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is Trump is correct in banning Muslims? and should he ban other minorities next?


Let's make this quick. Yes trump is doing America a favour. Have you even been to Muslim land? It's one giant ghetto. They can't even feed their cows properly cus the ground full of s.h.i.t and mud, no grass. They are sexist vs their women and beat them. Their women is the only thing they got under control cus their children are festering around white neighbourhoods pressing their elongated noses against our windows, wishing they had some form of societal standard like we do. They can ma...

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Abortion, Planned Parenthood and Hillary Clinton


Not too long ago, Planned Parenthood was investigated for selling fetus organs to other countries around the world. That quickly went hush hush. Now, we had a presidential nominee (Hillary Clinton), who in her third debate with Trump, fully and 100% supported Planned Parenthood on the "full term" abortion policy, as long as it did not harm the mother at all. This policy allows a mother to decide to terminate a pregnancy up to the very last day of the projected due date. WRONG!!! Now, if i'm not...

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Gun Control Doesn't Prevent Violence at all.


Gun control does not prevent violence. It will either do nothing or make things worse in most circumstances. I understand that gun control does not equal banning guns, but in places where guns have been banned, after the ban rates of robbery, assault and sexual assault have gone up. But say guns weren't banned. Say there were just strict laws put in place. Well, in Canada, when strict gun legislation was put in place, their homicide rate went from 7% to 35% of the homicide rate of the United Sta...

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Solipsism is fundamental to any rational belief system


Thank you for participating in this debate. I will be arguing in favor of the view that solipsism is fundamental to any rational belief system. Before any belief system can be properly analysed for internally consistent logical integrity, you have to figure out where the actual starting point is. What exactly is the unassailable cornerstone that you expect your perfect edifice to rest precariously upon? This pursuit includes confronting some of the most basic epistemic questions such as "how...

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Debate: On Balance Obamacare is beneficial to society


First round is acceptance. No new arguments in the final round. No kritiks are allowed. Obamacare is the provisions under the affordable care act. On balance means weighing the good against the bad, and society refers to US citizens. Apply in comments...

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Anthropogenic global climate change.


I will contend that anthropegenic global climate change exists. The contender will contend that anthropegenic global climate change is non-existent.StructureR1 Acceptance & definitionsR2 ArgumentsR3 RebuttalsR4 DefenseBurden of proofBurden of proof will be shared equally. This is because I am making the affrimative claim and the instiagator, yet am arguing for what is normally accepted in...

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Trump should be impeached


Donald Trump, the man who has drawn headlines for repeatedly skirting the unspoken rules of decorum during his presidential campaign, has also promised to break several actual United States laws if elected in NovemberR02;"R02;murdering terrorists" families and torturing suspected criminals among them. These are, of course, likely "high crimes and misdemeanors," and therefore grounds for impeachment under the U.S. Constitution. But even if Trump doesn"t make good on his boasts, has the GOP candi...

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kids can date in school


I think that kids can date in school so they can have someone to make them happy when they are sad or have fun with them or do homework with I think this is a good idea for kids to get ready for the real world action that will come soon enough.and this will make the kid fell loved and special and cute and special to somebody...

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Should Trump be Impeached?


I think Trump should be impeached because he is racist and sexist and he says inappropriate words at times. He has no political experience and does not know anything about running a country. He only runs us like his companies. He also thinks that all these marches against him such as the women's march around the world are smaller than the inauguration even though it is a proven fact that there was not as many people in the inauguration than the women's march. Also, think common sense that h...

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PC gaming is superior to console gaming


First round is solely for acceptance. Next three rounds are for new arguments and rebuttals. Last round is for rebuttals only. No new arguments please. Please only accept this debate if you are educated on the topic and can make legitimate points and can rebut all or most of my points. Looking forward to this. Good luck....

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