minimum income is a mechanism to ensure that every citizen has enough income to live on.The existing welfare structure in the United States consists of various programs, CATO identifying at least 126[1]. It is...

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The US should establish Progressive Wage Laws


Alright, this is an entirely new proposal based off of several already proposed wage reforms to the minimum. With that said, I'll try my best to explain it this round.Basically, they are left wing laws, that decide the wage of a company based on their....1. Employees (Third Factor)2. Capital (Liquid)

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Classic Robert Gauntlet Tournament: The current tax system should be replaced by the fair tax.


By current tax system, I'm referring to the federal tax system currently used by the United States government. Explanation of the Fair Tax 1. The Fair Tax is a consumption tax at the point of sale for 23% of every dollar spent. It's effectively a 30% sales tax. For the first year. 2. The tax will replace income tax, social security, corporate taxes, capital gains tax, Medicare tax, payroll tax, gift taxes and estate tax. 3. The tax would be on all new goods and services. Purchases fr...

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Communism is Fascistic in Principle


The issue of Communism is a divisive one, with a growing number of defenders and sympathizers. One of the most common arguments from that camp is to say that Communism, despite its despotic history, is a free system if implemented "correctly". So here is my contention: by it's very tenants, Communism demands and indeed requires the implementation of either martial law or dictatorship. To accept the Con position, my opponent must support the opposite position. Important Terms: Communism: My...

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Communism works if applied correctly pt. 2


Due to my previous opponent de-activating his account, I have decided to hold this debate for the second timeMy argument is that Communism is a system that can work in a way that is humanitarian if used in it's traditional sense, that being defined as:Communism: the belief in the creation of a stateless, classless, money-less society, where private property (save for personal property) is collectively owned, and the wage system abolished.

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Corporate CEOs in America Should Be Paid Less


I originally issued this challenge to Danielle, until I found out we were advocating the same side. I've since made this debate impossible to accept. If you are interested in debating CON for the resolution, please let me know in the comments section, thank you.The subject matter deals with this forum topic:$8.25 per hour vs. $8.75 million per year

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