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Gay Marriage


You say that being gay is not okay. And I would say, "I get it". But I don't. I don't get why you are so discriminating against people who want to be happy. I'm currently not married, or even dating, because I want to live alone and travel the world. That would make me happy. Also, chocolate makes me happy. My pet dog makes me happy. My family makes me happy. For some people, being married to or dating someone of the same sex makes them happy. If somebody takes away that right, it would be like...

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How was the Earth created?


I believe that the Earth was created by God. I am a baptist. Some people believe in the big bang theory. If the Big Bang theory was real, then why don't we see other planets just appearing anymore? For every art there has to be an artist who made it, right? I am going to explain why I believe it was God who created Earth....

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God does not exist.


Rules:1. Try to use good sources2. No trolling3. No debating in the comments (audience may do this)9,000 character limit, 72 hours to argue, 5 rounds.Good luck, up to you whether you want to hit me with arguments right out of R1 or just accept. ...

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Did Yeshua (Jesus) do away with the Law? Should we keep the Law?


I do not believe that Yeshua (Jesus) came to "do away with" the Law of Moses given at Sinai. I believe that the Law of Moses should be Kept by any Believer in The God of The Bible. Go ahead and start your argument first round....

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The belief that the sacraments convey grace is reasonable based on the Bible and historical evidence


I would like to thank James14 for suggesting this debate topic. I look forward to a fruitful discussion. I will be taking the position that the sacraments are one of the ways God conveys grace to us. To support my claim, I will be appealing to both scripture and the testimony of the early Church. Grace: the free and unearned favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings. Grace is also the "stuff" God gives you in order for you to do supernatural a...

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The Bible does not fit in with modern day social standards


1. the first round is just acceptance to the challenge 2. the last 3 rounds are anything you want to say 3. nothing rude I believe that the Bible is sexist and homophobic and does not meet the social acceptances of modern day....

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God is most likely not real


BOP is shared. First round is for acceptance + argument....

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Religion is detrimental to human development


This is the first debate I have participated in I would like to set some rules before we proceed 1. we will only focus on the effects of religion and not on the causes 2. we will focus on if the effects are more detrimental to society and humanity as a whole or if they are more positive to society, humanity, and progress 3. no ad hominems or opinions only facts that can be backed up with citations if requested. 1st round is acceptance round...

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Evolution is a superior explanation for the origin of man and the universe as compared to creationis


Hello BDPershing I would like to challege you to a debate. I can see that you disagree with me so let's not spam the comments section in the other debate. Here you can clearly express all of your points and I will gladly show you why they are invalid. You make the first argument and then I will proceed. :P Only rules in this debate: you must finish the debate you must support evolution as a superior creation explantation The first 3 rounds we will have constructive speeches (make argumen...

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The War on Christmas Exists


I am arguing the Con side for this debate. It is up to Pro to prove that a war on Christmas actually exists. Round 1: Pro will begin opening arguments in Round 1. Since I am placing the BOP on my opponent here, I am giving Pro both the first and last words. Round 2: Con's opening argument and Pro's rebuttal. Round 3: Rebuttals. Round 4: Closing statements/conclusion. No new arguments from Pro in their final round. Definitions: War - an organized effort by a large organization...

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