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3rd DDO Census Debate: Gun Ban


The Resolution:The USFG Should Ban Private Ownership of Firearms.Summary:As the US homicide rate continues to concern citizens, and guns continue to be the weapon of choice, the topic of Gun Control has become a talking point of all the US. Some, however, believe the very ownership of firearms causes homicides, no many the c...

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The United States defense budget should be decreased by at least $100 billion a year


Structure of debate: Round 1: acceptance, outline of your position Round 2: Main arguments Round 3: Rebuttals Round 4: Conclusion/reasons why you believe you won. Alternatively, if con wishes, they may start their argument in round 1, but you must waive round 4 to keep the arguments even. If you choose to do that, here's what that structure would be for you: Round 1: Main argument Round 2: Rebuttal Round 3: Conclusion/reasons you believe you won Round 4: Waive this round by saying...

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Should Rex Tillerson be the Secretary of State?


Why in the world should the American people support the CEO of ExxonMobil to be Secretary of State. He has no political experience and has ties to Vladimir Putin....

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Solitary Confinement Use Should be Reduced and Elimanted


I believe that solitary confinement should be phased out of prisons within the United States and eventually eliminated in its current form. Terms:Solitary confinement (or segregation)- placing an inmate within an isolated cell for a period longer than 72 hours for either protection of the inmate, protection of other inmates/the prison, or as a means of punishment. Current Form- Isolated for 23 hours or more in a cell that generally is lit with artificial light...

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Do the post-election anti-Trump protestors respect Democracy?


I feel somewhat alone in watching thousands of people protesting against the US President Elect, Donald Trump, and thinking to myself "Why isn't anybody - particularly the media - pointing out how unacceptable this is?" I consider that the anti-Trump protestors are protesting against Democracy at least as much, if not more-so, than they are protesting against Trump. Incidentally, I didn't vote for Trump; I'm British, so I'm about 240 years too late to have any say in what America does. Hop...

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Abortion is murder


Abortion is murder of a human life. Women have full control of there bodies and have the choice of not having unprotected sex...

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Should the us have responsibility in aid and resolve conflicts abroad in different countries.


Before i begin my speech i would like to say this speech is for fun and if you make lets say a round mistake its okay its just to start a good debate just to see how my opponent will feel on this problem. We have our own problems, and no one else is helping us with them. There are people right here at home that are homeless, poor, starving, unemployed and dying that need help. Since the resources that the government is giving away to other countries is collect by American citizens from Americ...

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Restrictions on tobacco marketing in the US should be repealed.


The most famous measure to restrict tobacco advertising in the US was the Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act, which banned the advertising of cigarettes on television and radio. More recently new restrictions have come out against tobacco advertising. To quote the FDA's website:"The FDA issued a final rule containing a broad set of federal requirements...

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Gun Control


Gun control is a completely unnecessary and near-idiotic idea promoted by the current left wing politicians, both in office domestically, and abroad. In the wake of the shooting of a gay bar in Orlando, it is necessary for members of LGBTQ to take action, and to take the responsibility of defending themselves into their own hands. Already, groups have been formed nationwide dedicated to this idea. Not only should members of the LGBTQ community defend themselves, but the general American public s...

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Assisted suicide should be illegal.


"Assisted suicide" refers to "the act of deliberately assisting another person to kill themselves." == A Definitional Note ==The term "assisted suicide" is something of a misnomer. There's no crime called "assisted suicide." I do not argue a legal penalty for patients who seek help in dying. The crime at issue is assisting suicide, and it's targeted solely at those who help another commit suicide. The legal right sought by proponents is...

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