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You Choose The Resolution!


= Introduction = Whoever accepts should offer three different debate topics in the first round. I will chose one of those three, and we'll debate it starting in round two. Con may offer No resolutional analysis, framework, definitions or arguments in round one. Nothing may be posted aside from Con's three resolutions and a short Greeting. It will be my right to interpret the resolutions the way I want to, and Con should not violate my right to interpret these resolutions by offeri...

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Venom vs Wolverine


This argument is on Venom vs Wolverine First round is acceptance to the challenge The rest are the debate stages...

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It is possible to draw a four-sided triangle


Please note the rules of this debate and that it's a single round. A four sided triangle cannot be drawn because it's logically impossible to do so. A triangle only has three sides by definition so allowing four sides would no longer be a triangle. It's the same reason why the primary color blue cannot also be pink and still considered a primary shade of blue....

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David Tenant was the best Doctor


PLEASE NOTE: I have made this debate impossible to accept. If you have any queries or requests prior to accepting, LEAVE A COMMENT. If you are content with the rules as they stand and wish to debate this topic, PM ME if you meet the criteria, listed below. Criteria 1. You must be knowledgeable about Doctor Who. 2. You must have completed AT LEAST THREE serious* debates. 3. You must have won AT LEAST ONE of these debates. *Casual, satirical or humourous debates will b...

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The bishop is superior to the knight.


This resolution is one that has been of much interest to me since first starting Chess, and is as follows: "The bishop is superior to the knight."Rules and stipulations:1) First round is acceptance only (the following rounds are to be used by each debator as he/she pleases).2) No semantics.3) The burden of proof here is shared. It's not enough to merely refute my claims and show that both pieces may be e...

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Men have easier life than women


Ladies and gentlemen - have you ever wondered whether your gender brings you more benefits than the other one? In this debate, I will show you that to be born as a man means easier life than to be born as a woman. Are you interested? Go on - I am proving you this in three main arguments: Definitions: "easier life" = "life with less troubles" Arguments: 1. Men have easier life than women because they don't have to stand as much pain as women do Firstly, we have to realize that men don'...

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Superman can beat batman in a fair fight


As the title says Superman can beat batman in a fair fight Good luck and have fun to my opponent...

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violent video games should be banned


1. it desensitizes kids' sense of life and others lives 2. it is a direct insult to all men who serve in the army because as the person in the army are fighting in the army to serve their country and you are sitting on your couch laughing when someone dies 3. it leads a path to getting a gun to kill people and show off to friends 4. violent video games ratings have gone up, and so have shootings and gun related killings 5. violent games can only do bad and cant do good so what is the point o...

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should power ranger be removed


Power rangers. It used to be good, and one of my favorite shows. Now it's just a mess. The characters look like they are made out of recycled milk cartons, the plot is literally the exact same every single time, and it's just. Not. Good. Kids today are growing up today after watching this garbage thinking "eh, power rangers, nahhhhh," while if they were watching some of the older series they would think it's great. so because the producers can't think of anything new or good, kids are missing a...

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God is Black*****


بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم I bear witness that the Blackman and Blackwoman are God in its Supreme Condensation. And Therefore, the Fathers and Mothers of all events following لا إِلَهَ إِلا الل&#...

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