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Short jail sentences, rehabilitation sentences and capital punishment instead of todays system


I am for prisoners serving shorter prison sentences, rehabilitation programs and capital punishment. The context of the argument will be US prison system. US prisons are somewhat privatized today. They are run to be cheap, which results in bad living conditions, including the food, privacy and amount of guards there are to deal with the prisoners. The sentences in US are long, especially for non-violent drug offences and recidivism is high (around 70%). Also, US has the largest number of i...

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Is National Socialism better than Communism?


I think National Socialism is a better form of government than Communism...

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Resolved: The deployment of THAAD is in South Korea's best interest


Hey debaters, This is the public forum topic. I am currently a policy debater, but I decided to have a little fun and have a go on this topic. Rules: 1. Format Round 1: Acceptance Round 2: Constructives(no rebuttals) Round 3: Rebuttals/extensions Round 4: Summary Round 5: Final focus 2. No hate speech or abusive language The time limit between replies is 72 hours. If one side explicitly concedes or violates any of these terms, then all seven points will be awarded to the other. By...

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Trump should be president


Trump is going to be a strong leader and rebuild America...

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Resolved: Deployment of anti-missile systems is in South Korea"s best interest.


Hello this is the national public forum topic. I will go pro and affirm that deployment of anti-missle systems is in SK's best interest. SK- South Korea NK- North Korea ROK-Republic of Korea This really is a major issue today as NK is increasing its nuclear arsenal. I will present my case in this argument round. In a normal PF round, there would be no rebuttal in case presentation, but anything goes. Accept and present your case. Do your worst XD I affirm the resolution my sol...

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Russia attempted to sway the 2016 US presidential election


I will defend the statement that "Russia attempted to sway the 2016 US presidential election". No ridiculous interpretations or troll arguments....

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The Pardoning of Sheriff Joe Arpaio


Just to be clear: I am against this pardoningRules1.) No swearing, personal attacks, etc. this is common sense2.) No mentioning of Hillary Clinton, Obama, etc. (unless it DIRECTLY relates to your argument) stay on topic3.) For your "facts" use reliable links to back them up, if you do not have a source, your claim is immediately assumed to be false by me and the readers. I will call you out.

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On balance, a ban on civilian firearm ownership would be beneficial to the United States


DK and I have been planning to do this debate for a couple weeks now. Standard debate rules apply; first round for acceptance, no new arguments in the final round, no semantics, no trolling, etc. I doubt any of that will be a problem, here. A quick note on the resolution-- the debate will NOT be revolving around the implementation of a gun ban; it will be about whether or not the effects of a gun ban which has already been implemented are positive. I look forward to an excellent debate :D...

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There are no compelling arguments against same-sex marriage


The issue of same-sex marriage is one which divides not only the United States, but much of the Western world.[1] What is most remarkable about this matter is not the lack of agreement, but rather the lack of strong arguments against same-sex marriage. There are simply no compelling arguments (legal, political, or moral) against same-sex marriage. (While there may be religious arguments against it, I would prefer only to address arguments that do not assume a belief in the supernatural and/or th...

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Why California should secede from the Union


The presidential election caused some major uproar from the citizens of California including Hollywoods elites. The Liberals of California continue to yell "Not my president!" Even after a fair election riots break out continuously because they can't accept the fact that their nominee wasn't voted in. The state of California is no use to the other 49 states. All that state produces are Snowflakes and Liberals. If the state of California was to secede from the Union, the Union would benefit from...

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