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The Whole World Should Vote On The US President


Only US citizens should vote as they are the ones that are fundamentally subjected to government treatment - all the decisions made by the US president have a direct effect on the American people; the government is supposed to "govern" its people (ie. it should have a direct tie with the people and reflect the general peoples' decisions, as ultimately it serves to "serve" the people). US citizens should be the priority of the US government and president, they should have the sole right and power...

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Smoking Packet Pictures


Perhaps my fellow countrymen and women (UK) if you by chance are a smoker like myself or if you by chance stumble across a new pack of Cigs in your travels, you will see that the government has decided oh so wisely to pass another law against us, and put pictures on the back of packs to remind us of the hellish trouble we will get in if we continue smoking, as if we didn't know already, and are passing another law that cigarettes must be served under the counter to stop i quote "impulsive" buyin...

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that music piracy should be legalized


Welcome I would firstly lkke to eductate that music piracy is stealing and thoughtout the centurys stealing has been viewed as wrong and un ethical so why should anything change now? Music artist put there life into there music. why should we take away there music and there profits....

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This house believes people's privacy is threatened by current trends is Internet media


With many people in today's society going online and making friends it is not threatening our privacy as we have the choice to add friends, show our face book, myspace pictures and profile. With even pages to report people. Also we are warned about this on tv at school and we only go online to chat to friends and meet friends friends....

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Simpsons are better than Family Guy


Simpsons are better than Family Guy!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1. Simpsons have been on longer than Family Guy 2. Family guy is sort of copying The Simpsons Well that's what I have to say for now...................

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Nadya Suleman should lose custody of her children!


Nadya Suleman has obviously been USING her children for fame and money that she has (and may be receiving in the near future from Britan?).She has no real job,and has been mooching off of anyone that is gullible enough to take pity on her.She spends money beyond her means on plastic surgery and implanting an absurd amount of embryos inside her.She is,without a doubt, using her money more on herself than her children.I find it unfair that someone so self absorbed should be allowed to use her chil...

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January PF topic


First debate on hopefully a quick one-- just let me know; i will go con on R: President Obama's plan for increasing troops in Afghanistan is in the United States' best interest... Thanks...

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Comedian Dave Chappelle Should Consider A Career in Architecture For Orphan Bunnies


Hello. I am in affirmation of "Comedian Dave Chappelle Should Consider A Career in Architecture For Orphan Bunnies". First points, yes? Contention Won: Here is an orphan bunny, clearly with no home. If dave chappelle were to design architecture for said bunny, the bunny would have a home, making the world a generally better place. Contention Too: LOOK AT THE POSSIBILITIES! Contention TW...

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Judicial Activism in the United States is unjust.


I thank my opponent for accepting this debate and I hope its a good debate. Definitions: Judicial activism-the act of replacing an impartial interpretation of existing law with the judge's personal feelings about what the law should be Unjust-Not fair, just or right 1. Contradicts the essence of Democracy A personal interpretation of the law done by Supreme Court judges (Judicial Activism) can be viewed as proa...

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The "Ash in a Coma Theory"


I believe that the "Ash in a Coma" theory points to an entirely possible, deep sub-plot to the Pokemon television series. I challenge somebody to disprove the theory itself. If you are unfamiliar with the theory, you can read it at this link: Rules for this debate are as follows: It is to be civil. It is to be friendly. Acceptable sources include the theory itself, as well as any and all television episode...

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