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Should Children Have Cell Phones?


Should children have cell phones? What does it do for the child? Does having a cell phone benefit the child? Would the world be a better place if children had cell phones? Is it a privilege for children to carry cell phones?. The benefits of a cell phone isn't a privilege it is a support system to keep communication between family and child, for emergency needs. According to a rencent research survey done by Verizon, the average age a child recieves his or her first cell phone 11 in a half. Ver...

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Are video game restrictions in need of changing/updating (violence)


After all of the school shootings and gun tragedies, everyone is pointing fingers. Video games are taking a lot of heat, and I believe they are singled out (it's more than one thing that got us in this mess). Still I believe there should be a change in the rules and restrictions, age related mostly, to better this issue....

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The act of pirating copyrighted materials online should be legal


For this debate, I would like to take the argument that pirating copyrighted materials (music, movies, software, etc.) online should be legal in the U.S., and that the act of pirating materials should not lead to any form of legal punishment. For reference let us define the following: Pirating - to reproduce without authorization especially in infringement of copyright [1] Copyright - the exclusive legal right to reproduce, publish, sell, or distribute the matter and form of something (as...

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Lunix distributions are safer than windows distributions.


First, of all- Im Francisco Daniel and this is going to be my first english debate ever, so its gonna be hard to me, because my English is no that good, Thanks :). Many people say : 1. You can't get a virus on GNU/Linux OS. 2. Linux doesnt need Antivirus Software. 3. There is not Malware for Linux 4. Big companys use Linux because its safer. And many other stupid facts. Im not saying in any way that windows is safer then Linux or Linux safer than windows, im saying that Linux can...

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The Internet does more harm than good.


i am strongly agree that the Internet has caused more harm than good. This is because there have been many negative impacts caused by the Internet's facilities.The negative impacts are the large number of cases on cyberbullying which have led to deaths,game addiction and online predators....

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Manmade or natural? Which is better?


Manmade or natural?...

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Why Bidoof is the best Pokemon ever.


There are many pokemon in Pokemon games, but Bidoof is clearly the best. Bidoof is so strong that it is in the uber tier on smogon. This is why Bidoof is the best pokemon ever....

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Mac computers are better than PC's


Before starting my argument, let me clarify. By Mac computers, I mean computers with the Leopard or Snow Leopard operating system (10.5, 10.5.5, or 10.5.6). By PC's, I simply mean computers with Windows XP, Windows, Vista, or Windows 7. Also, I would like to thank my future opponent and wish him good luck. There are many advantages that Mac users can enjoy over PC users. Listed below are a few of them: 1. Macs are designed with "security in mind". Mac OSX is not affected by the myriad...

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Nuclear Energy


This is going to be a simple Pro Nuclear Energy vs Con Nuclear Energy. No specific resolution, just the broad subject of using nuclear energy. Burden of Proof - The BoP falls equally on both debaters to support and defend their arguments while refuting their opponent's. For example, Con can focus on negative effects to the environment, safety issues, or better alternatives rendering Nuclear obsolete, but Con cannot just disagree with everything Pro puts up (and vise versa). I will go ahead...

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Should Government and Companies be allowed to spy on YOU through webcams, cameras, etc?


The government should not be allowed to spy on consumers through their own personal webcams, cameras, or any other video and or audio streaming devices. We have the 4th amendment in place (which to most Americans should be help above any law since it is the law of the land) which requires a warrant to be issued before any search. I believe that this search also includes violating your privacy. They (Companies and Government) should not be permitted to snoop through your cameras to purposely catc...

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