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Is the banking concept of education oppressive?


I believe that the banking concept of education is not oppressive. While the some forms of education may be seen as oppressive, it is entirely up to the material and the person teaching. If information that may stifle or inhibilitate student's ability to think for themselves and express their feelings is given, then that would be oppressive. No matter how it is taught, misinformation or lack of information will keep peop...

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Conditional statements may be determined to be true whether or not the conditions are true.


I recently affirmed the proposition offered here again for your consideration. Some seemed to be lulled into believing that posted, incomplete effort by TSH rebutted my simple truth claim regarding the fundamental, true principle accepted amongst critical thinking authorities and practitioners: Proposition: Conditional statements may be determined to be true whether or not the conditions are true. Example, with a little, simple symbolism: If p, then q. p. q. The conditional...

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What is the point in life?


What is the point in anything? I ask myself this as I suffer from depression but even on good days I wonder this, as I have never wanted a "normal" life, to have children or get married etc. I just don't know why... No religious answers please....

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Does God exist?


Here are some of the arguments for the existence of God. The cosmological argument from contingency: Everything that exists has an explanation of its existence, if the universe has an explanation of its existence, that explanation is God, therefore, God exists. Everything that exists must have an explanation. Either in the necessity of its own nature, or an external cause. If you go to the park, you see a ball, you know it must have an explanation. The universe is no exception, it has an exp...

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Uniformity ought to be valued above individuality


I would like to challenge my opponent to a values debate modeled loosely on the Lincoln-Douglas structure (intro, definitions, value and/or criterion/a, and contentions supporting a thesis). My opponent may start the debate, and will advocate the resolution (uniformity ought to be valued above individuality). I will respond with arguments for the superiority of individuality. Good luck to my honorable opponent!...

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God Is Omnipotent


My position is the following:God is omnipotent (can do anything) regardless of whether the following question is true:"Can God create a rock so heavy that he can't even lift it?"Good luck to my opponent....

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I Bet I Can Make You Mad!


By accepting this debate - you agree to follow the rules of the game and also that I cannot make you mad! This debate will centered on your response to this debate! RULES: 1) Please watch video/link FIRST before replying 2) Reply - present your counter - argument 3) You cannot get mad or forfeit or you will lose the debate Let's see how well you can do (Hint: you do not need to watch the whole video). Required Link/Video (Must Watch First):

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Should homosexuality be condoned by humanity?


Homosexuality should be condoned by humanity due to the fact that it is just as natural as heterosexuality. Why should sexual preference define you as an individual? Humanity chooses to turn a blind eye to the neurological and physiological processes that occur in order for one's sexual proclivities to develop. The plethora of examples that are present in the animal kingdom exemplify homosexuality's presence outside of humanity and provides evidence that sexual desire for a member of the same se...

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It is more probable that god exists: qopel debate


Ave! This is a debate challenge to the DDO user qopel. If anyone who is not qopel should accept this debate, then it results in an automatic forfeit and win for myself. Qopel does not allow challenges or messages, so I'm simply hoping that he would read this while browsing around DDO.God is a maximally great being, and...

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Metaphysical Naturalism is False


I will be arguing that metaphysical naturalism is false. My opponennt will argue it's true. I would like to thank my opponent for accepting this debate.Round 1: Acceptamce Round 2: Opening arguementsRound 3: RebuttalsRound 4: Conclusion...

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