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Atheism is a Lie


There are no rules in logical debates. The only rule is that you be logical. If you are illogical , or only want to discuss things based on a matter of your own opinion, please do not accept this debate. I present 3 constructs, in which i argue each is a logical truth on its own.. As well as my final conclusion. You can attempt to refute any part of my construct, definitions or logic. Just please do so logically. My resolution is "Atheism is a lie." Below is my logical argument suppor...

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Should atheists and agnostics be allowed to eat babies?


The act of eating babies has been practiced for many years to come, and us people do love the taste of baby tenders. But those Christians are against it. Should there be new rules and regulations about eating babies? Note: Please say that you accept this debate before we start....

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Gay Marriage should be allowed


Ok I am new so I don't really no the specifics of this website, but here's my opening argument: I believe we should allow gay marriage beacuse it doesn't affect straight people. I am Christian, I oppose gayness, but I am willing to let other people do it, beacuse it really doesn't affect me. Most Western countries have agreed to a seperation of church and state, so if God won't allow gay people into heaven, then that's not the governments job, the government shouldn't be responsible for playing...

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God? [Or Evolution]


I believe Evolution is scientifically incorrect, there are so many loopholes in it. Evolutionists believe God doesn't exist. They claim that science proves the Bible wrong, and everything happened by chance. Can you imagine that all this world, all this uniqueness of every living thing was "by chance?" There may be similarities between different animals, but that can also point to a single Creator, not just a single ancestor. There are so many problems with Evolution which haven't been solved ye...

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All Religious Bloodshed is Righteous if God Exists


Full Resolution:All bloodshed and violence that is enacted in modern times in the name of God (any theistic religious belief) is in full accordance with His will (righteous) and is, therefore, justified in this sense.To instantiate, even the horrific acts and endeavors of ISIS terrorists are justified. Note that only religiously motivated bloodshed and violence falls wi...

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God most likely exists


PrefaceThis is a debate on the existence of God, a topic I have not debated in quite awhile. Thus, I was pretty excited when Voice told me he was interested in debating the topic with me. The debate has advisers for both sides. Voice's advisers are 21MolonLabe [] and ColeTrain []. My advisers are n7 [] and BlueDreams [].The debat...

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God does not Exist


Does God exist? I, Socrates, will argue in the negative in regard to the statement "God does not exist", meaning I will be arguing for the existence of a non-specific deity, although I may choose to argue for the existence of more specific deities suited to specific religions, if it should benefit my argument. My opponent, whomsoever that shall be, will argue in the positive in regard to the aforementioned statement, meaning he will be arguing that our Universe exists without a deity. This...

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There Is No Academic Support for the Claim that Christianity Is Purely Emotional, Not Intellectual


(This argument will focusing solely on Christianity, not religion in general.)First off, it must be stated that there are some who call themselves Christians, although in reality they are "Christian" only for the positive emotions it gives them to feel "religious." However, this is not true Christianity; true Christianity is based on an understanding of one's sinful state, of God's enduring love for all humanity, and of Christ Jesus' sacrifice to pay for that sin. It is...

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The Problem of Evil (PoE) is sound


DefinitionsGod - By God, I mean an omnipotent, omniscient, wholly good, personal being who created the universe, and is (to a greater or lesser extent) active within the universe.Evil - Anything which in and of itself, rational creatures would universally seek to avoid, ceteris paribus. Examples of such things include suffering, pain, disability and death.The a...

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The Biblical Adam and Eve were real people


I will be arguing that it is scientifically, logically, and historically impossible that the Biblical Adam and Eve ever existed in the real world. Pro must argue not only that Adam and Eve are historical, non-fictional figures, but that the accounts of their lives outlined in Genesis are completely accurate. Therefore, the BoP is shared by Pro and Con.Definitions:Adam - according to the Book of Genesis, the first man, created from dust by God.Eve - according to...

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