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(Pro) Atheistic evolution vs creationism (con)


(Pro) Atheistic evolution vs creationism (con) Atheist evolution vs Creationism. I will take the atheist evolution point of view, my opponent the creationism side. Definition of Creationism via wikipedia. "Creationism From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "Creationism" can also refer to creation myths, or to a concept about the origin of the soul. Creation science refers to the pseudoscientific movement in the United States.[1] Creationism is the religious belief that the univer...

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Is the local sheriff using Excessive Force on the Dakota Pipeline Protesters?


Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier: "My Job Is To Enforce The Law" Sunday night: police used tear gas, rubber bullets and large water hoses in sub-freezing weather. Organizers said at least 17 protesters were taken to the hospital. Wednesday: Anyone delivering supplies to oil pipeline protesters in North Dakota could face fines, the local sheriff"s office warns. Is it against the law to supply water, tear gas antidote, and food to protesters? Nov. 30 2016 weather is currently 40-mil...

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The United States congress should be dismantled and replaced with a direct democratic voting system


Basically, the system would be that the people themselves would be the law-makers. There would still be a president, and (s)he would be the commander-in-chief and can veto legislation brought out by the people, who then still need a 2/3 majority to surpass the president's veto. The supreme court would still exist and can declare things unconstitutional as they do now. Basically it would work the same as it does now, just we are replacing congress with the people. Round 1: Acceptance Round 2...

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Videogames are a good thing


Videogames aren't as bad as people may see them. For starters, it seems that videogames are always the scapegoat for the blame when something happens. This also goes for people who find videogames to be a waste of time, or to those who find videogames (insert obscure statement here)....

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Developing countries should publish birth control policy


"Most of the world"s population growth over the next century will be in Africa and Asia; in the other continents the population growth has already ceased." ----- Christa Brelsford Nowadays, we always face the population problem. As we can see, population problem keeps happening in developing countries. Population bomb bring lots of problems to developing country, for example, resources lack, slow economic development, education faultiness, etc. In this debate, I want to argue about population...

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Debate: Churches ought to pay taxes


Full resolution: Churches ought to pay taxesThe debate is impossible to accept, apply in the comments if you are interested and I will send the challenge to the applicant of my choosing. First round is acceptance only. No new arguments in the final round. Kritiks aren't allowed. Taxes on churches would mean regular property taxes and commercial income taxes. Basically they lose their tax exempt status....

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Resolved: The United States ought to limit qualified immunity for police officers.


Just accept the debate whenever you're ready... The first round of the debate is acceptance only and no new arguments in the final round. Kritiks are not allowed. qualified immunity is the status of certain government officials, in this case police officers, in which lawsuits regarding civil damage when the official is on duty and performing their duty are dismissed as long as they qualify certain criteria. The criteria that a policeman would have to meet would be that their conduct does n...

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God Supports Cannibalism, Infancticide and Genocide


This is a result of an exchange that took place in the comments section of this debate: Clarifications: - I am against this resolution, RealSpassky will be for it. - The God talked about here is the God as described in the Bible. - The Bible will be the only reliable source of evidence for the character of God. Rules: - Round 1 will be acceptance and restate...

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Choose the Topic debate!!!


This will be a short topic, with 3 rounds and 6000 characters for each. My opponent needs to give 5 topics, not so serious, and I will choose one in round 2, and make my arguments. Then my opponent makes his arguments, then I make my rebuttals and conclusion, and my opponent makes his rebuttal and conclusion, not defense. ...

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Should abortion be legal


Abortion should not be legal because its killing a real living humans , people from left might say that the women should get to choose if want to abort a baby or not. This is completely untrue, for example if your a mom/dad with a kid just because your "own" them does not mean you get to kill them for your own convenience. I do believe a abortion would be appropriate if the baby affected the mothers health....

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