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God Probably Exists


PrefaceIt has been a while since I last debated this seriously. For those who don't know, this has been my favorite topic for awhile. I hope for an interesting and truly stellar discourse. The debate shall have 72 hours to post each argument, with 10,000 characters per argument, and 5 rounds. Additionally, a minimum Elo of 2,500 is required to vote. I have chosen Kasmic to accept this debate, and I am honored to have such a distinguished debater as m...

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Hi. I'm my name is Nathanael and I'm 16. I believe people believe in god because they don't have another answer. In other words they follow a non-existent thing to compensate for their ignorance because they're scared of the unknown and want to make it known by any means necessary including convincing themselves there is a higher power. What I don't get is why people push this on their children. Why not teach them all ways and let them decide what they choose. I was forced into religion but now...

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Technology does not automatically denote or prove a society of eminent civilization


Technolgical advancement is not an indication of civilization. Shared Bop Opponent must prove that a highly advanced technological society is, by definition, a quintessential civilization....

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Muhammed is Not Predicted in the Bible.


Hello Julia Salaam Alaikum( Please tell me if I got that wrong) I was directed to your profile a little bit ago and I realized that your the first Shiite Muslim I've ever met in my life. I really don't want to let this oppurtunity go by, so I was wondering if you'd be able to have this quick debate with me. I'm a Christian and I'll be arguing that Muhammed is not mentioned in the Bible and I hoped you would be willing to argue as con. We've got 5 rounds to get through with 72 hours to argue....

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The Holocaust happened


ADDENDUM: TheTroof has asked for a gas chambers only debate, so we'll do that instead. I am the most reasonable man in America. TheTroof has been been debating the Holocaust with a couple of people with decent knowledge of the topic. It's been interesting to read. I'm interesting in seeing whether he's interested in trying his hand with something with years of experience debating this topic and with sufficient expertise to have taught the topic at the university level and to have published sc...

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This house will ban animal testing


Hello today we have 3 rounds.1. Acceptance/ Introduction2. Body3. ConclusionRulesFlaking= LoseTroll= LoseForfeit= Lose Status Quo: Medical research is the hardest case for proposition in this debate to prove, since it has previously yielded substantial benefits for humanity , while contemporary animal research continues to contribute demonstrably to the speed and efficiency with which new scientific break throughs ar...

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Right Wing vs Left Wing


Battle of Opinions/Facts (Right Wingers and Left Wingers ONLY!) Right Wing: Tea Party, Whig Party, Conservative Party, and Republican Party Left Wing: Green Party, Liberal Party, Democratic Party, and Justice Party DEBATE NOW!...

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Adverts do more harm than good


The first round is for introductions. Introduce yourself, then why you wish to take the position you have taken. Then proceed to your short opening statement. RULES a) No swearing, cursing or other forms of profanity. b) Respect both sides [proposition and opposition] of the debate. c) No copyrighted imagery or text. d) Evidence must clearly link to the statement that has been provided. The second round is for arguments. The third round is for arguments. The fourth round is f...

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North Korea should host the 2026 World Cup


First round is for acceptance only. Only accept this debate if you believe Qatar is a legitimate location to hold the 2022 FIFA World Cup. I shall be arguing that, based on the logic that Qatar, a country with no footballing history, no credentials in sports of any type and a horrendous human rights record, the People's Democratic Republic of Korea should be given the honour of hosting the next available World Cup....

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Capital Punishment Should be Abolished


PrefaceI as Pro will be arguing that Capital Punishment should be abolished. My opponent, Con, will be arguing that Capital Punishment should not be abolished. It should be noted that we will be arguing the current system of Capital Punishment, the one they use today. This means neither I nor my opponent can suggest that the sy...

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