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Gay marriage should be legalised.


The first round is acceptance. the second round is opening the third is details and the last is conclusion. I will not tolerate any disregard for Homosexuals feeling or any other sort of abuse towards homosexuality. This argument is only to put across opinions that will not be taken offensively. Good Luck...

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United States-Mexico Border Fence


In this debate, I will argue that the United States-Mexico Border Fence should not exist.I will state my reasons in a few basic sentences: Nations should be allied, not at political war. We should assist illegal immigrants and grant them an opportunity for citizenship, not deport them. We do not need a border fence. We need diplomacy. A fence is irrelevant and won't positively i...

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USA should have more gun restrictions


the USA is pretty unique because of how pervasive our support of gun culture is (why nothing at all really passes, even something as simple as more background check restrictions, even after so many mass shootings), and guns themselves. we may not be like other countries that have done so much so successfully (perhaps even to the point that more gun access could reduce violence when 'good guys' have guns? not sure i'd go that far), but it's not to say they haven't had success. australia had a ma...

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Legalization of Gay Marriage


Resolved: The reasons to make same-sex marriage legal in the United States outweigh the reasons not to do so.(Note: This does not neccessarily refer to a specific jurisdiction within the United States, but rather any jurisdiction within the United States.)I have made this debate unacceptable for now, as I would like to ensure a good opponent. I have tried this debate a couple of times before and have had forfeits both times.

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Do wars help secure the average person, mind and body both?


When people feel like they need to begin a war, what are their motives? There could be many reasons why, but some examples could be: < New land to own < Merely conquering < Wanted resources found in the territory they want < To get rid of a certain race, religion, or belief < To save their country from any threats they fear < They hate the opponent < Etc. So, yes, there are more reasons, reasonable or not, for which a country or government would actually want to start a war. But how d...

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Resolved: Homosexual marriage should be legalized in all states within the United States of America


I would like to first state that I, in no way, dislike homosexuals. My feelings for them aren't for or against them as I truly see them as equal. I just have set beliefs about the institution of marriage and would enjoy a nice debate with another individual. I will be arguing Con for this debate. This is my first online debate, and as such I wish to defend the integrity of this debate from what I perceive to be the online equivalent of "Speed Readers" in formal debates. Therefore no less than...

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Official Debate: Should the United States became a Commonwealth realm?


Hello, officially it's the Royalist Tea Party here, it has came to our attention that some people on this site were pretending to be us, for years, starting debates, discrediting us, etc., so we feel conflicted and must make an official debate. We apologise for any inconvenience. I, the real Emily Molloy, am having our vice chairman, Matthew, take control of this debate. F...

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Should the United States of America join the Commonwealth realms?


The Royalist Tea Party and the user @Jifpop09 have agreed that our last debate was awful, so we both have agreed to start another debate. The user @Jifpop09 has agreed to not use Google Docs or anything outside debate.org. The user @Jifpop09 has agreed to be kind and respectful this time. The user @Jifpop09 has agreed to actually debate this with us. We thank the user @Jifpop09 for taking responsibility, we don't really see that here on debate.org. Before we begin, we just want to say w...

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The United States Should Legalize All Recreational Drugs


Welcome! This will be a debate on whether or not all recreational drugs should be legalized. Con must not have less than 3 debates completed and must have knowledge that he or she will be able to complete the entire debate without worry. If you wish to accept this debate, then say so in the comments.Burden of Proof will be shared. I must prove that drugs should be legalized and my opponent must prove that they should stay banned.The debate wil...

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Resolved: On balance, violence is a just response to political oppression


Hi whiteflame! Not sure if you forgot about this debate, that we talked about starting today. I'm not sure if you are busy are anything, so it's alright if you decline.The rounds will go as follows: Round 1 con: States rules Round 1 pro: Presents his case Round 2 con: Presents his case and rebuts to pro's case Round 2 pro: Rebuts to con's case Round 3: con: rebuts to pro's case Round 3: pro: Rebuts to con's case. Good Luck....

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