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Barrack Obama should stay as president for another term


We will soonly be electing a new president, as of now the current candidates have more cons to them then pros. Even though many do not like Barrack Obama, he has improved our country quite a bit and he would do a better job at staying for another term and waiting for other candidates to come along as the current ones would most likely give a negative impact on our community and our country....

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President Obama is/was a good president (economics)


President Obama is/was a good president (economics). I believe he is NOT a good president Economically speaking and can prove it. I challenge "Reformist" to this debate, considering his opponent in his debate isn't putting up a fight at all. I'd like to show how the alleged data is flawed, and how Obama is actually hurting the economy. Only rules; 48 hours argue time, 10k characters, 5 rounds, source your data if providing charts/data. May the best Debater win!...

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Has Obama been beneficial for the United States?


During his two terms of presidency, Obama has given us many wonderful things. He had created a healthcare system that is universal and stays with you even if you lose your job. He prevented the Bush Depression that was obliterating America by killing 800,000 jobs a day with his 'stimulus package'. Not only did that create 2.1 million new jobs, but it also boosted our economy by 3.5%. Our president issued an executive order that provided a haven for those immigrants without documentation yet, who...

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Is Barack Obama the worst president?


I believe that Barack Obama IS NOT the worst president, I believe James Buchanan is, He refused to challenge either the spread of slavery or the growing bloc of states that became the Confederacy. Another is John Tyler, He was a stalwart defender of slavery who abandoned his party's platform once he was president. People accuse him of putting the US in debt, haven't all the other presidents? So thereof I believe that Obama is not a bad president....

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Remove Barack Obama from white house yes or no & explain your reasons


I am convinced we need to remove president Obama from the white house ASAP I will make all my points in one single post and I will allow you guys to do the rest. Do you agree that Obama should be removed from the white house or not? and explain yourself. His recent nuclear deal with Iran is an outrage, multiple countries are against this act not just Israel. It is also a blatant and open statement of where he stands with his own country. Iran has openly stated multiple times that they hate Am...

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Obama is either not a Muslim, or a very bad Muslim.


The debate will precede as follows, the first round will be acceptation and brief statement of views on topic. (1-3 sentences) The second round is where both sides will put up their main argument (at least 2 paragraphs) You may not rebut what your opponent said in rounds 1 and 2 during the second round. Round 3 will be the rebuttals and closing arguments. Swearing is not allowed. Sources must be cited. Best of luck to my opponent. *********

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Ronald Reagan was a Better President than Barack Obama


DebateI am arguing that President Ronald Wilson Reagan was a better president than the current president, Barack Hussein Obama. My opponent must argue that President Obama has been a better president than President Reagan was.RulesRound 1 for introduc...

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Barack Obama is a great President, and one of the best in our time.


Barack Obama is one of the best, most progressive presidents of our time. He has brought long-desired policies to the people of America ranging from healthcare to defense. Keep in mind he is the first black president of the United States, a significant milestone in our history, and his Republican predecessor was terrible with his low approval rating. With the experience of only four years as a US Senator, Obama worked hard to defeat his experienced contenders during his 2008 election campaign...

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Obama was a good President


President Obama was/is a good presidentObama: Current president of the United States of AmericaGood: Being positive towards this nation economicallyThis debate is about why president Obama has done good to this nation economically. R1- Acceptance Only...

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The Obama Care bill should NOT have been passed


I would like to say a few words here before starting my opening argument. I respectfully request that only an American Citizen please join this debate on the 'con' side. I have nothing against view points from other countries on health care, but with a bill where American tax dollars are being used, I find it to be a more honest debate between two citizens directly effected. If I could have, I would have voted No to this bill and look forward to debating with someone who would have voted yes. (...

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