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fight club is the best movie ever made.


I believe that Fight Club (1999, David Fincher) is the best film ever created, and perhaps the best that will ever exist -- but this debate will be purely based on the fact that Pro (myself) is arguing that FC is the "best" movie. I will be using several arguments, some based purely on the wording of my argument or my opponent's. Con must prove in at least one way that a) FC is NOT the best b) another movie is better. "Best", in this debate, is being used to say that FC is simply the best qualif...

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everyone has the freedom to choose his field of study at university. (No matter what's his average a


1 everyone has the right to take the decision ; i.e every adulte can take his own decision to study in university 2 due to his skills ; if he is better in English he should study in English language not French Language 3 everyone want to achieve their dreams ex some one want to be an English teacher...

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We should feed aborted fetuses to the homeless.


Surplus protein and world hunger:So many women these days are aborting their fetuses and then dumping the corpse, where it lay to rot. With so much protein being discarded, why not use that protein and feed a growing hunger epidemic. Fetus meat is tender and sweet. A mix between chicken and fish, it’s rich in protein and the underdeveloped cartilage and bones have a nice...

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Abortion should be illegal


Pro can either start arguing in Round 1 and waive the final round, or use the first round for acceptance alone, and allow me to start the debate in Round 2. No new arguments in the final round. "Abortion" refers to "the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy." Pro has to argue that abortion, in all stages of pregnancy, should be illegal (outside of cases when the mother's life is in danger, or cases of rape). I have to argue that abortion has to be allowed in at least certain stages...

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(Pro) Atheistic evolution vs creationism (con)


(Pro) Atheistic evolution vs creationism (con) Atheist evolution vs Creationism. I will take the atheist evolution point of view, my opponent the creationism side. Definition of Creationism via wikipedia. "Creationism From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "Creationism" can also refer to creation myths, or to a concept about the origin of the soul. Creation science refers to the pseudoscientific movement in the United States.[1] Creationism is the religious belief that the univer...

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Vaccines are needed and do not cause Autism


I would like someone to debate with and attempt to defend vaccinations against those who believe they are bad despite overwhelming evidence contrary to this. The continued spread of misinformation surrounding vaccines and them causing Autism or not being needed because some think they are harmful is actually harmful to our population. The argument that since the disease is not prevalent anymore should mean we don't need the vaccine is not correct and we have seen breakouts of diseases we had...

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The line "One nation, under God" should be kept in the pledge of allegiance.


I would like to argue against anyone who would like to argue that the line should be kept in the pledge. I would like to set up some guidelines, however. Whoever my opponent is, use the first round to just say you'll accept the challenge, and then Rounds 2-4 will be used as a three round debate. That will be all....

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is rock good


i was 2 and i was on my moms phone and just like that i was in to rock music...

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Should Gay Rights be Decided on a National Level?


Rules of Engagement: 1. Be polite and professional. No ad hominem attacks or personal insults. Do not beat around the bush, but keep it polite. I will be taking the stance that gay rights should not be decided on a national level. Note; I am not against gay rights. I just do not believe it should be a federal issue. I look forward to debating. Edit: I did not clarify. Thank you for pointing that out. I believe Gay Rights should be a state issue....

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If you could survive without the other, would you rather eat food(pro) or drink water?


Think about it. There are so many different foods. You could have whatever you feel like having, whether it's something, sweet, salty, sour, etc. If you were to choose water, you'd taste the same boring taste every day. If you were to crave something sweet, too bad. If you wanted something sour, sorry you can only have water. Wouldn't you rather have diversity in your diet? Food is the better choice....

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