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Resolved: God Exists


*This debate is closed. Please leave a message in the comments to apply.*IntroductionThis debate is about the existence of a monotheistic God. If you wish to accept this debate, please leave a message in t...

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Do you think god exists?


I don't think so, there's no proof and it sounds very nonsensical....

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The existence of god


I don"t think god exists. Prove me wrong....

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All places of worship need to fall, as no stone shall be upon another.


All religions and beliefs corrupt the foundations of there own place of worship as to become a governing rule. People break away and create there own governing force. Change the hierarchy of your churches and temples as Nature is not a happy camper or pull them down for the sake of the woman and child. Give the world back to the children ASAP. The modern worlds hierarchy continue to abuse humanities humane within a reward based religion or a belief. Going to heaven if your good or to hell if...

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Was Jesus Christ the son of God?


I've been currently reading 'The Case for Christ' by Lee Strobel, and have been thinking a lot about the evidence given. I would love to discuss these ideas with other people and hear the other side of the story. I'm sending this out to multiple people whom I've either seen debating the opposing side to this argument, or have debated in the past. You don't have to have read the book to argue this discussion- we'll be basing our debate solely on the question of Jesus' divinity. Over two thous...

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Religion vs LGBTQ in business


A look at the instances that businesses have denied sales to the LGBTQ community due to the owners religious beliefs. It is discrimination. I believe that business policy trumps religion as a business is intended to be a service to the public. Most employers and government jobs will not allow religion to interfere with your job, so how can a business owner feel they should enforce their beliefs on the paying public?...

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christ never stated one damn word about being gay nor transgender.


Rules: Give the "why" christians should hate gays/ homosexuals. In order for you to accept this debate, you MUST be a christian and follow the bible implicitly. (Pro) christ never stated one damn word about being gay nor transgender. Since that is all for the (Pro) side, I will be taking the (Con) side. Yet strangely christians and only christians like packs of wolves and the whooping cough are against being gay/ transgender. And they also have the $$$$$ to back them. Otherwise being gay/ tr...

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God does not exist. Prove your stance.


This debate is a remake, the original was accepted by an individual who has an inability to debate. I'm looking for a rational religious person to talk to. If you are not rational or have an I.Q of less than 80 then you should not accept this debate. Rules: 1. No Bible quotes are allowed as Bible quotes do not prove anything. 2. No insults. 3. State your views. 4. dsjpk5 is not allowed to vote on this debate, he a a known vote spammer and his votes don't mean jack. 5. This is meant to...

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Gingers are not real people


I profoundly believe that Gingers are not people, they reside in a sub section of humanity. I also believe that in order to seek a harmonious life alongside the 'ginges', the only rational way is to harvest the heat that radiates from their hair follicles. They also hate Andi Peters which is a criminal offence. VOTE SKETKIP Xxx...

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The Existence of God Can Be Proven


Can you prove the existence of God? For the purposes of this debate I will be arguing that you cannot prove or back up with sufficient evidence the claim that god(s) exist. 'Prove' will mean that the contender has backed up the claim that god(s) exist with enough evidence that the need for a creator has become a logical necessity. It will not be my job to prove to the contender that god(s) do not exist because the claim that god(s) exist is an unfa...

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