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Should science replace physics chemistry biology in 10TH STANDARD board exams


There are certain things that we study in great detail when we are studying physics chemistry biology separately. Gaining knowledge should be the motto of life not gaining marks. Studying science as combined subject reduces workload but at the same time it reduces knowledge gained....

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school uniform choice


Hello 1st please be patient to my super horrible English/grammar 2nd let start :) why don't let parent have a right to choose between school uniform and non-school uniform to their children? since everybody have their own experiences and reasons that why they support school uniform or non-school uniform an uniform is expensive -> choose to not buy it an uniform is cheap -> choose to buy it kids get bullied if they don't wear uniform? -> choose to wear it when school adopted sc...

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Recreational Marijuana Legalization


Recreational marijuana has many benefits in society today. It has gone through history as a drug grouped together with heroin, meth and cocaine. Grouping them together is highly unrealistic. There are many reasons that marijuana prohibition has done more harm than good and , if legalized, won't cause a massive American meltdown. I will start with 5 reasons and you may rebuttal any of them. 1) Marijuana's health benefits greatly outweigh the risks accociated with them. The main medical risk...

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Mario is better than sonic.


We have all played Mario, He after all is the subject of some amazing games. Sonic on the other hand has gotten bad games like Rise of Lyric and Sonic 06,a game so famous for being one of the worst games of all time. Sonic has been the subject of a couple good games but the number of functional games without glitches that break the game to your favor or to the games makes it clear that Mario is indeed better. Ask anyone who Mario is most people will know. Also the Sonic games lie to you Sonic is...

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Violent video games, banning of


I think that violent video games should be banned because what good are they doing to society!!! Violent video games encourage a more violent society. The exposure to violence such as killing and assault. The extent to this brutality has become ridiculous and we are letting people play them for hours on end. What is this doing to our young people who are influenced by what they watch. For example there was an 14 year old boy committed murder with a hammer after repeatedly playing manhunt which...

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I really care about the correct spelling of the book of Revelation.


First round is for acceptance. Definitions: I : The DDO member who goes by the title dsjpk5....

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federal tuition assistance should be restricted much more


i do not wish to debate someone who wants to get rid of federal college money altogether some ways to restrict it include: making students pay back the money instead of so many grants, giving loans only for things like science and math, giving loans only to those in the top fifty percent or twenty percent of their class given half of students in college shouldn't even be there....

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Bill O'Reilly is more than likely a racist.


This debate is open to anyone interesting in taking the Con position.I will be arguing the thesis:Bill O'Reilly is more than likely a racist.And the Con will argue the contrary, that Bill O'Reilly is definitely not a racist.Burden of proof is shared.Debate Itinerary:Round 1: Acceptance and DefinitionsRound 2: Opening arguments, (Con's opening argu...

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Language is for communication.


Note: Sidewalker has taken this debate. It will remain up until we start it in around a week :) Note: This debate should be impossible to accept. If you find a clever way to work around the rules, you automatically forfeit all seven points. If you would like to debate, please say so in the comments after reading this opening round.I do not plan to start this for a week or so. I started early as I don't think many may be willing to take this.

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Is the universe designed?


I am on the side that the universe is not designed in anyway. We can see this by looking at all the things that want to kill us. There is diseases, carnivorous animals, birth defects that harm the body, cancer, and most importantly us. How could a universe that is designed have so many things that want to kill us? Also we can only live on about 20% of the earth correct me if I'm wrong. The Earth is 70% water and most of it we can't drink. How is the universe designed with all this wrong with it?...

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