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Are wind turbines bad?


I think wind turbines are bad, especially in Ontario. The Ontario province looses $ 1.2 billion a year thanks to the wind turbines. They do loose more, but the 1.2 billion dollars is just from the turbines alone. The turbines are powered up from hydro ( not environmentally friendly) and coal plants. The cost of wind power will add 110,000,000,000 dollars to taxpayers hydro bills. There is also oil in them ( is that environmentally friendly?) Don`t complain about the oil sands or pipelines when y...

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Do you think the government should provide free medical care for everyone?


[I choose SPAIN as reference] The fact that the government doesn't provide enough medical care (public) for everyone it's because a lot of people doesn't pay taxes, such as illegal immigrants. They work and they don't collaborate anything with the government, so... Do they still deserve to have free supplies taking into account that they act as a free riders? In other words, they take advantage of the service of medical supplies from the government without paying taxes....

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Lamborghini is better than Ferrari


There are many reasons why Lamborghini is better than Ferrari. My first reason is that Lamborghinis are cheaper....

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Should High Schools Give Students Tests For Depression And Anxiety?


As a freshman with social media, I see many of my friends go through depression over the very place that should them an education and make them feel secure. Some of these friends are now dead, others hospitalized for attempted suicide. Why? Because parents aren't told everything that goes on within these buildings. Teachers put down students for being unintelligent, and students just harass one another. This can get very serious, and that's one way to have caused anxiety and depression in studen...

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Parents should be fined if their children are unsuccessful at school


Parents should be fined if their children are unsuccessful because the fine could lead to more special classes that will help the students. As in school, education is #1 priority and it is just doing what it is right for the next generation, to educate. Education is important for anyone and it is just a bit pricey but a very effective way to help those who are in need....

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Lower Tier Finials: Resolved: The Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bombings were justified.


I'd like to thank Daltonian for accepting this debate ahead of time. This is the finials of the Lower Tier for the DDO Tourney.Rules Round 1 is for rules and definitions by Pro while Con accepts and/or chooses to define anyword Pro left undefined. Round 2: Opening arguments shall be presented. There shall be no rebuttles round 2. <...

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The Washington Redskins should change their team name


40th debate! Thanks to Kbub for agreeing to debate this topic with me! Standard DDO rules apply: first round for acceptance, no new arguments in the final round, no semantics, no trolling, etc. A couple of important notes to make on the resolution... -- "Should" implies some sort of obligation, legal, practical, or ethical (or all) -- BOP in this debate is shared; Pro must show that there is some sort of obligation for the Redskins to change their name, and Con must show that there is...

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Resolved: Evolution is more consistent with the evidence than is young earth creationism.


Before we begin, let's give some definitions. Evolution- the scientific theory that states modern organisms descended from ancient ones through a process of gradual modification over billions of years and share a common ancestry. Young Earth Creationism- the belief that distinct kinds of organisms, along with the Earth, were created less than ten thousand years ago The burden of proof is SHARED. This will establish an even playing field for both sides of the debate. The first round is...

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is master chief better than the arbiter


think master chief is better than the arbiter he is faster stronger in have better weapons in he survived everything ....

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coaching culture is good or bad


I think coaching culture is good because it increase our performance, knowledge, efficiency so it's have good advantages so it's good. i think every one have need of guiding so coaching culture also do same work. so at last i wanna say it's good....

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