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The United States Should Legalize All Recreational Drugs


Welcome! This will be a debate on whether or not all recreational drugs should be legalized. Con must not have less than 3 debates completed and must have knowledge that he or she will be able to complete the entire debate without worry. If you wish to accept this debate, then say so in the comments.Burden of Proof will be shared. I must prove that drugs should be legalized and my opponent must prove that they should stay banned.The debate wil...

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Drones Should be Permitted in War


Drone warfare should be permitted because it gets the job done well. Drones such as the MQ-1 Predator and the MQ-9 Reaper have performed very well in wars like Afghanistan and Iraq. Drones have helped the military immensely and will continue to aid the war effort. Thank you....

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looking at someone for more than 10 seconds should be considered rape


looking at someone for more than, at the most, 10 seconds should be considered rape. The reason is because it is discusting to look for any longer. People in fact have no reason to look at eachother at all. remaining eye contact is even worse than looking upon someone. looking into peoples eyes should be illeagal, and infact is in most intelligent countries....

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On Balance, authoritarianism cannot ever be justified


"On Balance, an Authoritarian State Cannot Ever Be Justified" Def.Authoritarianism-Total state control over all wakes of lifeDebate Formate:Rnd 1. AcceptanceRnd 2. ArgumentsRnd 3,4-RebuttalsRnd 5. Counter Rebuttals, Conclusion End ...

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Quebec should pursue independence from Canada


Quebec independence has in recent months increasingly come under scrutiny as a viable political option for the people of Quebec. This is in large part to the recent massive defeat of the main pro-sovereignty party of Quebec, the PQ, as well as polls showing that the movement is increasingly being abandoned by younger Quebecois. The question can be raised as to whether this movement is viable as a political option. I hope to explore with my opponent the pros and cons of this move...

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The US should hire death squads to root out terrorists


My opponent must argue that the US needs death squads to kill, capture, and torture terrorists that live among us. Good luck, and I hope to have a great debate!

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America is not free.


America has less than 5% of the world's population but over 25% of the world's prisoners. When you add in detainees, that balloons to a third of the world's prisoners and when you look at those on parole and probation it balloons to over half of all the world's prisoners. Out of all the places in the world, the state of Georgia has the worst incarceration rate. In Georgia, 1 out of every 13 people are in prison, on parole, or on probation. Out of the entire world, the American south profits the...

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Gun control works


My contention will be that gun control is demonstrably effective in reducing the incidence of homicide and that there are precedents for effective gun control which illustrate its effectiveness. These are ignored by gun proponents because it doesn't suit their purpose, and instead of looking at facts, they produce anecdotes and hypothetical scenarios where a gun would help them defend themselves. I will argue that these are hypothetical in nature and have a significant motivation behind the...

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United States-Mexico Border Fence


In this debate, I will argue that the United States-Mexico Border Fence should not exist.I will state my reasons in a few basic sentences: Nations should be allied, not at political war. We should assist illegal immigrants and grant them an opportunity for citizenship, not deport them. We do not need a border fence. We need diplomacy. A fence is irrelevant and won't positively i...

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Resolved: Hitler vs Justin Bieber


After doing thorough research I have failed to find a single debate that addresses the issue of who is more evil, Hitler or Justin Bieber? This is an issue that millions of people ask themselves every day, and it is apalling that this topic has not been debated here on DDO. After making this discovery I realized that as the head troll of the site it is my sworn duty to bring this legendary debate ready to happen into fruition, and I will be...

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