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Is recruiting spies and whistle blowers ethical for the most part?


Encouraging someone to provide information that could see them imprisoned, tortured and killed while the person or organization that sought the information remains pretty safe {in another country} seems a little unethical. So my argument is that yes the information may be important for people to know and the person leaking it may be in the right. It may not however be ethical for the most part to recruit or encourage people to give that information. Unless you have the world's best source protec...

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Hitler save lots of jews by kill them before starve and he have big dream. He nice person


I think Hitler is a pretty cool guy. Eh kills allies and doesnt afraid of anything. Jews have problem, no food and starve. Hitler buy train to keep jews and go camp! they make work for bread is nice, free work. But jews big problem no food. Hitler was of nice and mercy he show gas chamber. He open and say, come come jew is good and warm. Jew go and die but no hurt. Jew die becouse of no food allies make bomb and russian put bomb and no of food for anybodies. Jews starve and cry. Hitler see of j...

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Prove your own existence as a separate being


I will be trying to disprove your existence while you are trying to prove your existence. Everything that is sensed externally is just a physical manifestation of yourself. Everything that is perceived is just subconscious images projected into the outside world. The different people who are all different in some way are just parts of you that want to achieve different goals. Therefore, you are just a projection of my mind and are part of my mind. This means you do not exist as a separate bei...

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Language is the transcendental signified.


God has been superseded by man who has been now overturned by language. The transcendental signified as it should be interpreted in the context of this debate, is a conception of that which grants things meaning from some external origin. (Science, religion, psychology, rationality, anthropology etc.) I claim that language is precisely the singularity from which everything is conceived and therefore properly valued. I suspect there are going to be women trying to follow this debate because th...

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The Sky Is Blue


I will be willing to argue against the sky being blue. Since we all know that the sky is in fact blue, this should be a simple debate, however, I will still be willing to debate it. Rule:Do not try the "because everybody agrees on it, its true fallacy".This obviously is for fun....

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God loves you.


The Con postion for this debate is "God does not love me". "God is not there", or "there is no proof that God is there" are unacceptable arguments for this debate and will be automatic forfeiture. If you cannot argue that God does not love you without saying "there is no God" or "there is no proof of God", Please do not accetpt this challenge. If Con, in the debate or in the comments, says "you can't know God is there" or "God is not there" or "there is no proof of God" or any such denial or neg...

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Germans should not be offended when they get called "Nazi" (I think it's a compliment)


First round is for acceptance but here's a little intro by me: if I was a German I would take the Nazi remark as a compliment. For one, at least that country didn't go around conquering the world the way the Brits and Scandinavian countries did. (And don't even get me started on the way Denmark mistreats Greenland.)As I always say Hitler was much better than these two guys I put who are equal to each other in terms of being a total douche

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The Fool: I will refute any argument considered a sound proof of God


Rational/reasonable: To think incoherence with logic.1. Arguments must be intellegentally defended by the Debators. 2. Appeal to authorty or references are NOT replacements for Arguments.3. Principle of Charity=Conduct4. The Debate is for Intellectual truth value rather then debate value.Principle of Charity-respe...

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I think, therefore I am


I am against the validity of the statement, "I think, therefore I am." I, con, am proving why the statement is false, and pro is proving why the statement is true. 1st round is acceptance, 2nd through 4th have no rules. In this case, I is defined as the identity of self, or ego. Think is defined as having thoughts....

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What political system do you believe in?


Left or right? down or up? intricate or simple? rational or emotional tell me YOUR BELIEFS and opinions, I want to know(I going to NEED to know If I want be a leader)...

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