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The existence of God is improbable


I would like to thank creationtruth for accepting this challenge.TERMS Resolved: The existance of God is improbableRounds:1. Acceptance only2. Opening arguments only3. Rebuttals4. Rebuttals/clash For the purposes of this debate, the term "God" will be defined broadly as to include the general attributes (ie: omnipotence,...

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A god exists


Four Rounds: 1st- Acceptence/Opening statements 2nd- Opening arguments 3rd- Rebuttals/More arguments 4th- More rebuttals/Closing statements I will be arguing more specifically for the existence of the Christian God, but if I convince the existence of any god, then my role will be fulfilled. Definition(s): God (n) - a supernatural and intelligent force that designed the existing universe and/or the life within it and now exercises a level of power over it's creation. I wish my oppon...

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Is The Gap Theory Biblical?


Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. This debate is about the Gap Theory and whether or not it is biblical. This is to be a friendly debate using the Bible as our final authority. Both parties agree to the inspiration and authority of scripture. Definition - The gap theory postulates that an indefinite span of time exists between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2. This time span is usually considered to be quite large (millions of years) and is also reputed to encompass the so-called "ge...

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Does the Old Testament prophesy of the Great Apostasy?


What is the apostasy? Was there even an apostasy? In this debate, my opponent and I will explain to you, the viewer, what the apostasy was and if it even happened or not. For this debate, we will be using the King James version of the Old Testament to show if it prophecies that there was or wasn't an apostasy. This debate will be split into 5 different rounds. Round 1: Opening Statements. Round 2-3: Rebuttals. Round 4: Cross examination. Round 5: Closing Statements. I, the affirmative side...

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Does Islam worship the same God that Jews and Christians do, as they claim to?


One of the underlying doctrines of Islam (not one of their "pillars") states that Muhammad was a prophet of the same God (called Yahweh) as all previous Jewish prophets. The canonized Scripture of Islam claims that it (the Quran\Koran) "confirms what came before", meaning, what you find in the older books (the Jewish Torah and Christian "Gospels") you should find "confirmed" in it. (Muslim scholars will try to tell other people that this "confirmation" only means that where the two agree, it con...

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Sina's Challenge


(Debate currently impossible to accept, comment or PM me if you're interested). This resolution needs some explaining, so before I go into the rules, here's how the debate works. Anti-Islamic Activist Ali Sina pledged to give away 50k S Dollars to anyone that can disprove that Muhammad (pbuh) was among the following charges: -a narcissist -a misogynist -a rapist -a pedophile -a lecher -a torturer -a mass murderer -a cult leader -an assassin -a terrorist -a mad man -a l...

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Stockholm Syndrome with God


The original question: "Is religious fanaticism actually Stockholm Syndrome with God as our captor?" My answer: No. No, he is just as mad, upset and heartbroken about hard and tragic events as we are. He "cries with us when we suffer and rejoices when we do what is right." (Elder Gary E. Stevenson). He is the literal father of our spirits, and loves us beyond our comprehension. He allows things to happen out of necessity, we were given our free agency when we came to this earth. Free agenc...

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god doesn't exist


There is no evidence for god. Could god create a rock that he couldn't lift? If he COULD ,he can't lift something and isn't all-powerful. If he COULDN'T ,he can't make something and isn't all-powerful. And what god would make an Atheist ,knowing they aren't gonna believe (All-knowing) and then punish them for it....

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Traditional Catholicism Is the Only True Catholicism


Rules: Round 1: Statement of your case without argument against opposition. Round 2: Argument against premises given in round 1. Round 3: Rebuttal of argument in round 2. New arguments are allowed. Round 4: Rebuttal of argument proposed in round 3, if any, and further rebuttal of round 2 arguments. Final summary of points made. No new arguments during round 4. (Round 1) The Catholic faith is heavily based on tradition, building on previous teachings, similar to the legal concept of stare...

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Is the Bible against women's rights?


The Bible has multiple quotes against the rights of women. In my opinion, it is a pretty outdated book reflecting the ideologies and philosophies of society during that era. Some quotes from the Bible which reflect this: 1) "You shall not covet your neighbor"s house. You shall not covet your neighbor"s wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor." Exodus 20:17 - Neither men nor women should be considered anyone's properties by any mean...

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