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Human Personhood Begins at and by Human Conception (fertilization)


This debate will focus on the (U.S.) LEGAL requirements for personhood. I am taking the PRO side of the debate as I will argue that our laws should and to some extent already do recognize the fact that human 'personhood' begins at conception. My opponent will be taking the position of Con and will try to argue that personhood does not and or should not begin at conception. This debate is significant in that our Constitution under the 'equal protections' clause o...

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Can Intelligence exist before matter?


I would like to articulate a point rarely touched upon when discussing the existence God and if it's logical or not. Can intelligence exist before matter? If there was a person born who couldn't feel, smell, taste, hear or see they would have nothing to think about, I mean what could that person think about? They've experienced nothing. They have had no experience involving matter. Now imagine an intelligence with senses working, but no matter, what would that intelligence have to thi...

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This House believes that abortion is morally permissible.


This is in case UnitedAndy wishes to debate this resolution for the Jury debating tournament. The resolution is as it stands. The resolution itself is:This House believes that abortion is morally permissible.I'll wait for my opponent to accept. Thank you....

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DDO Members Union (Pro) vs. DDO Revolution Party (Con)


The Members Union (AKA DDO Members Union) is an organization that was founded on March 1, 2014. It was formerly known as the Troll Hunting Society, but after an hour or two of its existence its name was changed to the current name. The Union was inspired by Jifpop's "DDO Revolution Party," but it is an entirely separate organization. Anybody, regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, and political stances, may join the Union simply by saying they wish to join. The DDO Mem...

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RESOLVED: The phrase "Equal Opportunity" refers to probability, not possibility.


By accepting this debate, the following definitions are also accepted as part of the resolution.(adj) equal (having the same quantity, value, or measure as another) opportunity (a possibility due to a favorable combination of circumstances)

The US should not recognize the results of the latest Nicarguan election.


Resolved, the government of the United States of America should not recognize the recent election results in Nicaragua. Namely the election of Daniel Ortega. First round acceptance; rounds 2 & 3 arguments....

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The Geneis account of Creation should be read literally


I contend that the wording of Genesis within the context of the Bible does not allow for the Day Age Theory, the Gap Theory, or the Framework Hypothesis. For the purposes of this debate, I ask that scientific arguments be kept to a minimum. By this I mean that I do not wish to delve into a debate on carbon dating, the big bang, how to explain distant starlight, etc. I wish to stick to the Bible, its wording, and whether or not we can interpret the Creation week as anything other than 24 days...

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Society's Acceptance of Homosexuality is a Slippery Slope


I'll let you go first. However, before we begin I'd like to say what I think was responsible for the emergence of the GLBT movement. It had to do mostly with the sexual liberation movement of the 1960s and 1970s, but it also had to do with Loving v. Virginia, which caused interracial marriage to be legalized in the United States. Yes, that is right: the legalization of interracial marriage had a role to play in today's Gay Marriage. I am not against interracial marriage, but in this case it...

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Sweatshops are ethical


I would like to thank my opponent for taking this debate. Contention 1: It improves lives Sweatshops don't cause harm. They provide better job options than the average job in these third-world countries [1]. They are also voluntary contracts between the employer and the employee. Nobody is forcing them to take these jobs. Now, the source mentions a possiblity of the Chinese government forcing people to work in sweatshops. If this is true, then these are not the core idea of sweatshops, and t...

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My chances of finding a girlfriend are likely less that than of my peers.


My argument is simple, the chances of my finding a girlfriend, or a 'partner' (EG, mutual interest with a girl) is less than that of my peers. I will allow at least one round for question / answer session if my opponent chooses to do so. I reserve the right to refuse to answer especially personal or embarrassing questions. For some BG info.... * I am 19 years old * I am a male * I am heterosexual * I have a strong desire for a girlfriend * I have had one girlfriend * We didn't tou...

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