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The Existence of God


By God, I mean a classical theistic conception of God. An omnipotent, omniscient, perfectly good God. Not a specific God, of course, just a being with these 'attributes.' I'd ask that devient.genie use round 1 for acceptance of the debate, so that I can begin my case in round 2....

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it is not wrong for catholics to vote for a prochoice president, in this political climate


by catholic church standards, it is not wrong for a catholic to vote for a prochoice president, in this political climate the pope said a person shouldn't vote for prochoice politicians unless a proportionate reason exists to vote for them. this could include not just bigger genocides, but also the idea that voting on the issue of abortion likely wont change abortion. prolife presidents get elected, but not much changes. there's not enough people who are prolife to justify keeping voting on t...

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The earth is a spherical shape.


Pro, please provide proof that the earth is not flat. Bop is on pro. Proof must not depend on the first assumption that it is a sphere. Proof must be reprovable with common sense and everyday observations and experimentation recorded anyway. Any media publicly available is useable. Sources can include anything until the opposition proves them unreliable recources, or the claim is false. I hope pro accepts this debate, I feel this is the most important conspiracy. It proves the bible t...

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DDO Tier Tournament 2-Flat Earth Theory vs Spherical Earth Theory


Pro will be providing evidence for Flat Earth Theory. Con will be provided evidence of a round Earth. The debate should be determined by preponderance of evidence.There are to be no semantics with the terms round Earth or flat Earth. Neither round Earth theory or Flat Earth theory doubt topographical differences.First round is for acceptance. P.s. Romanii wanted me to add this. Round earth theory doesn't necessarily mean a perfect sphere. Just like flat Earth theory wo...

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Are femenists just blowing air through their lips? Are feminists just women who hate men?


No. Just no. When people point out injustices or things they see as unfair, I believe it is completely unfair to just point out and say that they are trying to be victims. I know from personal experience that sexism still exists today in America, and I don't hate men. I proclaim myself as a young feminist, but I don't hate the male gender. And the behavior of some men towards women is appalling....

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DDO Rap Tourney Finals: omelet vs. theLwerd

Danielle O M E L E T An alien to your skillet, just like my name was ET You wanna be me But when you close your eyes, you cry, cuz you know you won't defeat me O M E L E T I'm bubbling in a skillet, picture it in 3-D And when you see me Now you just close your eyes, you cry, and know you'll never beat me Which is pretty fucing sad, cuz I'm an egg Well maybe a bit more, but I'll break your fucing leg And what I said, I meant that in a literal sen...

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Same-sex marriage should be federally legal in the USA.


***** "legal" definition: of, based on, or concerned with the law ***** I first begin my argument with a religious pretext. The following are citations from the US Constitution. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." -First Amendment "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." -Tenth Amendmen...

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The Kalam Cosmological Argument is unsound


Thanks to Mr. Travieso for agreeing to debate this topic with me! I look forward to an interesting exchange :)1. First round for acceptance2. No new arguments in the final round3. By accepting the debate, Con agrees to use the following definitionsKalam Cosmological Argument- An argument for the existence of a deistic God that is generally framed as followsP1: Anything which begins to exist...

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Zaradi's Prized Tournament: Animal Rights


PrefaceThis is the Semi-Final round of Zaradi's Prize Debate Tournament. I want to extend my thanks to Zaradi for hosting and for being magnanimous enough to attach a prize to this tournament. I also want to thank 16k--it may have taken us awhile to agree on a topic (and by "awhile" I mean eons...), but we got here nonetheless :)This is a judge-only, "select winner" debate. The judges are Raisor, Dalt, Endark, BV, Cermank, Wylted, Bluesteel, Thett, Z...

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Evolution is based on a Lie.


Should be an easy debate. Atheist have been using evolution as a crutch for who knows how long! I say Evolution is a Lie because they used an ADULT in their Model, which is inherently impossible. Everyone knows life on Earth did not form as adults of each species! Invariably then they would have formed as newborn of each species! PROBLEM: They'd been dead in a week, no possibility that a Newborn COULD SURVIVE much less to ADULTHOOD without an Adult to feed, water and protect them in a hars...

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