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Videos for People is the best Youtube channel


Videos for people is a highly underrated YouTube channel. It only has 3 subscribers and some of his videos only have one view. And yet, he keeps making the videos, even though nobody watches them. He is incredibly perseverant. the channel is so underrated that, oftentimes, when you search for one of his videos, nothing will come up. I know about this channel. It's little MS paint drawings put together in a slideshow fashion. There are stick figures and stuff, and they do little comedic sketch...

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Roblox is Dying and Should Retire Its Servers


Roblox is an old washed up website that is controlled by organized programmers with a monopoly on plays and likes stifling creativity and competition. It is becoming ripe with hacking and exploiting. Its user base is largely younger and immature creating toxic playing environments. The company is obsessed with Builder Club memberships and in game purchases. It relies solely on add revenue and VIP memberships to stay alive....

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Rap Battle


Many thanks in advance to Mikal for this challenge. This will be a rap battle of 3 rounds each. I will start in Round 2, and allow Mikal to use R1 for introductions and to set the terms. I am prepared to do a traditional diss rap battle, or rap on particular subjects/topics for Con to specify in R1 - I'll leave it up to him. The winner should be determined by considering the battle in its entirety. Lyrical eloquence, witticisms, articulation, disses and overall presentation...

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I can out insult anyone, via flame war


I possess a mastery in the fine craft of crap talking. I can out insult anyone, there is indeed no man who can withstand my relentless barrage of words that attack the soul like how a rusty jagged edged dagger stabs a heart. I'm like flee ridden psychopathic rabie infested wolverine that just wants to devour and destroy any form of contention. How can I make such claims? Instead of a sissyfied debate that men with manginas oftentimes engage in, I challenge con to a verbal flame war where I wi...

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Star Wars is better then Harry Potter


Star Wars is better than hp in multiple ways, but hp Is the same way around. According to many facts, there are many more that makes SW better. I would love to post a great argument on why I'm right....

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The rapversity


With all these groups forming like the Leben, Brotherhood and NHK, I decided to join the party as well. The Rapversity is a group where we can do rap battles (rap) and discuss the big topics of any kind. ("Di"versity) The name consists of a few puns because I like good humor and we are all a big city (DiverCITY) and we can take any stance on the big topics as we want however, the group has to agree on a majority stance. No need to edit profile pics, just put the text that you are in the Rapve...

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Primary age students should not be allowed to access social media.


Primary age students should not be allowed to access social media. YES OR NO...

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Disney making star wars old canon legends


Why did Disney have to basically make most of canon work into complete legends? Of course George Lucas said it was not COMPLETLY canon, it was an expanded universe which still had some impact. But now, we can not really come up with new ideas to expand to the wonderful universe of Star Wars. We also cannot make new speculations of upcoming movies into comics....

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Silver Surfer (Pro) vs. Superman (Con)


Con will start arguing in Round 1 and waive the final round. Con and I cannot form new arguments in the final round, (my opponent's last round would be Round 2) only rebuttals and conclusions.I will be taking the position of Pro, demonstrating that Silver Surfer would win in a match against Superman. My opponent will be taking the position of Con, defending the claim that Superman would win in a match against Silver Surfer.

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The US vs China (war game debate)


This debate is an attempt at arm-chair general skills. In this contest, we will war-game a hypothetical scenario in which the United States fights a "Total War" with the republic of China. Both sides are confident of an eventual US Victory, so the object is not to argue from the standpoint of battlefield victory. The Scenario The war game will include the following assumptions. In all c...

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