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The United States Ought to Ban Firearms


Resolution: "The United States ought to ban firearms for citizens" This will be a rematch of this debate [] "Ban" means to officially prohibit. The first round is acceptance, no new arguments in the final round. Tajshar2k is an awesome guy, this ought to be a good debate. Peace and Love...

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DEBATE 500: Business Discrimination


* Debate 500 *I'd like to thank my esteemed opponent, lannan13, for accepting this debate. This will be my 500th debate on DDO as well as his 500th debate!Full Resolution: Places of business should be permitted to deny service to anyone.I will begin my arguments in Round 2. I look forward to a really interesting discussion....

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Both Christanity and Islam encourage excessive cruelty to animals.


More and more I am seeing little use for either of these religions in modern day. Perhaps in a past era these ideas were necessary to survive. Yet, with no evidence of God I am beginning to question a religion who claims a supreme being created these morals, yet is very cruel to animals. I think it is well known about the Christian capitalistic factory farms. The old testament Kosher slaughtering of animals. That Christians can morally use animals for food, clothing, and experim...

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Rap Battle


Just look at me bitch, this aint no fuckin glitch, today I'm not a nice guy, want to punch you with my fist, Used to cost a late night fee but fuc it this one's free, I just want you to see you got nothing on me. I fck bitches, give them riches, make em feel like their in love, Bet you wishes, for one missus, but at night you have to rub. Feel free to try and beat me, not one has yet, Why? you will see, and then never forget....

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Is the Bible against women's rights?


The Bible has multiple quotes against the rights of women. In my opinion, it is a pretty outdated book reflecting the ideologies and philosophies of society during that era. Some quotes from the Bible which reflect this: 1) "You shall not covet your neighbor"s house. You shall not covet your neighbor"s wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor." Exodus 20:17 - Neither men nor women should be considered anyone's properties by any mean...

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It is better to be an Optimist than a Pessimist


Introduction Many thanks to UtherPenguin for accepting this debate on behalf of bsh1's Unique Topics tournament. I'm happy that we chose a more philosophical concept, and I look forward to discussing it with my opponent. I will begin my arguments in Round 2. An optimist is a person with a positive outlook on life. A pessimist is a person with a negative outlook on life. Dispos...

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Mankind Is the Main Cause of Global Warming


You asked to accept this.Full ResolutionI will be arguing that mankind is the main cause of global warming. We will not be arguing if global warming exists or not, it will be assumed that it does; only if global warming has an anthropogenic cause.BoP is shared.DefinitionsMankind: "The human race; human beings collectively without reference to sex; humankind."[1]Main: "Chief in size, ext...

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Are video games overpriced?


Video games are fun, and I do play them myself, but when I see my cash going away, most of the time 59.99 USD, for a disk with software on it, I realize that, dang, I am paying a lot for this. I know not all video games have that 59.99 price tag, but the majority of them do. Gear nuke says,"The average gamer in the US spends around $80 on video games per year, this can include packaged content in the form of console or PC games and Digital content in the form of full game purchases, DLC and...

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Animal Rights


Hello. I am doing several debates on the Big Issues. This is my third. The topic for this debate is animal rights. Should we give animals rights? That is what we will discuss in this debate. For the first round, I will explain the rules and my opponent will accept. I am for animal rights while my opponent is against animal rights. For the second round, I will place arguments and my opponent will provide a counter-framework. For the third round, my opponent and I will rebut the arguments placed i...

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The swearing filter on DDO should be removed


I will argue that there should be no restrictions on what words we can use on DDO. First round is acceptance.Resolution: "The swearing filter on DDO should be removed."I am Pro, airmax1227 is Con. I accept the burden of proof. I don't need to set a ton of rules, because having a list of rules longer than anyone cares to read is silly, and I want this debate to be straightforward.This is my first step towards helping DDO. I think there are lots of problems...

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