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Should Gay Marriage be Banned?


I believe that gay marriage must be banned. Gay marriage is not necessarily considered a marriage, the reason why it isn't considered a marriage is because it's meant to be for a man and a woman in order for them to raise children together. Same sex marriage will give a bad effect on the child causing him to glean abnormal influences from his guardians. The second reason why gay marriage is meant to be banned, is because it's the violation of natural laws. This implies that gay marriage as w...

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Should Gay marriage be Legal?


Gay people love, just like everyone else! What's wrong with that!? God said not to judge, so if you're straight, who cares? Their life isn't your problem!...

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Gay Marriage


I will be arguing in favor of same sex marriage being legalized in the United States. These are my only rules: 1: Because this is the United States, where we pride ourselves on a separation of church and state, you cannot use religion in your argument. 2: Round one is for accepting the debate and nothing more. 3: Please refrain from mudslinging of any form. If any of those aren't respected I will ask that you forfeit a turn....

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Gay Marriage Should Be Allowed


I belive gay marriage should be alllowed for simple reasons. I myself am a heterosexual man, but I believe that every person has the right to live their lives as they see fit. Not allowing gay marriage is effectively infringing upon other people's lives, and not allowing them to be with the sex that brings them fullfillment. I understand that the Bible condemns homosexuality. Understand though, that the Bible was written when the Romans and Greeks, famous for their horrible sexual practices w...

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Gay Marriage


Since we are already debating another topic, I looked through your profile and saw we disagreed on this as well, and wish to challenge you to this debate. It will have five rounds. Round 1- Short Introduction to Both Sides Round 2- Arguments Rounds 3-5- Rebuttals While I would appreciate observing the spiritual side, I would like to keep main argument points purely secular. Spiritual arguments can play a part, but I don't want them to be the basis of our debate. My only definition to...

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Gay marriage.


Gay marriage should be illegal....

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reasons why gay marriage is wrong


Gay marriage is wrong for multiple reasons. The main reason is that it goes against the bible and the bible is how we should live our lives. Why do you "despise" people that feel that gay marriage is wrong. What if your family members were against gay marriage? Would you instantly despise them? God intended for marriage to be between man and woman. God told us to be fruitful and multiply. Last time i checked, you can't multiply when there is same sex marriage going on. That is a bad influence on...

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Gay marriage should be legal nationwide in the US!!!


Gay marriage should be legal nationwide here in the United States. Having illegal marriage is discrimination. Everyone is equal. People should be allowed to marry anyone they want to. If straight people can marry who ever they want, then gays should be able to marry who ever they want. The reason why so many people don't want gay marriage legalized is because it is against God. People get offended when they see same sex couples for that reason. Truth is, if you don't like it then don't be near t...

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Is gay marriage okay? Why?


I know that many people will come in and say it's against the bible, but it actually isn't. Many things that supposedly are against homosexuality in the bible are actually just grossly mistranslated due to hundreds of years of changing each word to be easier to read. In the original manuscript in Leviticus, it said that it was offensive, or Tovah. If it were a sin it would have said Tovah Yahweh, or offensive to God. It said it was offensive because during the time it was considered a disgrace t...

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Gay marriage should be legalized in all states


I believe that same sex marriages are the same at heterosexual marriages. To me marriage is between 2 people who love each other, and they would favor in sharing their love for the rest of their lives. As we live in a modern day society, people are now re-defining the meaning of marriage and is starting to suppose gay rights, and that's great! But there is still a percentage of people who believe it's wrong. Gay marriage can be a positive thing prior to our financial system. If gay marri...

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