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Legalization of street racing


Every year drunk driving kills more people in the u.s than street racing and yet, the fines and penalties are harder on street racers. Drunk driving kills an estamated 144,000 people a year. Street racing kills an estamated 50 people for every 1,000 that attend street racing. Say a guy gets pulled over for drunk driving right, all he will get is 1 night in jail maby 3 and his licens suspended for a few months plus a little fine. ok, now say a guy gets pulled over for street racing or sucpected o...

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Updated 5 Years Ago should have its own currency to help Juggle make money


Hello, My name is Imabench, AND THIS IS YOUR WEEKLY IMABENCH TROLL DEBATE :DThis week's topic, should implement its own currency for everyone to be able to use, acquire, spend on a variety of services that DDO has to offer. Such currency would be earned by doing things that people regularly do on DDO already, meaning that anyone could easily start earning it. This currency could also be spent on a variety of things that DDOers c...

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Do beauty contests serve any purpose in society? Should there be any male beauty contests?


I don't believe that beauty contests serve any purpose in society. I believe that there are definitely pros and cons to competing in different beauty contests but I don't see how they serve a purpose in society. I also don't believe that there should be male beauty contests. Overall I don't think that beauty contest serve any purpose in society....

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Bestiality/Zoophilia should be legal and is not inherently immoral


(A) Explaining the Resolution The resolution has proven itself vulnerable to misunderstanding or misrepresentation in the past therefore I will spell out exactly what it means.

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Parents should be legally identified and held responsible


The full resolution is: "The parents of each child should be identified as a legal requirement and the parents shall be held responsible by the government for the costs of raising the child." Parents should be held responsible for the care of their children. Unidentified fathers cannot be held responsible. The problem is growing due to the large number of births outside of legal marriage, many with unidentified fathers. In the US in 2007: * Number of live births to unmarried women: 1,5...

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Adults are unfair to children


I think that adults are being unfair to children. I'm not just saying that because I'm rebellious. I wish I could provide more in depth information, but I have to leave in 4 minutes. They're hypocritical and they don't understand what other children have to go through with them. That's all I can say right now. Bye....

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animal testing


throughout the history, animal testing has played an imperative role in leading to new discoveries and human advantaged. However, many people tend to forget the great numbers of animal have suffered serious damage during the process of those experimentations. So, my point of view is that animal experimentations should be stopped. Using animals is bitter, because they are living creatures like people and feel pain. the are a lot of facts and researches which prove it....

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It is NOT sexist to hit or fight a woman if you are a man


I believe that if a man hits a woman or fights a woman it is NOT sexist. By accepting this debate you disagree that hitting or fighting a woman is not sexist. First round is acceptance and the debate will continue from there....

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The bombings at pearl harbor were justified.


The bombings at pearl harbor- the attacks made on pearl harbor by the Japanese justified-had a legitimate reason to do so....

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should weapons stronger than a standard handgun be available to the public


DO WE TRULY NEED ANYTHING STRONGER THAN A STANDARD HANDGUN? WE ARE YTHE GIVEN THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS FOR SELF DEFENSE IF NO GUNS ARE STRONGER THAN A Standard 22 pistol (I apologize for the above text being all caps I didn't realize it and don't feel like retyping)why would we need weapons like assault rifles assault ≠ self . based on that logic a handgun is all that's needed to defend you and your family members...

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