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Dog Fighting


Dog fighting is a disgusting act where people throw dogs, usually pit bulls and other muscular dogs, into a pit where they are forced to fight to death or near death. The dogs are abused, starved and even killed. Also other crimes are involved in dog fighting like, drugs, illegal gambling, alcohol and even murder. Some children are even exposed to this!! This is a torturous "sport" and I don't see how anyone could do this to a living creature....

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Propaganda against Islam is being running by media. don't you feel you hate Islam because of media?


Media can offer exciting news that can be used to convince audience of certain opinion without even audience recognizing it. Over time, ideas and thoughts are being planted secretly so people can be controlled. people cannot see the truth behind the differences that different parties have, which is that they work for common and only true purpose, that is we should fight any idea that is different, any idea or believe that threaten or contradict with US government and laws or what so called "demo...

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The media is liberally biased


The words liberal and conservative can mean a lot of things, so to keep things simple I'll define the terms. The terms are negotiable before accepting, but not afterwords. Since traditionally liberals are pro government and want more of it Wilde fine them as "pro establishment" and the conservatives being against government would be called "anti establishment". Definitions Liberal-Pro-establishment Conservative- Anti-establishment. ------------------ This is a split BOP debate. Co...

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Trayvon Martin would still have died if White.


Full Resolution:Troll Debate: Assuming the absolute guilt of George Zimmerman, and the absolute innocence of Trayvon Martin; with the same precipitating chain of events (both still present etc.) Martin would still be dead even if Caucasian

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Is Christine O'Donnell A Witch?


During the 2010 U.S. Senate special election in Delaware, Christian O’Donnell released this hypnotically mesmerizing video: claims not to be a witch. This is exactly what a witch would say, as not to arouse suspicion. To which, I will be arguing that Christine O’Donnell is a witch.First, who is Christine O’ Donnell? Well, she’s an...

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Ecstasy should be downgraded to a class B drug


Professor David Nutt recently recommended that Ecstasy should be downgraded from a class A to a class B drug. I am FOR this. And I shall allow my opponent to start the argument. I am not arguing that ecstasy should be legalised and that its not harmful....

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The United States should not provide aid to Japan


The United States should not provide aid to Japan for the following 3 reasons. 1) Japan has the economy and financial means to help itself. 2) America does not have the financial means to help Japan. 3) The recent disasters are not that bad. I await my opponents arguments and rebuttals...

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Fox News is the most unreliable News Station.


My argument is that Fox News is the most unreliable news station. I will now face my opponent. Rules are: 1. No foul language 2. And no getting information from unreliable sources (Ex. Fox News)......

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Resolved, that English should be made the official language of the United States


Language may be the most important aspect to assimilating into a society. When a member of a community cannot understand the lingua franca, that will prevent them from becoming a productive citizen and will alienate everybody else. We currently see many people (about 15 million), mostly immigrants, in the United States who cannot even speak English, and that completely shuts them out from interacting with born Americans. It is estimated that 322 languages are actively spoken in the United States...

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Newspapers are Outdated


It is always said that what is old is gold. So I would like to start my debate by saying that No Newspapers are not outdated as there are many advantages of using newspapers. And if a person is not using a newspapers to update himself then he/she will be using any device to do so, such as television, internet, smartphone, etc.But I believe that newspapers are the best option to get yourself updated and the reasons are:-1)IN TERMS OF COST <...

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