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Jesus is a God ?


I wanna Open This debate for Any one have a knowledge about christianity, And I Appeled for Christians to come with The almoste evidences to Prove that Jesus is a God. My Prove To say No, is in your Bible said , Mark (13, 32) : 'But of that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone.' . Normaly if you say that Jesus is a God , he have to know the day of judgment, Is not a sign of countradiction ?...

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The Problem of Evil (PoE) is sound


DefinitionsGod - By God, I mean an omnipotent, omniscient, wholly good, personal being who created the universe, and is (to a greater or lesser extent) active within the universe.Evil - Anything which in and of itself, rational creatures would universally seek to avoid, ceteris paribus. Examples of such things include suffering, pain, disability and death.The a...

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Religion is Helpful in our society.


Hello eloise and i thought this would be a nice debate about religion that i am quite familiar with maybe next time we will steer away from the path of Religion onto something else. I would first like to say that no it is not helpful in our society, why? Well it is almost harmful to our society the cliams that religion make against scientific progression and other things slow down science and the development of our society for example children being taught creationism in schools when it is fa...

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Traditional Marriage


Traditional Marriage vs Premarital Sex and the like Well, if an increase in unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted disease, divorce, and children born out of wedlock to uncommitted parents are the measure of success, I would prefer aspiring to the traditional standards of old. The message of "practice safe sex" has been a resounding failure. There is nothing safe or wholesome about sex outside of a marriage relationship. The intimacy shared between a man and woman in a committed relationshi...

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Papacy is Unbiblical


This debate challenge is for Catholics only.My debate challenge is this: PAPACY IS UN-BIBLICALRULESChurch fathers citation can be used but the primary source would be the Bible because we're dealing with first century Christianity. Round 1 Acceptance of the Debate Challenge by ConRound 2 Pro's argument.Round 3 Con's rebuttal and argumentsRound 4 Pro's rebuttal / Con's rebuttalRound 5 Final RemarksNOTES<...

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Life has more meaning without god


I will argue that without the belief in god, life has more meaning. It's up to my opponent if we will talk about the christian god or about god in general. I would like a serious debate, so if you want to accept, please leave a comment with your opinion on the topic. meaning = the end, purpose, or significance of something[1] Structure: Round 1: acceptance Round 2: arguments (no rebuttals) Round 3: rebuttals(no arguments) Round 4: additional arguments/rebuttals Round 5: conclusion...

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Islam is a violent religion


Nowadays in media the Islam is depicted as a violent religion which incites people to fight others and be intolerant. As a Muslim, I strongly disagree and would like to debate with someone who truly believes that the Islam is a violent religion.The rounds will be as follows:1. Introduction and initial arguments2. Response to opponents arguments3. Final response to opponent and conclusion.________________________________To truly analyse t...

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Gays should have the same rights as everyone else


I believe that all people gay, straight,lesbian,blue,purple it doesn't matter everyone should have the same rights and opportunities others have. This is because gay people are treated differently in many communities like the straight and religious communities. They always argue that homosexual people are not normal because they simply can not procreate. While this is true there are many straight people who can't procreate either, so because those people can't reproduce they should be treated le...

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Is religion a detriment to the advancement of the human race for all the issues it causes?


Let's keep this debate clean and well mannered. With that said just as the debate topic says is religion worth haveing as in do the con's outweigh the pros of religion. I well be taking the side of I think religion is a hindrance and detrimental to human progression. Obviously con well try to argue religion is a positive and does good for humanity. As I said let's keep this clean and nice I'm not here to offend everyone everyone has the right to there beliefs this is just to have a stimulating d...

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Should religion be taught in schools?


In nearly every country of this word, religion plays a major part in children's education. The question that arises is, should religion be taught in schools?...

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