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A woman's place is in the home


Research shows that the majority of people believe that a woman's place is in the home: looking after the children; attending to domestic duties and ensuring her husband's dinner is on the table when he comes in from work. [1] Sadly, many women these days have chosen to abandon their feminine duties and pursue careers in industry and commerce instead - and it stands to reason that their families have suffered as a result of their neglect. Meanwhile, there is mass unemployment with the resu...

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Wylted 100th Debate: The United States should implement caning as a punishment for criminals.


This debate won't be started for at least another 2 weeks. Between then and now, I'll work on the resolution. Any advice on that part is welcome. The debate should be impossible to accept and I will be nominating judges and doing a choose winner option. Judges are yet to be determined and any suggestions by potential opponents will be considered. I'll be arguing that criminals should have the option of being caned it going to prison, should they receive a jail/prison sentence. Yes, e...

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THW: Avoid contact with intelligent extraterrestrial life


Round 1: Acceptance, definitions and rules only. Round 2: Main body of argument. Round 3: Rebuttal and reiteration of previous arguments. No new arguments may be presented- any new arguments presented in R3 should be ignored by voters. Full wording of the motion: "This house would avoid contact with intelligent extraterrestrial life". "THW": the following action should be done. "Contact": Any form of interaction. "Intelligent": Has a reasoning ability approximately the same as, or...

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crime is linked to mental health 3


Many people would like to place the blame for people's violent instincts on unstable or unhealthy mental wellbeing. However research has shown that this is not necessarily always the case. Most people who commit violent acts, who are thought to be mentally ill, they may be but their violent acts come from a place of displaced anger or emotional issues. In a study of crimes committed by people with serious mental disorders, only 7.5% were directly related to symptoms of mental illness, according...

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Should we ReColonize Africa or at least reconsider doing it? (Minus Slavery of course)


Why the hell would you want to Re colonize Africa?! You might ask , well I have a simple idea which works like this currently much of Africa is starving and dieing of disease , they don't come as well along as we Westerners do , Africa looks pretty similar as it did 500 years ago (Not really I know but hear me out) They still have lots of tribes and tribal disputes in Politics , "democratic" is not what I would describe an average African Country as they usually abuse their powers.

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A Fetus is Not Morally Equivalent to a Mature Human


Thanks to my opponent for debating an important aspect of the abortion issue.The ResolutionIn a previous debate my opponent claimed:"The unborn entity, from the moment of concept, is a full-fledged member of the human community" to forfeits by the other side in that debate, my opponent did not have an opp...

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Are feminists sexists?


Since time immemorial, many things have changed. Time has brought an immense change to how the country used to function and many more. People blame feminists for being sexists because they have a stereotypical approach towards the definition of feminism. But they are oblivious of how modern feminists are striving to bring about a change in people"s mindset about feminism. What feminism really means- "the theory of the political, economic and social equality of the sexes". You"re not a feminist w...

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Should Languages be taught in school


Should Languages be taught in school well I vote yes! It helps them prepare for when they are older. For example, it Helps them get into a better college. Another example is, It helps them become better thinkers and better learners. One text even said, it gives the Cultural awareness of others! Another Reason might be that it's easier to learn at a younger age. For example, One parent wants to understand kid but cant because school is teaching at a young age so the children will remember foreign...

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Gay marriage should be illegal


Pro should begin arguing in Round 1 and post only "no round as agreed" in the final round; we each have 3 total rounds to argue. [Arguing that same-sex couples can have equal rights without use of the word "marriage" is not allowed, since that's entirely semantic, and the resolution concerns the institution of gay marriage itself, not what we call it.]...

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A philosophy degree is useful


AveThis debate will be about whether a philosophy major is useful. The standard for usefulness will be 'A perfectly rational person would recognize it as useful'. The winner of the debate will be the person who proves their case beyond a preponderance of the evidence. General DDO expectations of c...

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