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The people on this site are hypocrites( excluding the arguing) they talk of ignorance on the christi


On the part of the Christians but they do not realize the logic and reason of the Catholics ( mainly) for example they say it is wrong ( in terms of A RELIGIOUS ARGUMENT) to assume that all that is unnatural is evil, is it not bad when a cow acts mad ( not in accordance to the cows nature ( unnatural)) or when a dog meows..what other evil is there besides that which is corrupt? I will be pointing out the ignorance sand general points of theological reasoning in order to show how flawed the viter...

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Women have no right to commit paternity fraud


Hello, brothers. This is a simple debate. Feminists believe that women have got the right to commit paternity fraud. According to Melanie McDonagh, she says that DNA tests violate a woman's right to choose who the daddy is and that a woman has the right to commit paternity fraud. Feminist groups have gotten DNA tests banned in France, Germany, and Australia. If a man dares to find out the paternity of his "child", he is jailed and fined. These women and their governments think that women have a...

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What can humanity to offer a better life.


Hello there. I'm new to this website an giving it a fair try. I think of myself as a deep thinker. I'm a ADHD 24 year old southern college kid, (If that sound right? :p) with a mind that never stops trying to figure out problems. Well, after class today I spoke to a intellectual elder about how there is so many simple minded people in the U.S.A. ( a worker at a MC Donald are a person to collect government checks) who either don't care about there life nor there offspring's furthe...

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Resolved: Vigilantism is justified when the government has failed to enforce the law.


I would like to debate in LD format. Thanks! "Since the governments are in the pockets of businesses, who's going to control this most powerful institution? Business is more powerful than politics, and it's more powerful than religion. So it's going to have to be the vigilante consumer." It is because I agree with Anita Roddick that I affirm the resolved, vigilantism is justified when the government has failed to enforce the law. For clarity I offer the following definitions: Vigilantism:...

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Industrialization in India does not benefit the poor


India's industrialization has played havoc with its poor. The juggernaut of industrialization leaves the great Indian middle class climbing aboard over the bodies of the struggling masses or staying out of the way. Today, the sign of destruction looms nowhere larger than in agriculture. India is dying rather than living in her villages. All natural resources such as land, water, forest, which used to be common property indispensable for people's survival, are being forcibly acquired by the st...

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Kony 2012


As many already know about the KONY 2012 campaign, and how it has already influenced millions, my issue is with the charity behind the campaign and how they intend on raising their funds. I would like to hear what the opposition has to say first....

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Marijuana Should Be made legal throughout the world


Basic rules:1.1st round for acceptance, 2nd round for opening statements.3rd for rebuttals and final round for conclusion.2.No semantic re-interpretation.3.burden of proof is equally shared by both parties....

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World Online Debating Competition: All Forms of Abortion Should Be Legal


The resolution is that all forms of abortion should be legal. I will be proposing this motion and BOP is on myself. Ajabi will simply be opposing this motion via negation and arguing why all forms of abortion should not be legal. First round is acceptance, second for the contentions, third for extension and rebuttal, fourth for re...

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Legalization of street racing


Every year drunk driving kills more people in the u.s than street racing and yet, the fines and penalties are harder on street racers. Drunk driving kills an estamated 144,000 people a year. Street racing kills an estamated 50 people for every 1,000 that attend street racing. Say a guy gets pulled over for drunk driving right, all he will get is 1 night in jail maby 3 and his licens suspended for a few months plus a little fine. ok, now say a guy gets pulled over for street racing or sucpected o...

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The bombings at pearl harbor were justified.


The bombings at pearl harbor- the attacks made on pearl harbor by the Japanese justified-had a legitimate reason to do so....

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