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Australia doesn't exist.


There's no proof that Australia exists. For all I know it's made up. It's just fake information being shown on the news with a bunch of rehearsed stuff about australian animals that may not even exist. Is this some sort of twisted hoax?...

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Is a Capitalist government beneficial for the nation in the long run?


This issue is controversial and I am willing to debate on it, as I need answers. A Capitalist government envisages enormous amounts of economic growth but will eventually turn out to be a struggle for the middlemen and the poor to live due to the increase in the price of basic commodities. Capitalism is like providing the field with fertilizers, You might reap a bounty crop in a short period of time. But, continuous use would mean stripping the field of it's nutritive value. Handling a nation...

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Telivision is the main cause of violence in youth


these days all t.v. shows are filled with such scenes that teach the present young generation yo resort to violence at every step. the main reason for the same is the special mindset of many children and youth that inspire them to follow people like action heroes and role models like Martin Luther and Mahatma Gandhi are now a thing in past. present generation blindly follow their role models keeping aside the very fact of what's needed and what's not. blindly following salman khan and his pictur...

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You Choose The Resolution!


Introduction Whoever accepts should offer three debate topics in the first round. I will chose one of those three, and we'll debate it starting in round two. Con may offer No resolutional analysis, framework, definitions or arguments in round one. Nothing may be posted aside from Con's three resolutions and a short Greeting. It will be my right to interpret the resolutions the way I want to, and Con should not violate my right to interpret these resolutions by offering additional...

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Valve is the best games developer


In my opinion, valve is the best video games developer. Con must choose a single developer which they believe does most things or even all things better.Round 1. Acceptance and stating developerRound 2. Listing pros of your dev and cons of the opp's devRound 3. Rebuttal Round 4. Further rebuttal, either against points forgotten or left out by text capacity, or against Round 3....

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THBT denial of rights of an individual can be made only if it infringes upon the rights of another.


I think that a person's right should be denied only if it infringes upon the rights of another and not when it causes harm to those who exercise the rights themselves.Like smoking should only be banned if it affects others(like passive smokers). But a person should be allowed to smoke if they want in private without affecting others...

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Euthanasia should be legalised


First round is for acceptance. Second round are the opening statements with no rebuttals. Third round is for further arguments and rebuttals. Fourth round will then be rebuttals of the previous round while the final round is for closing statements....

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A T-65 X-Wing (Star Wars) could defeat the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D (Star Trek)


Just as stated, I will argue that a T-65 X-Wing would defeat the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 in combat. First round is for acceptance....

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Song OFF


How this will work. Each person will pick a song they like for that specific genre. The voters will determine who has the best songs. This is how the judging will work. Award each person a point for each round they win. If a person wins 3 rounds, award that person the win. If the rounds are tied 2/2 , you determine it on a on balance basis. Meaning who had the best songs all around. Round 1. Acceptance Round 2. Classic Rock Round 3. Modern RMB Round 4. Jazz Round 5. Modern Music in gener...

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Ronald Reagan was a better President than Barack Obama


In this debate, I will argue that President Ronald Reagan was a better than President Barack Obama in terms of policy. No trolling or semantics. Structure: Round 1: Acceptance only Round 2: Opening arguments Round 3: Rebuttals/refutations Round 4: Defend arguments Round 5: Final rebuttals/defenses + conclusion Failure to follow structure will result in automatic DQ. First user to forfeit gets a DQ. If one user cannot debate the other, then this must be discussed between the two for an...

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