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Stem Cell Research Is Moral and Should be Legal


Stem Cell research is moral and should be legal, due to its immense scientific value. My opponent will argue it is not moral and should not be legal, burden of proof falls to both me and my opponent. First round is acceptance....

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Resolved: Adolescents ought to have the right to make autonomous medical decisions


I stand in the firmest affirmation of the resolution "Adolescents ought to have the right to make autonomous medical decisions." First, I would like to define a few terms: Adolescents: 13-17 years of age Ought: Necessary (Cambridge) Autonomous: having the right or power to govern itself (Merriam-Webster) I affirm for these reasons: Health and wellness are inalienable rights. People are the most aware of what is best for their body. There are already precedents set for adolescents. Y...

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Should sacrificing ceremony's/killing festivals be banned?


Is it necessary to kill hundreds and thousands of animals? For what reason? No reason. Preposterous you may tell me but it's not it happens all the time, annually. The people that do this don't benefit, neither do the animals. It's gobstopping how many times it's already happened and how many more times it's bound to happen. It's not illegal and no one suffers the consequences. Apart from the poor victims, once again, the animals. People use excuses such as "it's religion" when it's not. I've ha...

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Evolution vs Young Earth Creationism


This debate is reserved for NewLifeChristian. I will be arguing that Evolution is true and that the Earth is around 4.5 billion years old. NewLifeChristian will be arguing for Creation being true and that the Earth is around 6-10K years old. RulesNo trolling Reliable sources must be usedStructureRound 1: AcceptanceRound 2: Arguments only (no rebuttals)Rounds 3-4: Everything else

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Science definitively proves Creationism to be factual


Science clearly proves that Creationism is, in fact, very real. To prove my argument, I will make four points (out of many possibilities, for the sake of expidency): 1. The argument that "nature" has the power to create life is ludicrous. My evidence for this argument is derived from logic (the science of reason): If pure chance can create life, than why can't humans? We are an intelligent race which can synthesise chemicals and clone animals, so why can't we produce the protien...

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religious beliefs or science


religious beliefs are being followed nowadays in society which might not be true whereas science follows a theory supported by reasons which one is true i think we have to follow science because it has strong reasons behind everything and this can also diminish the social division of religion...

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Scientific evidence does not support Evolution


I will be arguing that that evolution has not been proven scientifically and any evidence used to support it could be reasonably explained from a creation viewpoint. Since the theory of evolution is taught in schools as science, and creation is presented as religious, the burden of proof is on con to show that evolution can and did happen. Science - Knowledge gained from observation, experimentation, and demonstration (Can be proven). Evidence - The available body of facts or information ind...

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Consciousness created the universe


Burdern of proof is on me to prove it is more reasonable than not to believe consciousness created all matter and energy. Opponent should be a deligent anti-new-age-spiritualist with good arguments against consciousness being non-local. Consciousness: (definition) awareness of existence on any level. First round is for acceptance. No forfeiting

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Is the earth round?


The Earth is round. This is the statement I will be defending in this debate. Feel free to join up if you believe the Earth is flat. The way this debate will work is:R1: State what you will defendR2 and R3: Give defensesR4: Rebut your opponent's defensesR5: Closing statements ...

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Evolution isn't supported with scientific evidence (4)


I am a Young Earth Creationist and believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible. I believe that God created everything about 6,000 years ago and that there was a massive, worldwide flood about 4,400 years ago. Full resolution: The theory of evolution has not been proven scientifically and any evidence used to support it is either flawed, irrelevant, or could be reasonably explai...

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