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Atheism is more plausible than Theism


Today I will argue that in light of both the arguments for and against the existence of God, that atheism is more plausible than theism.(1) The first argument for atheism is that there is a serious absence of evidence for God's existence. If God did exist, there are a number of critical pieces of evidence that we should expect to find, but which we fail to find. For exa...

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Does God exist?


Hi there, my belief in God is firm and is backed up by many logical arguments one of which is extremely simple. If you believe that an object cannot just pop into existence then how on earth can you believe that the universe just appeared into existence, it makes no sense! There has to be some greater external force controlling this which is, God. Give me a challenge, bring it on. King Toffee...

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Should Public Prayers be Allowed in Schools?


My belief is that public praying in schools should not be allowed in schools. The reason for this is to not separate students into social groups such as "The Christians" or "The Muslims" and other religion social groups. My second reason is to ban/ not allow Public prayers in schools is because it is violating other religions of other students and forcing religion onto children. My third and final reason are aggressive discussions may be done when talking about this subject. Which distracts chil...

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There is no such thing as God


Background about me. I learnt at school Torah for 11 years (since primary school) and I love reading cosmology books in my free time. I am atheist. I believe that the universe was formed 14.8 billions yrs ago, earth was formed 4.5 years ago and I also believe that we are 'star stuff' and a by-product of evolution. I wont start listing my arguments. I just want to start by the other side trying to contradict my points. I want the other side to address my points and prove his point in any...

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THB: God exists.


NB: I will OPPOSE this motion.The motion is: "THB: God exists".Definitions:"THB": abbreviation for "This house believes"- essentially, the claim being discussed."God": an omnipotent, omniscient, omnibenevolent, conscious creator of the universe."Exists": can be known to be part of reality.Format:

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Should Jerusalem be a Jewish territory


I believe that Israel belongs to the Jews to be governed and ruled as a religious nation. Jerusalem was built by Jewish hand and the only reason they left was because they were forced off by the Romans. I don't wan't to hear anti antisemitism or Islamophobia just tell me your opinions and I will share mine....

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God does not exist (probably)


This is a debate in which pro (me) has to prove that God does not exist (probably) where God is defined as God: the creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the supreme being. The god does not necessarily have to be the Judeo-Christian god but must give some sort of moral direction (ie cannot be a god who has not seen or done anything since the beginning of time). Thanks, I hope this will be a great debate....

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Is there evidence for the god of the Bible?


The rules for this are that you will not post your argument in the first round. The first round is the introductory round for the contenders to get to know who they are talking to. The second round will be the official start of the debate and the third and fourth rounds will be rebuttals. My name is Luke and I have been an atheist for a little over a year. I enjoy reading texts such as the Go Delusion and find that there is not sufficient evidence for any god, and that the Christian god is a g...

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Things Donald Trump and god have in common


Things Donald Trump and god have in common (in no order of importance)* Both Trump and god are compulsive liars. * Both Trump and god use power and then fear to control. * Both Trump and god use religion as a premise to gain that power. * Both T...

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Churches, mosques, synagogues, etc. ought not be exempt from federal taxation.


Argument 1: Tax exemption constitutes an endorsement of religion. Tax exemptions give these institutions more money. This is a simple fact. Regan v. Taxation with Representation (US Supreme Court) decided that a tax exemption has the same effect as a cash grant. This is unconstitutional. Argument 2: Tax exemption favors larger churches, which are often predatory. This credit varies from church to church. Your average church may pull in a good amount, but definitely not as much as Kenneth C...

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