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Should we ban abortion or should we give a chance for a woman to make her own choice?


In this discussion I want to bring up a topic about abortion. Nowadays this issue is still controversial and there are many people, who support and who clamor against this medical intervention. As for me I have nothing against this procedure and I believe that today in modern world every woman should have her own choice. There exist a huge number of cases, when abortion should be legalized and before I list these cases I want to note that in the early stages of pregnancy the embryo does not...

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Feminism should end.


Feminism should end. Feminism, at the beginning, was good and it actual supported topics that were important, like women's right to vote. Now, it has turned into almost a cult and a man hating group. They see the world as if men are supposed to bow down to women. Like women get special treatment....

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The Problem of Evil fails


I would like to argue that the Problem of Evil fails. I am looking for someone to defend the view that the Problem of Evil shows there is no God. Problem of Evil: 1) God is all knowing, so knows of evil 2) God is all powerful, so could stop evil 3) God is all good, so would stop evil 4) So, if God exists, there is no evil 5) Evil Exists 6) So, there is no God I will define evil as gratuitous human suffering, but the debater may define evil how they want. My initial reply to the p...

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Smoking law-it's just a tax grab


I have given up trying to get a half competent response to this. It's the usual 'You smoke, so you wear it" type answer. I strongly believe the government is using this as a cash cow, tax, forget the basics of offering rehab. Smokers don't qualify for some reason. Government argues that smokers are responsible for all the costs associated with nicotine addiction. I think I would be better off getting high from illegal narcs. I would get help with rehab then no problem. Smokers cannot. Before y...

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christ never stated one damn word about being gay nor transgender.


Rules: Give the "why" christians should hate gays/ homosexuals. In order for you to accept this debate, you MUST be a christian and follow the bible implicitly. (Pro) christ never stated one damn word about being gay nor transgender. Since that is all for the (Pro) side, I will be taking the (Con) side. Yet strangely christians and only christians like packs of wolves and the whooping cough are against being gay/ transgender. And they also have the $$$$$ to back them. Otherwise being gay/ tr...

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Is the universe a white hole?


PLS HELP! From the info I have found on the web a was wondering IS the universe a white-hole. This is my reasoning, The univerce (big bang) started when something was compressed in to a infintly small point and exploded. In theory, A white hole is a black hole that has collapsed and now shoots out the matter that it has collected. (I found that on the web). Since (also from the web) the universe has a event horizon, and is always expanding at a rate too fast to comprehend. I was wondering is th...

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Vaccination with the MMR vaccine should be mandatory


I'd like to start by thanking my opponent, Smooosh, for challenging me to this debate. Looking forward to a solid debate. This round is just for acceptance from him. Smooosh, if you have any concerns about the way this debate is structured, send me a PM and we can iron them out. I'll start with some housekeeping. Some basic definitions: Vaccine: a preparation of killed microorganisms, living attenuated organisms, or living fully virulent organisms that is administered to produce or a...

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Mandatory euthanasia for people older than 55


Hello and welcome to my debate on whether old people should be euthanized (killed) or not. Of course, this will be an easy victory for me but I wish Con the best of luck....

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The Bible is sexist.


Hi all! I know this has been debated before, but I think the topic is interesting enough to bring back again. I will be arguing that the Bible, Old Testament and New, shuns women and portrays them as completely inferior to men. My opponent must argue against this and convince me that the Word of God states males and females to be equal.Rounds:Round 1 - acceptance (no arguments in Round 1, please!)Round 2 - opening argumentsRound 3 - defense and rebuttalRo...

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Is Tech Good or Bad?


You learn multiplication, long division, cube roots, ratios, and more in math, right? Grammar, spelling, and reading in language arts too, it seems. But how does that serve a purpose is tech spoils it? Example number 1: What's the purpose of learning a new technique or strategy if you, or anyone else owns a calculator? In my opinion, calculators stop the human mind from pushing itself to the fullest. What's the point of math class, if in the future you have a calculator do it for you? That's...

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