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Islam is a religion of violence


People quote various verses of The Holy Quran which are parts of a whole statement. Taking these verses out of context they manipulate the translation which then makes a complete different sense....

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Mario is un-Buddhist


Now listen here, I am 29 years old. I was there when the Super Nintendo first came out, and I got me my own system real quick. I had that first cartridge of Super Mario Bros, and I beat it in about a year of trying. I know a lot of you younger folk don't remember all that because you didn't exist, but I sure do. I'm an old school Mario fan. I've been through the N64 Mario, too. I know my stuff. And being an authority on the Mario, I am convinced today of this one thing: Mario is Un-Buddhist....

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The Bible does not favor a pre-tribulation rapture


For this debate, the Bible contains the standard 66 books used by most Protestants. Pre-tribulation rapture is the belief that Messiah will remove all His followers from the earth just before the prophetic time of tribulation. This interpretation is portrayed in the "Left Behind" series of books, some of which became movies. 2000 Elo is required to vote using the "select winner" system. Con will contend that the Bible clearly teaches a pre-tribulation rapture. As Pro, I will contend that thi...

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The Mutilation Of Baby Boys As A Testament To Their Devotion Is Unreasonable


Religious circumcision is a conscious decision adopted by the faithful, but amounts to cruelty when imposed upon a child in the manner of a medical procedure or indoctrination....

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Bible Errors Made Clear


Bible Errors Clear to See...

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God hates you


Yes, I am an atheist. However, for this debate we will pretend the Bible and the Biblical God is real.Using the Bible (and other apologetics, as why not) I will try my darnedest to show that God really does hate you. Just in case you are wondering I am presupposing that Hell exists, after all God hates you.Before you accept this debate, please realize I am ta...

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The Ontological Argument is insufficient proof for the existence of God


I am currently studying the ontological argument for my a-levels, so an intellectually stimulating debate on this will help me to learn more about it. 1st round - Acceptance 2nd round - Argument 3rd round- Rebbutals I thank anyone who accepts this challenge and I hope that I prove a worthy opponent for this debate....

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Is the Bible entirely true?


If you want additional rounds, please comment or send me a message. Please do not forfeit. I want to debate this not because I actually believe what I am writing, but because I am a Christian and I am struggling and I am not sure if I am a true Christian or not. I have doubts about whether God is real of not. Please use sources. Thanks! I look forward to a great debate. After this debate ends I will take the Pro side. Thanks to everyone who commented (You guys started the debate without me!!...

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Is The Trinity Biblical?


(See comments for format) As always, I would like to thank my opponent kasmic for accepting this challenge. This is a topic that is very near and dear to me and I am excited to have the opportunity to defend it's truthfulness in this debate. My aim is to be as clear and as straightforward as possible with the hopes that the truth prevails and God is glorified. The thesis of this debate: Is the Trinity Biblical? I would like to take just a small space to tell you what this debate is not a...

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Is Christianity good for the world?


Is Christianity good for the world, or bad for it? Has Christianity done anything for the world? Has Christianity set the wrong example? What do you think of Christianity? Is Jesus the answer to modern problems? You decide and vote....

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