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Taxes are the best way to lower the national debt


Guidelines for Debate Round 1- Acceptance and arguments for con Round 2- Arguments for pro, rebuttals for con Round 3- Rebuttals for pro, con responds to rebuttals Round 4- Pro respond to rebuttals, con doesn't do anything Burden of Proof Con- to give an alternative to taxes as the best way to lessen the national debt, and then prove that their plan is better than taxes. Pro- To prove taxes are a better plan to lessen the national debt than the cons plan. No trolling or vulgar language!...

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Should we allow a 5th phase of the keystone pipeline? (theoretical)


resolved: Those like the previous bill regarding the Keystone XL Pipeline should not pass through government sectors with the current state of regulation. definitions: Keystone XL Pipeline: A Crude Oil Pipeline stretching from Hardisty, Alberta, Canada to Cushing, Oklahoma, U.S.A and Patoka, Illinois, U.S.A with the capacity to carry 830,000 barrels a day The previous bill: H.R.5682 sponsored by Bill Cassidy with three republican cosponsors "To approve the Keystone XL pipeline's forth pha...

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The United States has a moral obligation to mitigate international conflicts.


My argument in this debate will rest on the concept of the value of innocent lives and the fact of their destruction inherent to international conflicts. As this is a values debate resolution, I will use a value to prove the resolution. Value: Innocent Life An innocent life, as I am using the term, is a non-combatant. An innocent life is not innocent of all wrongdoing, but rather, innocent in the conflict in question. My value criterion, the means by which the United S...

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There is no rational basis for banning gay marriage.


This is a short debate about gay marriage in the United States. I believe bans on gay marriage cannot be defended, even under rational basis review. When courts apply rational basis review, the question asked is whether the law at issue is rationally related to a legitimate government interest. This is the lowest level of judicial scrutiny. Thus, the issue up for debate is whether bans on gay marriage are rationally related to a legitimate government interest. This should give those against gay...

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Darren Wilson should not be charged with murderer.


First of all what happened on August 9 2014 was a tragedy. A young man lost his life before he had a chance to turn it around. I believe that Darren Wilson is innocent. Evidence shows that Wilson shot Brown at close range in the hand as Brown reached for his gun. Because if this injury Brown could not have had his hands up in surrender position meaning he was charging Wilson. Remember Dorion Jonson lied about Brown being shot in the back when 3 autopsies show he was shot in the front. Dorion i...

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Drug Legalization (Marijuana)


First round acceptance only. I will argue against drug legalization my opponent will argue for drug legalization....

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Nuclear Disarmament


Nuclear disarmament I believe is, unfortunately, an impossible dream that would never work in reality. Nuclear weapons are close to a seventy year old technology. They are not even terribly difficult to make. However, it is the material which is hard to obtain. I agree, a war free world would be great but, in order for that to happen every single last nuclear weapon must be destroyed. Considering there are over nineteen thousand nuclear warheads in the world today, and many are in the hands of d...

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A Duel Should Settle The Ukraine War


Hey everyone, I have a very good debate topic that I think everyone will enjoy and follow very closely in the days ahead. The Luhansk People's Republic leader-aka a separatist leader in eastern Ukraine in the ongoing war has proposed a solution to the conflict. He suggests that the Ukraine president duel him for the overall result of the conflict. The Ukraine president gets to choose the time, place, and weapon. The LPR leader is even willing to have it filmed on live TV to make sure it is a fai...

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Resolved: Russia would have lost WWII without Allied assistance


Could Russia have won World War 2 without the help from the Western Allies? Many people believe this is so, however I respectfully disagree.As to how assistance is defined: Both military and economic assistance, not one or the other. My opponent must attempt to prove that is is likely that the Russians would have defeated the Germans in World War 2 had the Western Allies not intervened (for example, UK signs a peace tr...

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On balance, people over 65 should not be able to vote in the United States political system


On balance, people over 65 should not be able to vote in the United States political system. Round 1 for con is acceptance Rounds 2-4: Arguments and rebuttals Round 5: Final Rebuttals and closing statements (no new arguments) 10,000 character limit 72 Hr. rounds Min elo of 2,000 to vote Select winner voting style this debate should be impossible to accept, comment if you are interested....

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