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should laptops be allowed at schools


I not only as a con but as a person who tried bringing his laptop for school. I saw who that everyone that had a laptop with them are enjoying their time while others are not and that is unfair. Students say that they bring their laptops for project while in truth there is no project they only want to play with it. It is also not good for saving information let"s say you have written everything from the teacher has said and you have solved your homework on it and suddenly you"re laptop shut down...

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Nuclear Energy


This is going to be a simple Pro Nuclear Energy vs Con Nuclear Energy. No specific resolution, just the broad subject of using nuclear energy. Burden of Proof - The BoP falls equally on both debaters to support and defend their arguments while refuting their opponent's. For example, Con can focus on negative effects to the environment, safety issues, or better alternatives rendering Nuclear obsolete, but Con cannot just disagree with everything Pro puts up (and vise versa). I will go ahead...

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Mac computers are better than PC's


Before starting my argument, let me clarify. By Mac computers, I mean computers with the Leopard or Snow Leopard operating system (10.5, 10.5.5, or 10.5.6). By PC's, I simply mean computers with Windows XP, Windows, Vista, or Windows 7. Also, I would like to thank my future opponent and wish him good luck. There are many advantages that Mac users can enjoy over PC users. Listed below are a few of them: 1. Macs are designed with "security in mind". Mac OSX is not affected by the myriad...

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Are electronics ruining the youth of America?


Electronics are ruining the youth of America, because when parents give into a child begging for an electronic, the child ends up ignoring their parent and spend all their time on their device. I know this because I have done this. I begged for one then once i got it, i started ignoring my parents, not doing my homework, getting into trouble at school etc.. Even though kids may need a cell phone to get ahold of their parent after extra curricular activities, it still causes distractions. No matt...

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are we real when we are online?


Whosoever answers this call to arms I must gladly say... Hi... First we must ask who we are online. The world is shrouded in illusion and social media is making it worse in some areas. We can be whoever we want to be... online. It's too easy to just say we are who we aren't in reality... But when we can't see the people judging, or them see us we can be whoever we want to be. Note to you debaters out there, this debate is 5,000 characters long (just warning you). I'm Jame...

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Halo V.S Call of duty


Hello i wanted to make a debate on why i think Halo is better than call of duty since the whole FPS hype is now high. This include every merchandise including games, novels, ECT and sales will not be used as an argument. Here are some of my reasons why i think halo is the superior franchise. 1. Narratives and storytelling. We can all agree that halo has the upper hand in storytelling, while call of duty has the basic idea of americans beating the crap out of everyone halo has its own...

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the best RPG to date


First off, I would like to thank ahead of time whoever accepts my debate. Second I would like to ask my opponent to state what game he thinks "beats" the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which I will put some links for information, and clarification. Third, this game must fit the description of "RPG" or Role-playing game, shown here: And lastly, this is only the accepting period, and the only thing my opponent should say is your counter-game. h...

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Reality TV does more good than harm


First some framework We would like to start with definitions Reality Tv- television programs in which real people are continuously filmed - Oxford Dictionary Standard Weighing Mechanism We would like to set the standard as society Since reality TV can either do good or harm society, we believe that the team that improves society should win today's debate With that said, we have a few main arguments 1. Economy Reality TV stimulates the economy The Reality TV industry produces a...

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Should cyberbullying be criminalized?


I would like to thank the person that accepts this debate, and good luck. "Sticks and stones may break my bones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." This old saying may have been true in the past, but however, in this new age of technology, words are more powerful than ever. Cyber bullying is defined as the act of tormenting, threatening, harassing, humiliating, embarrassing, or otherwise targeting someone by using the Internet, interactive and digital technologies, or cell phon...

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Video Debates should be allowed on


Video Response Round 1

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