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I passionately disagree with Communism and if you disagree with me, let's debate! This is a topic that I love to debate. Definition: Communism- a theory or system of social organization in which all property is owned by the community and each person contributes and receives according to their ability and needs. - google definition Here are all of my sources that will reinforce my stats and facts that I will be using during the debate.

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Donald Trump's child rape case allegations are credible.


The new child rape allegations against Donald Trump are credible. First and foremost the plaintiff has an witness. [0] Donald Trump has been accused by his ex-wife, Ivana of raping her. Jill Harth accused Trump of sexual assault. Selina Scott accused Trump of stalking her.Top this off with Trump being an overt misogynist. Since misogyny and sexual assault are linked, Trump is at more likely to commit sexual assault. [1]"“The first reason, and this is...

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Should abortion be legal, and if so, is it moral?


In this debate, I, the instigator, will be arguing that abortion should be legal (in all counties), and that it is moral to have an abortion. For the purposes of the argument, let's define abortion as "the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy". Good luck to whomever may accept this challenge :) Opening argument- Many people state that abortion is killing an inncoent person. While that is true, it does not entail that therefore abortion isn't moral. The fetus's right to live, does not e...

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Piano Battle


Welcome everybody to our debate! Before we begin, there are few things I'd like to say. First, a big thank you to my amazing opponent Diqiucun_Cunmin not only for this debate but for being such a great person in general. During my short time here on this site, you have not only given me great advice on how to improve my debating skills but also helped me to improve my French ;) I would also like to thank our wonderful adjudicators for agreeing to give up their free time to listen and to ju...

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Gun ownership: Individual Right or Collective Right?


The question is, in the United States, is it an individual right to keep and bear arms or is it solely a right held by those that serve in the states' militias? Pro will argue that it is an individual right, con will argue that it is a collective right. Individual Right: Is a right held by individual people. Collective Right: Is a right held by group members, this case in the militia....

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Gays can't reproduce so they must be recruiting.


My stance is that gays are born, can reproduce, and are not recruiting. I'm not sure what the opposing side is stating on this. I think there is some scientific explanation for Gays, though I'm not sure never bother to look into the topic. Burden of proof is 51% on Pro. Thanks for the debate....

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Debating is good for you!


My first debate on here! As many people try to stay away from politics and science, their will to debate has decreased. This is a problem, since debating has many good effects on people, such as: -It gets people to think critically. -Debate can challenge bias. -You can meet many cool people by debating. -Debate can encourage positive action. And many more. I don't know why anyone who dislikes debate would be on this website, but I'd like to hear the standpoint of anyone who dislikes it,...

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God is Irrelevant in Today's Life


Many of the religious debates are about the existence of God. I counter that God is irrelevant. Science has mapped out the origins of our universe and even have evidence about what came before it. God is not needed for life in the twenty-first century. I would like to hear from someone on the Con position, but only if we can keep the debate calm and professional....

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Should humans cure Zika at the cost of mosquito's extinction?


As of right now, humans are treated as the priority. No matter how you might think of animals as an equal - You put yourself first. As of today, Zika is killing, and ruining lives of children, and it's only getting worse. The extinction of mosquito can quite cause turmoil in the ecosystem, but it's nothing a creature can't adapt to over time. I believe if Zika can be eliminated along with the mosquitos, then it's worth it....

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You Choose the Resolution!


==Introduction==If you're willing to accept the debate, you must present a minimum of five resolutions from which I'll pick the one that is most appealing to me. I'll also choose the position I'll be arguing on; despite the fact that I'm listed as con. The opposition cannot use any definitions, frameworks, introductory statements, or sources when presenting his / or her resolutions. After I've chosen the topic, the debate will begin.

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