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Classic Robert Gauntlet Tournament: The current tax system should be replaced by the fair tax.


By current tax system, I'm referring to the federal tax system currently used by the United States government. Explanation of the Fair Tax 1. The Fair Tax is a consumption tax at the point of sale for 23% of every dollar spent. It's effectively a 30% sales tax. For the first year. 2. The tax will replace income tax, social security, corporate taxes, capital gains tax, Medicare tax, payroll tax, gift taxes and estate tax. 3. The tax would be on all new goods and services. Purchases fr...

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Puppy Mills


Puppy Mills are just crude... They keep the dogs in small cages their whole life. Many are starved and they get terribly sick. If this isn't enough for you people to realize how cruel Puppy Mills are then... Maybe you just have a cold heart. I'm sorry for any hurt feelings this may cause....

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Concealed Carry (CCW) Laws Reduce Crime


In this debate, I will argue that allowing (shall issue laws, for example) CCW will decrease violent crime in the United States. My opponent, as CON, will be arguing against this proposition, that CCW laws have no effect, or increase, violent crime rates. Definitions:Concealed Carry: concealed carry weapon, a practice in which a person carries a weapon, generally a firearm, hidden on their person. This generally (except in states, such as Alaska and Arizona) requires...

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In the long run, Keynesian economic policies have proven to be ineffective


The first round is for acceptance, and arguments must have evidence to substantiate them. Also, some definitions to clear up any confusion: Long-run: The period of time in which all prices, especially wages, are flexible, and have achieved their equilibrium levels. Keynesian: Acting along the lines of the Keynesian school of economic thought, which is based upon the work of British economist John Maynard Keynes. Keynesian economics follows demand-side theory, and focuses on influencing agg...

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The global economy no longer needs or benefits from Central Banks


Central banks around the world have taken unprecedented actions since the Financial Crisis in 2008. Ostensibly, these actions were necessary to prevent economic calamity and to preserve overall wellbeing. In the six years since the Financial Crisis, central banks around the world have continued to pursue, by historical standards, extraordinarily accommodative monetary policy in order to restore national economies to more robust growth, consistent inflation and full employment. Pro puts forwa...

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French is more useful than Spanish on a Global Scale


French is more useful than Spanish because French countries such as Switzerland and Luxembourg have a higher GDP per capita than any country with Spanish as the official language. In addition, France is the fifth wealthiest economy in the world. Meanwhile, Spain has high unemployment rate ( Along with that, South-Central American countries to tend to have higher crime rate :

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Capitalism is an Inherently Immoral System


Opening round is for Opening Arguments. Here's mine: Free-Market Capitalism, however well-meaning its proponents may be, invariably results in huge inequities, a failure for the needs of the majority to be met, and, most controversially, an overall devaluation of human life. 1. Inequality. In the most laissez-faire economies, resources both untaxed by government, or regulated in their disbursement invariably begin to belong to fewer and fewer people. The Oil Tycoon, for instance, who sh...

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Governments should deficit spend in a recesion


I am arguing that increased government expenditure is good in a recession and governments should deficit spend. 1st round acceptance....

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Anarcho-capitalism isn't anarchist pt.2


Because of full forfeit from my previous opponent, I have decided to make a second attempt at this debate.I have made it impossible to accept, so if you're interested then leave a comment saying such.Introduction:This debate will be centered around the idea that 'anarcho'-capitalism can't seriously call itself an anarch...

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On balance capitalism is a better system for mankind then Communism


Resolution "On balance capitalism is a better system for mankind then Communism"better for mankind - increasing the well-beingcapitalism - an economic system where the means of production are mainly privately owned and people earn a portion of their income from trade. communism - stateless, classless society, where the means of production are owned colectively, and the idea of private property is non-existant. Money is also non-existence.D...

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