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Should cursing be banned from music?


Okay my first debate so go easy on me. In mainstream music I've noticed more and more songs are using curse words. For example I heard middle school kids singing "Bandz a Make Her Dance" with no censorship on it. I ask, is it worth it? What's the point in it? Younger people have more and more access to songs like this through Youtube, Facebook, or even itunes. People could start using the vulgar slang in the songs. Maybe put a restriction on explicit music untill the age of sixteen. Like the ask...

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The world would benefit if Pokemon existed


I believe the world would benefit if Pokemon were to come to the real world. Definitions: Benefit; Having more Pros than Cons about Pokemon existing in our world. Pokemon; Pokemon ["Pocket Monsters"] are creatures from a popular video game, and cartoon, franchise created by Nintendo and Game Freak. Exist; Having objective being in our world. Rules: 1: Round 1 is acceptance only. No arguments may be posted this round, or else you will lose. 2: No kritiks, trolling, insults, etc...

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Who is the biigest fool? Part 2


Okay so this is part 2 of "who is the biggest fool" debate. The way this works is that both debaters have to command each other to do certain actions, that the other person must fulfill. Rules: 1. Let's keep this debate rated PG. Nothing raunchy or disgusting. 2. Nothing physically impossible. 3. A forfeit or improperly performing an action results in a loss. 4. This is a video debate so all challenges are performed on video. Good luck to whoever accepts this debate! My opponent goes...

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The US vs China (war game debate)


This debate is an attempt at arm-chair general skills. In this contest, we will war-game a hypothetical scenario in which the United States fights a "Total War" with the republic of China. Both sides are confident of an eventual US Victory, so the object is not to argue from the standpoint of battlefield victory. The Scenario The war game will include the following assumptions. In all c...

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Whitebeard vs. Madara


Full Resolution – Whitebeard (Edward Newgate) would probably beat Madara Uchiha in a fight. As Pro, I affirm the resolution and will argue that it is more probable that Whitebeard would win in a fight against Madara Uchiha. Rules: 1. Both characters will be at full health and will have no injuries at the start of the fight. 2. Madara will not be in...

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Do Video Games effect children negatively?


No. I am a huge gamer. I don't have any bad effects in me....

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Resolved: In a fight without prior preparation, Batman would certainly defeat Spider-Man.


If Batman and Spider-Man were to fight, Spider-Man would beat the living daylights out of Batman. First, Spider-Man has superhuman abilities. Batman is an Olympic level human in terms of physical attributes. Clearly, Spider-Man is superior in this regard. Second, Spider-Man has the advantage in terms of intellect. Whereas Batman abuses his billions of dollars to buy fancy gadgets, Spider-Man actually creates his sophisticated devices (while using an extremely limited amount of resources) w...

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The CIS was more justified


I have chosen my opponent and the topic is that the CIS was more justified than the republic in the clone wars. Rules 1. Standard DDO rules 2. I wouldn't count sidious as an argument as he was the leader f both sides and in my opinion the same exact result in the end would happen if sidious favored the CIS more. 3. justified- having done for a legitimate reason 4. I am going to say Bane's rule of two happened because otherwise I haven't seen an apprentice master line to lead to sidious...

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Ben Affleck is the best Batman ever


He uses guns and I prefer my heros to be strong supporters of the second amendment....

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Epic Rap Battles of History Personas : (pro)Ajab vs (con)Progressive Dem


Thett3 is ajab and starts it off. He will pass the last round to even out the rounds and start following this. Lego typing anything other than "Pass" in the last round results in a concession This is a no vote debate with me and thett3...

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