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Should the death penalty be illegal?


I believe that the death penalty should be illegal in ALL states (and the world for that matter) due to the fact that there is no crime that should be punishable by death. For example, if there is a murder (i.e. Jodi Arias), and the defendant is found guilty, the government has no right to kill him/her due to the fact that this too is murder....

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Do physical punishments create a good person?


Physical punishments such as a butt spanking or a beating does create a well mannered child. Personally, I used to get D's and F's constantly in my early life, I was always getting into trouble and causing havoc throughout my early life. My parents would also punish me physically, or as simple as taking away something that I used constantly. This greatly benefited me in so many ways. After two years of this improvement, I started making A's, B's, and C's. I felt like a much better person after t...

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Wage labor is a form of slavery that helps to maintain and perpetuate classism


I assert that wage labor, especially when involving menial positions, is merely slavery by another name. Wage labor serves to foster class consciousness in a society and prejudice in the form of classism. Wage labor gives credence to the system of capitalism which places more value on materials than humanity. Wage labor also undermines the principles of self determination and cajoles masses into spending a large portion of their lives working to support the dreams of others rather than following...

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Gay marriage should be legalized.


Everyone, men and women, without any limitation due race, nationality or religion should have the right to marry and to found a family. I believe that gay marriage should be acceptable in all places around the world because it shouldn't matter how old or what gender you are, love is love and no one should tell you otherwise. Therefore, gay marriage should be legalized....

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USA is not the land of opportunity


USA is known to be the land of opportunity. A nation in which it does not matter if you are born in a rich or poor family or which skin color you have. If just you work hard enough you should be able to climp the social ladder. Turns out this is not the truth. People in the bottom of the society tends to stay there. They cannot effort high educations. There is no free health care and they are forced to work hard just to get their food on the table - if they have one. Even through hard work is is...

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Should people abuse animals


You should not abuse such little harmless animals....

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Feminism is for equal rights for all genders not just women.


Feminism is about gender equality and the reason it is called feminism is because even though it's about gender equality it's women who are underprivileged. I want to grow up in a world were women don't get judged if they wear makeup or if they don't wear makeup. I want to grow up in a world were if a boy wants to were makeup he can without fear of being bullied or judged. I want to grown up in a world were if a girl has short hair she isn't stereotyped as a lesbian and if a boy...

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Should use of profane language be more socially acceptable?


*Please notify in comments to accept this debate.*No semantical arguments.If defenitions or resolution needs change/clarification please comment. I am debating that use of profane language should be more acceptable in society.Profane language shall be d...

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Mighty Mouse V.S. Superman


I say that Mighty Mouse is MUCH Mightier then Superman is super. You Skyangel seem to be the type cast that would back Superman as his name begins with the same letter yours does....

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Should gay marriage be legalized?


As a lesbian atheist, I strongly believe that gay marriage should be legalized, but I'm up for a friendly debate. Keep in mind, though, if you say "f*g" one time, I'm not going to listen to a single thing you say....

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