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Hell is not a Bible teaching


Hell was adopted by apostate Christianity from Pagan teachings. Though the word itself appears in older translations of the Bible the meaning of the word has changed over time, and is either mistranslated or a misleading translation considering the changing of the meaning of the word. Definition of Hell: Eternal punishment of the immortal soul in a fire, often mistaken for the lake of fire....

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Is Jehovah a God of ruin and disaster?


According to the Strong's concordance Jehovah witnesses are worshiping a God who is disastrous and ruinous. My question to them is why are you continuing to give reverence to such a deity? This should be good!...

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Does God Exist?


My Argument is that it is more plausibly true than false that God exists....

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Prayer in Schools


"To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alieve without breathing" (Marin Luther King). Prayer should be allowed into schools. Prayer is voluntary to all students, and does not disturb others learning. Just as no teacher or student forces another to participate in a school sport, play, or club, no one forces another to pray. Also, America was founded on the idea of freedom of religion, and held many religious beliefs. Religion was a part of everyday life, and the choice c...

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The story of Noah's Ark is false.


There is no way to get animals from around the world to all collect in 1 location at the same time, without force, AND in male/female pairs. The Ark would not have been nearly large enough to house said animals. You could not have prevented the animals from eating or fighting with each other. There would have been no where to put food, water, or animal feces. There is no sign that a flood of that scale ever took place. How would certain animals (kangaroos, penguins) make the j...

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Is Islam a Dangerous Religion?


To begin, I would like to introduce what Islam actually is. Islam is a monotheistic faith regarded as revealed through Muhammad as the Prophet of Allah. Islam comes from the Arabic word meaning, 'aslama, which means 'submit to God'. In the current age, there are a population of 1.57 billion Muslims worldwide mostly found in North Africa, Middle East, as well as, Eastern and portions of South-Western Asia. The largest population of Muslims exists in Morocco with 99.9% of the population be...

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The Christian god exists and rules over the universe - read rules!


My opponent must be a Christian that believes in every word of the bible. They must construct one strong evidence-based argument that proves the existence of their god. If my opponent or I disagree with one another (which we most likely will) we must post a refute/defence. I will not post any points as to why being an atheist is best as we do not have the burden of proof. If my opponent agrees with me I win, if I agree with them they win, if we disagree the voters are suggested to look for any v...

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Christian rapper (me) vs. Jewish rapper Rap battle/debate


This will be a debate focusing on proving Jesus is the Jewish messiah. I as a Christian will argue for why Jesus is not only the messiah, but also God from the Scriptures. My opponent will argue for why Jesus is not the Jewish messiah and why he's not divine. There's a twist though, both of us will rap battle our arguments and the person with the best raps and arguments wins. Rules: Once you accept, you cannot forfeit any match, if you do, i get a vote. Other than that, there are no rul...

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The Problem of Evil (PoE) is sound


DefinitionsGod - By God, I mean an omnipotent, omniscient, wholly good, personal being who created the universe, and is (to a greater or lesser extent) active within the universe.Evil - Anything which in and of itself, rational creatures would universally seek to avoid, ceteris paribus. Examples of such things include suffering, pain, disability and death.The a...

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God cannot be proved or disproved with 100% certainty but I argue that God does not likely exist. There are several reasons why I believe this. One is that there is no way to measure, see, test, observe God, etc. Second is that it does not make sense why an all powerful god would want to create an imperfect human society whose life isnt even significantly long in the life time of the universe. Also, religion as a whole has mind washed so many people t believe that there is an "invisible man...

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