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Geometry will never be used in my life.


While attending my freshman year of high school, it has come to my attention, that very little, if any of what i am learning, will ever be used in my future. The very things that schools push on us, such as reflections, dilation's, and rotations, will never be applied. What i mean is that i don't need to know anything i am learning in this class to succeed in life....

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United States Federal Government should increase its engagement with the people's republic of China


I would like to hear your opionions on this topic and provide evidence to prove your answer....

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competitions are better than mass participation in nurturing youths?


Competition is better than mass participation in nurturing youths as youths learn values that may not be learnt in mass participation. Mass participation only encourage youths to take part in a certain activity and it is mostly for leisure purposes. However, when a youth take part in competition, he or she will be motivated and encouraged to strive for their best. This allows them to know themselves, allowing them to understand their strengths and weaknesses. From there, youths can maximize thei...

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Doing a job you like is more important than a job that will get you more money


Doing a job you like is more important than a job that will get you more money, because, for a first, you may not be happy doing the job that gets you more money. In that case, you might not work very hard, and you will get fired, not having a job at all....

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Localize Education- get rid of the Department of Education and Common Core


Localizing education can allow all 50 states to have different education plans. With 50 different plans they can all learn from each other to constantly have advancing education in the United States of America. Federal education provides a one size fits all methods, which doesn't work. The 10th amendment of the Constitution says that any power not given to the federal government is given to the states. Education is not mentioned in the Constitution so it should be a state issue. Common core is u...

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Students shouldn't have homework at school


In my opinion, homework is not necessary at all because students can understand material of a subject at school, not spending their leisure time at home for it. Sometimes there is so a lot of homework that students have to spend ALL their free time doing it: as consequence, they have poor social skills and no hobbies....

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All schools should have uniforms


I am on the con side because in my my opinion schools should not have uniforms. First of all not all families can afford uniforms because they're way over priced like $70 for a single t-shirt when you can get the same shirt without the logo on it for $15 and then get the logo printed on it for only $5. Then you just need to get the pants which could be $25 or less and there you've saved about $25. Plus otherwise families spend and average of about $350 a year (I think) on uniforms and then once...

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Why evolution is not what made the earth.


Is Evolution the reason that the earth was formed?, Or did God create the earth?...

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School is a good place for education.


I think that school is a terrible platform for education. Now, I am NOT saying that education itself is bad, as it is necessary for our survival as a whole, or that school, as in a 'place of learning' is not a bad idea, but I'm talking about the current implementation of school. What I am arguing is that school makes you hate learning with topics constantly being shoved down kids' throats. Also, I'd like to ask for all s...

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All students should have an after school job.


I agree that all students should have an after school job because they can learn how to be independent,. In this way they can know if they have mistakes, they need to change it. This can build up their responsibilities of themselves. This way students can earn money. They don't need to request their parents for money. They earn it. In this way students can know how difficult to earn money. So hard work pays off always....

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