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As a student who hates homework I find it strange that I am all for tests. Homework is unfair because not all students have the proper setting to complete assignments but all students should be able to pass exams so long as they participate in class activities during school. I believe grades should be based off only tests to be more fair to all students....

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Islam is a religion of violence


People quote various verses of The Holy Quran which are parts of a whole statement. Taking these verses out of context they manipulate the translation which then makes a complete different sense....

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We should keep out illegal immagrants and secure our border


I believe that illegal immigrants should be kept out of our country. They hurt our economy and are an overall bad thing for us. I know that they are just trying to get a better life, but what makes them better then the people that are doing the same thing, except that they are waiting in line? The illegal immigrants just cheat and budge ahead of everyone. They don't pay taxes, and they get to be on our welfare system. This overpowers the balance between people who pay taxes, and people who don't...

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I deserve to win this debate


First Round Is for acceptance Pro must prove that I deserve to Win this debate, while I must prove that I deserve to lose....

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Hitting a girl is okay in self defense


Minimum debates needed to accept is 5 to help prevent forfeits.There are idiots on this site who think it's okay for a guy to hit a girl in self defense. I'm under the impression that it's okay for a girl to hit a guy in self defense but not visa versa. BOP should be shared for this type of debate. Pro is arguing that it's okay for a man to hit a woman in self defense. I will be arguing that it's not okay for a man to hit a woman in self defense.The exception to this woul...

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Is the Bible entirely true?


If you want additional rounds, please comment or send me a message. Please do not forfeit. I want to debate this not because I actually believe what I am writing, but because I am a Christian and I am struggling and I am not sure if I am a true Christian or not. I have doubts about whether God is real of not. Please use sources. Thanks! I look forward to a great debate. After this debate ends I will take the Pro side. Thanks to everyone who commented (You guys started the debate without me!!...

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Islam Is Not Only a Peaceful Religion, but a Reasonable Religion


This debate is going to contest the popular Western perspective that Islam is a violent religion, and moreover an unreasonable religion. In support of that view will be Con, and in denouncement of that view will be Pro. This debate will presuppose the following items of interest:1. Anticipating already the tons of demographics concerning the recent violence of the Middle East and of countries yet more east, I would like all to please be aware that it is not enough to...

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That the User Known as RoyLatham Should be Awarded with (At least) One Free Win


The resolution is easy to understand. "That the User Known as RoyLatham Should be Awarded with (At least) One Free Win", as stated above, is the resolution. Round one acceptance. BoP is shared.RoyLatham:"A free win": One free conditionless victory added to the list of RoyLatham's victories, with the addition of some elo of course. No semantic arguments, neither trolling. ...

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TT2 Expert Final: U.S. militia groups pose a greater threat to our national security than do FTOs


First and foremost, I'd like to congratulate bsh1 on making it this far in the tournament. Much as he has achieved this before, and even won before, I think it's a massive achievement with all of the fantastic competition we've had. Second, I am again honored to be debating a venerated veteran of the site. I have a lot of respect for bsh1 and his debating prowess, something I know he'll bring in spades to this debate. I hope I am up to the challenge, but most importantly, no matter how this ends...

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DDD's 30th debate: Physical Education SHOULD be a requirement in schools


INTRODUCTIONl can’t believe it has been 30 debates! Anyways, On to the debate! The resolution is “Physical Education should be a requirement in schools” I am pro, or for this resolution. IMPORTANT THING...

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