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United States-Mexico Border Fence


In this debate, I will argue that the United States-Mexico Border Fence should not exist.I will state my reasons in a few basic sentences: Nations should be allied, not at political war. We should assist illegal immigrants and grant them an opportunity for citizenship, not deport them. We do not need a border fence. We need diplomacy. A fence is irrelevant and won't positively i...

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The States are Sovereign. That is why they're called States


This is my first Debate. In order to get a feel for this site I've decided to start my first debate with something that I've studied for years and am deeply intrigued by. On July 4 1776, Thirteen Colonies declared Sovereign Statehood and broke away from their oppressive government. Shortly after winning their war for secession they enacted the Articles of Confederation which, not only reinforced their Individual Sovereignty, prevented the creation of another oppressive Central Government. Ov...

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American public schools should not lead recitations of the current Pledge of Allegiance.


Hello everyone. My case is that public schools should not lead recitations of the Pledge of Allegiance as it currently reads. What this essentially means is that schools should not have teachers or administrators leading group recitations of the Pledge, as is often seen in the status quo at the begininning of the school day. Note that this does not preclude students from personally and independently reciting the Pledge on school property. Round 1: Acceptance and...

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This is what ALL rules should look like, instead of robotic format:


An example for philosophy forums I wrote: "When discussing your ideas, we insist that you express your emotions (happy or angry) so that we can work with these ideas on a personal level. However, it is important that we discuss ideas over identities; embracing identities while discussing ideas. Think with your mind; color your words with your heart. The people here understand that we all need to express these emotions... it's a natural side of humanity. We would never want to prevent anyone f...

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The U.S. ought to Privatize Amtrak


R1: Definitions and AcceptanceR2: Arguments and RebuttalsR3: Rebuttals and Conclusions*No semantics*No original arguments last round*No forfeiting-----A violation of any of these three rules is an automatic forfeiture of all points.Amtrak Subsidies: Amtrak is a railroad corporation which receives approximately $1.5 billion in federal subsidies every...

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The US should hire death squads to root out terrorists


My opponent must argue that the US needs death squads to kill, capture, and torture terrorists that live among us. Good luck, and I hope to have a great debate!

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Gun control works


My contention will be that gun control is demonstrably effective in reducing the incidence of homicide and that there are precedents for effective gun control which illustrate its effectiveness. These are ignored by gun proponents because it doesn't suit their purpose, and instead of looking at facts, they produce anecdotes and hypothetical scenarios where a gun would help them defend themselves. I will argue that these are hypothetical in nature and have a significant motivation behind the...

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America is not free.


America has less than 5% of the world's population but over 25% of the world's prisoners. When you add in detainees, that balloons to a third of the world's prisoners and when you look at those on parole and probation it balloons to over half of all the world's prisoners. Out of all the places in the world, the state of Georgia has the worst incarceration rate. In Georgia, 1 out of every 13 people are in prison, on parole, or on probation. Out of the entire world, the American south profits the...

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The US Should Have Better Gun Control


I believe that the lack of gun control in the Unites States is a serious danger to the public, in nations with full gun control the homicide rate, armed robbery rate, and suicide rates are much lower. First Round is for acceptance Second Round is for initial arguments & rebuttals Third Round is for further arguments & rebuttals Fourth Round is final rebuttals & concluding statements only, no new arguments...

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Should the United States of America join the Commonwealth realms?


The Royalist Tea Party and the user @Jifpop09 have agreed that our last debate was awful, so we both have agreed to start another debate. The user @Jifpop09 has agreed to not use Google Docs or anything outside debate.org. The user @Jifpop09 has agreed to be kind and respectful this time. The user @Jifpop09 has agreed to actually debate this with us. We thank the user @Jifpop09 for taking responsibility, we don't really see that here on debate.org. Before we begin, we just want to say w...

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