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The Torah we have today is the same as it was in the past.


The topic at hand is one of interest. Is the Torah the same collection of books and content (minus spelling errors) the Jews have always had? Is it historically reliable? Are all the books therein still the same? I affirm they are. This is a 5 round debate. 10,000 characters. Round 1 acceptance Round 2 opening arguments (no rebuttals) Round 3-4 anything goes Round 5 rebuttals/closing statements (no new arguments)...

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The heptadic structure of the genealogy of Jesus Christ can not be replicated


Russian mathematician Ivan Panin discovered this structure a century ago. Skeptics claim that it's only coincidence and that it can easily be written by anyone. So I am here to request that a person be the contender and actually produce such a genealogy and prove once and for all that Ivan Panin was an idiot. What you have do to, is write an entirely fictional genealogy and fulfill all of the requirements below. You are free to use any computer programs that you believe would be able to help...

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God does not exist


Why I'm starting this debate:I am an agnostic. I am pretty convinced that god doesn't exist, but I just want to be sure. I am initiating this debate in order to find someone (if this person exists) who has truly compelling evidence for the existence of God.My current position on this topic:If I wanted to believe in leprechauns, somebody would probably say, "How come I've never seen any?". I could respond to this by saying, "They are invisible to the naked...

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Orthodoxy and Islam are similar in many ways


Hello, I am Greek Orthodox and I am here to debate about the similarities between Orthodoxy and Islam. I will be debating for this topic and my opponent will obviously debate against this topic. I will explain how both the Religions are similar but my opponent will explain how they are not. This is a friendly debate and it does not require any hate, I will respect my opponent's views. God Bless!...

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Terrorist attacks are the result of Islam?


Hello, everyone Looking for a great Debate ahead Please, accept my challenge...

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Islam - A religion of peace?


Just a quick disclaimer: I do not hate muslims or hold any prejudice against them. This is just a criticism of an ideology that they subscribe to. Over the course of the recent years, we've had many cases of attacks caused in the name of Islam. Nice, France. Orlando. Munich. Bomb threats. Women getting raped in Sweden and Germany in the name of Islam. However, leftism in the media claims that we should not judge the actions of an entire demographic who follow this religion, based on the actio...

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God is Irrelevant in Today's Life


Many of the religious debates are about the existence of God. I counter that God is irrelevant. Science has mapped out the origins of our universe and even have evidence about what came before it. God is not needed for life in the twenty-first century. I would like to hear from someone on the Con position, but only if we can keep the debate calm and professional....

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Both Christanity and Islam encourage excessive cruelty to animals.


More and more I am seeing little use for either of these religions in modern day. Perhaps in a past era these ideas were necessary to survive. Yet, with no evidence of God I am beginning to question a religion who claims a supreme being created these morals, yet is very cruel to animals. I think it is well known about the Christian capitalistic factory farms. The old testament Kosher slaughtering of animals. That Christians can morally use animals for food, clothing, and experim...

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Is the Bible against women's rights?


The Bible has multiple quotes against the rights of women. In my opinion, it is a pretty outdated book reflecting the ideologies and philosophies of society during that era. Some quotes from the Bible which reflect this: 1) "You shall not covet your neighbor"s house. You shall not covet your neighbor"s wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor." Exodus 20:17 - Neither men nor women should be considered anyone's properties by any mean...

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The existence of an afterlife.


I thank my opponent for accepting this debate about whether an afterlife exists. Round 1 is for acceptance of the debate. Round 2 is for opening arguments. Round 3 is designated for replies and additional arguments. Round 4 is for replies also. But, no new questions should be asked in Round 4, since it is the last Round and responses cannot be made to them....

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