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should it be allowed to force kids into religion


some kids think differently and dont believe in these stupid ways to give false hopes and take peoples money some like me are athiest...

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Is Christianity true?


I believe Christianity is true because it seems the most plausible of any belief in existence (including atheism) and no one has yet convinced me otherwise....

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Should all Christian churches allow same-sex marriages and say they'll go to Heaven instead of Hell?


The boundary between Christianity and homosexuality has been a struggle for many years. I say we draw the line and make homosexuality an acceptable part of a Christian society and that homosexuals should have the right to be able to attend the house of worship and to pray to God and Jesus and sing the hymnals in a group of people without being discriminated or even beat up by others. In my opinion, all the Christian churches, including the Fundamentalist, Catholic, and Seventh-Day Adventist Chur...

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The Bible holds more virtue than any other book!


I am Pro/For that: The Bible holds more virtue than any other book! Rounds: 1. Acceptance 2. Arguement/Questions 3. Rebuttals/Answers 4. Rebuttals 5. Rebuttals/Conclusion Rules: 1. Opposition must provide the book they claim. 2. Debate must be respectful. 3. Debate must stay on topic (Both books) 4. Both sides must provide questions about the oppositions side. 5. All questions must be answered and explained. 6. Pro/For provides the resolution. I declare the Bible as my book!...

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Jesus Christ is the Savior of Man and Son of God


Welcome!I would like to debate an individual who disagrees with the debate topic (obviously). Here are my Clauses:1- The Trinitarian Nature of God was referenced in the O.T. because in multiple occasions, the Christian God referred to himself as "our", yet the Jewish peoples described him as being a single God.2- Jesus Christ's coming was foretold in the old testament, and his teachings are infallable3- Religions that do not accept Jesus Christ...

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Christianity is False


Topic: Christianity is False Disclaimer: Some people seem to confuse Christianity with theism. I am here to prove that Jesus is not God/The Son of God. I am not an atheist, and that is not the case I am fighting for. Round 1: Acceptance Only Round 2: Opening arguments (no rebuttals) Round 3: Rebuttals/Conclusions...

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Our World Would Be Better Off Without Religion


Just as a note, I would like to say that I believe in religious freedom. In no way am I saying that people should not be allowed to have their beliefs. It is only my opinion that we would be better off without religion. Our world would be so much more peaceful without the unnecessary conflicts religion has caused. To begin with, religion has instigated many wars in the past. Some religious persons just cannot seem to accept the fact that others do not have the same beliefs as them. They fin...

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I don't need to prove your religion is false you need to prove it is true.


I have no reason to believe that your god is real. There are so many different gods, and its not possible for all of them to be real but it is possible for none of them to be. faith is not a reason it is the suspension of reason so belief can be preserved. I'm asking for clear evidence for the existence of god because if you want others to believe your radical claims you require radical evidence. Bertrand Russell's teapot analogy illustrates this argument very well and it goes as follows "If...

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Why there is no god


There is no "god" or sets of "gods". This is a man-made concept that has withstood the test of time. I am willing to debate with anyone and am looking for a challenger to prove to me that god exists. The pre-disposition for many is that there must be a god because all of this wouldn't exist without one. This is where I leave an expert in the field Stephen Hawking to explain the self-designing universe, which in a nutshell, dictates that gravity created the universe. This can be thought of as...

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Objective Moral Values and Duties Show that God Exists


1. If God does not exist, objective moral values and duties do not exist. This is due to the grounding problem. If God doesn't exist, then there is no objective standard by which moral values can be established. Each of us (or each society) can choose its own moral code, and there is no "right" or "wrong" to it. Morality is merely a matter of preference (although that preference may be informed by evolutionary history, society, etc). 2. Objective moral values and duties do exist. Moral...

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