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The gender wage gap is not real.


R1: Acceptance R2: Main arguments R3: Counter argument R4: Rebuttals and closing statements I would like to argue that the wage gap between men and women do not exist in todays Western world. Wage gap -The difference in rates of pay between two different groups of people. [1] By Western world I would like to account for countries of the EU, USA, Canada and New Zealand. I would like to thank in advance my opponent for accepting the debate. References:

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The Federal Reserve Should Be abolished:


There are a few terms to this debate that you should agree to before accepting the challenge, they're really simple I just have to state them to resolve a few issues. First of all you are not allowed to "drop out" of the debate, once you accept the challenge you must respond to my arguments in their entirety within 3 days, that way if you start to lose you don't get to flake out on me. Secondly, google documents are not a conduct violation, you could just as easily as I can star...

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Wealth doesn't "trickle down" from the rich to the poor


In this debate, I am going to be arguing that "trickle down" economics has been a failure to the poor and middle class.Let's set some terms before we begin.Rules:1) No trolling or insults.2) If you forfeit, you automatically lose.3) You don't have to cite sources for common knowledge, although it would be preferred. If something is not common knowledge, cite it. A general rule of thum...

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The World Should Return To The Gold Standard


As pro, I argue that the World should return to the gold standard as in the gold standard of 1950. Con argues that it shouldn't return to the gold standard as in the gold standard of 1950. Definitions:The Gold Standard:A monetary system in which a country's government allows its currency unit to be freely converted into fixed amounts of gold and vice versa. The exchange rate under the gold standard monetary system is determined by the economic difference for an ounce...

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Should We Have Aquariums


We should not have aquariums since it is imprisoning helpless animals that should have a choice. Humans were put on this Earth to take care of animals, not imprison them to where they can't run around in the wild. Also, guess what? We are a species of animal. Our species is human. Choose the right side and vote against aquariums....

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Should abortion be legal?


Abortion should be legal because it should be a persons choice....

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Is there a Wage Gap based on discrimination of the genders in the United States of America?


Well I have to say, I'm just not convinced by the "evidence" for a wage gap based on discrimination. However, I'm open if my currently undecided opponent provides solid evidence that this gap exists. Remember, this is about Gender discrimination, not Racial. While I also would contest to racial discrimination existing, that's not particularity what I'm interested in debating....

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The U.S should abolish the Minimum Wage


The resolution is: The U.S Should Abolish the Minimum WageI will be arguing against the resolution, Pro will argue for it. BoP is shared.I am mainly debating this to confirm my position on this, but I am definitely leaning towards the pro-MW stance.DefinitionsMinimum Wage: Lowest wage permitted by law.Abolish: get rid of

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Should we stop hunting Lions?


I think we should stop hunting lions because the population of lions was really high in the 1990-1950 (100,000 to 400,000).Now there is about 16,500 to 47,000 lions left in the wild. Lions don't do anything to us, they just want to avoid us but we provoke them and it get them angry and they start killing people because of us provoking them. We kill them for no reason sometimes just for fun or just to keeps it's head as a trophy. Heard about Cecil the Lion, Scientist were studying that Lion un...

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Capitalism Vs. Socalism


Capitalism is better than Socialism in many ways. First and foremost Capitalism gives power to the people and Socialism gives power to the Government. I hate the Idea of people living in poverty and going to bed hungry. Socialism is not the answer to these problems. The distribution of wealth does not work, it rewards people for minimum amounts of work, eventually you will run out of other people's money to use. Capitalism rewards the people for working hard. I like to think of these two ideals...

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