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Ronald Reagan was a better President than Barack Obama


In this debate, I will argue that President Ronald Reagan was a better than President Barack Obama in terms of policy. No trolling or semantics. Structure: Round 1: Acceptance only Round 2: Opening arguments Round 3: Rebuttals/refutations Round 4: Defend arguments Round 5: Final rebuttals/defenses + conclusion Failure to follow structure will result in automatic DQ. First user to forfeit gets a DQ. If one user cannot debate the other, then this must be discussed between the two for an...

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The Sea of Japan should be named "East Sea"


First round is to accept; there are three rounds for debating. Please use sources and please DO NOT FORFEIT. Good luck!!!...

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Should Kashmir be an Independent Country ??


Imagine Kashmir as a seperate Country instead of being with India. It will be amazing for India , without spending massive amounts on the the state which doesn't want be with India anyway. Since that's what Most Kashmiris want lets give it to them. India has nothing to lose without Kashmir . So lets cut them loose and and let them be a Separate Country...

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Is Government Necessary?


Is Government necessary? The answer to that question is no. People are independent beings that can hold their own weight and do not need to listen to others to be told what they need to do in life. Government to most is a "necessity" and to others it is a power that some want to abolish. Why waste time to listen to people complain that they don"t like elected officials? Government is not needed and there are many things to show why....

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Hamas is more at fault for the current suffering of Palestinians than Israel.


I have already posted this debate but it was screwed up so I made minor changes to who can accept this debate. I said Hamas in the title and that is the focus but this also includes other terrorists like them such as whoever was responsible for the murder of the three Israeli teens. By current I mean in the last few months. Just to be clear it is still permitted to bring up an occurrence before if it is relevant. Other than that I think the title says it all but I will define fault. Fault- R...

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Resolved: Hitler vs Justin Bieber


After doing thorough research I have failed to find a single debate that addresses the issue of who is more evil, Hitler or Justin Bieber? This is an issue that millions of people ask themselves every day, and it is apalling that this topic has not been debated here on DDO. After making this discovery I realized that as the head troll of the site it is my sworn duty to bring this legendary debate ready to happen into fruition, and I will be...

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Hamas has no right to shoot rockets into Israel.


The first round of this debate will be accepting your agrument. Pro side is arguing that Hamas has no right to shoot rockets into Israel, and the Con side will be arguing that Hamas does indeed have a right to shoot rockets into Israel.Express your interest in this debate in the comment section. I shall choose a opponent.First Round! Start by Accepting your premise!...

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The US Should Have Better Gun Control


I believe that the lack of gun control in the Unites States is a serious danger to the public, in nations with full gun control the homicide rate, armed robbery rate, and suicide rates are much lower. First Round is for acceptance Second Round is for initial arguments & rebuttals Third Round is for further arguments & rebuttals Fourth Round is final rebuttals & concluding statements only, no new arguments...

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Trolling is just a label, a name calling kind of thing.


Most debaters are trolls, unless they are debating an inconsequential issue with humor or another featherweight issue. Trolling is normal with whoever takes a side as someone on the other side of serious issues will have an emotional response even if the instigator dumbs it down with PC language. I am proud to troll, but calling me a troll is insulting, however offensive and stupid the anti troll's beliefs are. Calling someone a troll is a defense mechanism, it is basically saying that the troll...

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Assault weapons should be banned.


Before I begin, I would like to clarify that the opponent may not just rely on the right to bear arms, but must explain why the should have that right. I will now proceed to my argument. Contention 1: America no longer has the need to protect itself from a tyrannical government, one of the original purposes of the second amendments. Contention 2: There is no practical use for assault weapons. Contention 3: Gun Control effectively reduces the amount of gun violence....

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