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The word "racism" has become a misused label in the United States.


Hello and thank you to anyone who accepts this debate. I would simply like to address the fact that society tends to label anything that remotely has to do with race or ethnicity as "racist". To clarify, the Pro (me) will be arguing that the phrase has been misused in society and is tossed around too much while the Con side can argue that the word is used correctly and is correctly applied to each scenario I bring.The definition of racism is: prejudice, discrimination, or antago...

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Donald Trump's "Muslim Ban" is unconstitutional.


Donald Trump's "Muslim Ban" is unconstitutional. It is hard to debate that this is not unconstitutional. Our founding father based this nation on the freedom of religion, so why is a religion being singled out and "banned" from entering our country? Many people will argue that most terrorist attacks are carried out by Muslims, but that is simply not true. How could this possibly not be unconstitutional? The fact that anyone is being banned based on any similar trait is unconstitutional....

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Obama was a good president


I have yet to find the words to describe the overwhelming sense of satisfaction I felt on Nov. 4, 2008 when Obama won the popular vote by 53 percent. With tears in my eyes, and joy in my heart, I stood alongside people of color across the nation as we celebrated America"s first inauguration of a black president. As a young black man, I felt a true sense of patriotism as I witnessed our country rally together to show, finally, that we are more concerned about who is the most qualified man for the...

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does mature games cause violence


so who cares if a child plays a violent video game and decides hey you know what ill just go and do that. it is the parents fault...

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Evolution vs Creationism


This debate is a discussion arguing whether the theory of Evolution or Creationism is the cause of our origins.I, pro, will be arguing that humans were created through evolution, while con argues for creationism.Rounds:R1) Acceptance...

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Richie is a weinie


Richie has a weinie therfore he is a weinie, his head is shaped like a weinie too...

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Is the Bible against women's rights?


The Bible has multiple quotes against the rights of women. In my opinion, it is a pretty outdated book reflecting the ideologies and philosophies of society during that era. Some quotes from the Bible which reflect this: 1) "You shall not covet your neighbor"s house. You shall not covet your neighbor"s wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor." Exodus 20:17 - Neither men nor women should be considered anyone's properties by any mean...

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Evolution should be taught in public schools


First round is for acceptance and definitions though definitions can be placed and clarified in the second round as well but none else. Second round for arguments only. Third round for rebuttals only. Fourth round is for counter-rebuttals and concluding statements. Evolution-the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth. Theory-a coherent group of propositions formulated to explai...

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Gay marriage should be illegal.


1. It Is Not Marriage Calling something marriage does not make it marriage. Marriage has always been a covenant between a man and a woman which is by its nature ordered toward the procreation and education of children and the unity and well being of the spouses. The promoters of same-sex "marriage" propose something entirely different. They propose the union between two men or two women. This denies the self-evident biological, physiological, and psychological differences between men and w...

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Deism vs Theism


Looking for a debate about which is more rationale toward the existence of God: deism or theism. I will be in the position of pro deism. Deism is defined as the belief in God based on your personal observations of nature or the cosmos. It rejects holy books and divine intervention. Theism is defined as the belief in God based on divine revelation (holy books), divine intervention, miracles, and God being active in the world. The 1st round is the acceptance round and further defining y...

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