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How do you know you have 5 fingers on your hand?



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Models of Climate Change and weather forcasts are equally wrong, most often.


Climate change is a religion, as we will not be alive to see the truth of the predictions. Weather forecasts are often wrong, and the science of the immediate future of a local climate should be more easily predictable. Climate change will happen, the direction, warming or cooling, is unpredictable. The true path of a storm is unpredictable. Diblasio is a fear monger along the lines of his political god, Gore. The first round is for your retort....

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climate change is fake


climate change is fake and all people who believe in this fake phenomeon are corrupt. first of all if climate chagne is real, then why it not cold right now in mississippi? also, john coleman the weather channel founder said this; ""There is no significant man-made global warming at this time, there has been none in the past and there is no reason to fear any in the future. Efforts to prove the theory that carbon dioxide is a significant "greenhouse" gas and pollutant causing significant wa...

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Global Warming is Man-Made


==Clarification== I will be arguing that mankind IS the cause of global warming, my opponent will be arguing that mankind is NOT the main driver of modern climate change. My opponent, therefore, is arguing that the theory of anthropogenic climate change is incorrect. This is pretty straightforward. Abbreviations which might be used: AGW -- Anthropogenic global warming CR -- cosmic ray[s] TSI -- Total solar irradiation MWP -- Medieval Warm Period SSN -- Sun spot number PDO --...

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Is a fetus human?


I recently began a debate with a colleague whether abortion should be legalized or not. We both agreed that the underlying question of the whole argument was if the fetus was a human or something else entirely. If the fetus is not a human then we should encourage abortion and allow persons to terminate the objects inside them at will with no consequence or restriction. However, if the fetus is a human then there should be restrictions. Please do not stray from the issue at hand and use facts and...

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Is Belief in God Scientific?


I believe that the belief in God is scientific. The reason is that even non-religious scientists, particularly well-known ones who are also the most skilled such as Einstein himself have held that God exists. The greatest puzzle of science is the Unified Field Theory, better known as the Theory of Everything. Einstein said that the Theory of Everything would enable scientists to peer into the very Mind of God. Stephen Hawking is another that, though not religious, believes in God in the search f...

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The Apollo missions were faked.


This will be a fun one. I am relatively new here, forgive me for any format or conduct errors. I will argue the con (that they did happen). First round will be acceptance, second round arguments begin. Anyone can accept. Good luck and enjoy....

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Is euthanasia a good idea for patients


I am on the opposing side, that euthanasia is not a good idea. I do not believe in miracles, yet because a doctor did not perform euthanasia on a 28 year old Jenny, she came back to life as she was 3 seconds dead after encountering a snowstorm while skiing. Another reason why euthanasia is not a good idea is because there are many other ways to relieve pain besides dying. One is painkillers, or perhaps sleep. The latter is not preferred at times because of the factor of dying, but there are othe...

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Evolution and Irreducible Complexity


My fellow debaters, I come here today to make an argument for intelligent design. I guess you would like to know where I am coming from, and my position. When I began my studies in the early 90s, I fully believed that the theory of evolution was capable of explaining the biological systems that we observe in nature. With that position, I started teaching biology at the University of Oslo. During this time, I read a lot of scientific literature, especially biology. I came across the book that...

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Mankind Is Not the Main Cause of Global Warming


This is going to be one debate in a project I have devised to decide on the global warming issue once and for all - I will take the pro side in one debate, the con side in another debate, and make my decision from there.Part I - Take the side against global warming. Tylergraham95 is a really good debater, especially on global warming, and I'm sure this will be a great first debate.Full ResolutionI will be arguing that mankind is the not m...

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