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The quantum fluctuations arguement dissproves the existence of God.


Whenever a theist puts forth the question "how does something come from nothing?", atheists have a very scientific and seemingly full proof answer of quantum fluctuations. Quantum fluctuations are "random fluctuations can produce matter and energy out of nothingness." [1] This is a source used from the seemingly atheist person I am debating. The article says that because of these quantum fluctuations, the universe/big bang can produce itself without need of a God. The article states "The Big...

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the concept of herd immunity is a fraud


The concept of herd immunity is a fraud. It is totally illogical and has never been proven to exist. The idea of herd immunity comes from the pharmaceutical industry which needs to sell lots of drugs to the the public. They do this by instiling fear and distrust in the community with concepts like 'herd immunity'....

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Pro: the Earth is flat, Con: The Earth is not flat


Another debate on the classic topic of "is the Earth flat or not." I, the Con, will be arguing that it is not, and you the Pro, will be arguing that it is. You are expected to use science in you argument and follow all the standard debate procedure on DDO. Round 1: Acceptance, definitions, questions on rules. Round 2: Arguments, Rebuttals This is going to be a short debate. I also want to point out that I will have no chance to have rebuttals on my opponents arguments, so therefore he or...

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Should public colleges protect/restrict constitutionally protected speech?


The resolution is: "Public colleges and universities in the United States ought not restrict any constitutionally protected speech." No rules....

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The city of Chicago being visible from the opposite shore, proves the earth is not a sphere.


One of Edlvsjd core arguments made in support of Flat earth (and against a spherical earth) is that the City of Chicago is visible from the opposite shore of Lake Michigan, something he states is not possible on a spherical earth, and effectively demonstrates that the earth is flat. This debate is Edlvsjd's opportunity to argue that this is the case. Rules: - As Edlvsjd is going to be supporting his claim, his FIRST round should be used for opening arguments; Edlvsjd should write "Last...

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Existence of Creator- Yes or No, BoP on Pro


I've looked through your profile/voting log and it seems you are firmly atheist. Therefore I challenge you to a friendly debate: I must prove that a creator exists, and you must try to prove that a creator does not exist. BoP is only on me. Round 1: will be for acceptance Round 2: Arguments, no rebuttals Round 3: Rebuttals, no new arguments. Please accept, this will be a quick debate and fun too....

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Mankind Is the Main Cause of Global Warming


You asked to accept this.Full ResolutionI will be arguing that mankind is the main cause of global warming. We will not be arguing if global warming exists or not, it will be assumed that it does; only if global warming has an anthropogenic cause.BoP is shared.DefinitionsMankind: "The human race; human beings collectively without reference to sex; humankind."[1]Main: "Chief in size, ext...

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Abortion is First Degree Murder


Pro will be arguing that the abortion of a human embryo is 1st degree murder.Con will be arguing that abortion is not 1st degree murder.Defini...

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Existing scientific evidence justifies believe in God


In this debate, I will be showing how scientific evidence already demonstrates the existence of a Theistic God that is consistent with the Judeo-Christian God concept.I will be in the affirmative of this proposition while my opponent will be on the negative.The Theist God in question ,within the confines of this debate, will be a Personal cause who is the creator (i.e. Immaterial) and sustainer ( i.e. ruler) of the Universe and is omnipotent , omnipre...

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space is an intangetable reality


One of the first people to embrace Einstein's ideas was his former teacher, Hermann Minkowski (1864-1909). He realized that although different observers experience the same events, they will describe them differently because they disagree about the nature of space and the nature of time. On the other hand space and time taken together form a more robust entity: 'Henceforth space by itself, and time by itself, are doomed to fade away into mere shadows, and only a kind of union of the two will...

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