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The US should legalize all drugs


Round 1 : Acceptance Round 2: Arguments (no rebuttals) Round 3: Rebuttals ...

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My 99th Debate: Kids and Corporal Punishment


PrefaceThis is my 99th debate, and I am look forward to it! Please do not accept unless you intend to invest effort and not forfeit. I look forward to an interesting discussion. You must've completed 3 debates to accept this and you must have a minimum of 2,500 ELO to vote on this.Full TopicOn balance, parental use of corporal punishment is beneficial for the child.Rules1. Pro acce...

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Gay marriage


Gay marriage is wrong and should never have been legalized. This "progress" that people like you claim that America has made is only proving to be a step back. Real progress would be a way to achieve this without restricting the liberties of those within the Christian community. What is progress when there is a group of people who are being forced to commit actions that go against what they believe in? I do not believe in this at all, but if it must be done then why can't gay couples go some...

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Employees should not be fired from their jobs for making generic blanket statements on social media


Employees should not be fired from their jobs for making generic blanket statements on social media. If the statements do not name any specific person, threaten the lives of people or directly harass anyone the employee should be protected. Otherwise, it is a violation of free speech. Employees should be able to express their opinions without the threat of termination. shared BoP Opponent must prove that it is lawful for employers to terminate their employees for expressing their opinions o...

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That the use of palm oil is in healthy and isn't benifical


The moot for this debate is that the use of Palm oil is unhealthy and isn't benifical. I, being pro agree with this statment. I define this moot to be that the use, to use or consume, of Palm oil, oil from several plants, usually palms, especially the West African oil palm. Palm oil is a globally traded agricultural commodity that touches our lives in every trip we make to the supermarket. Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from pulping the fruit of oil palms originally native to Afri...

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Abortion is legalized murder


Abortion is nothing more, than the disgusting legalization of murder. You are taking the life of an innocent baby for nothing more than your own selfishness, because you don't want to deal with the responsibility of a child, yet still continue to have sex without the use of contraceptives. I am 100% okay with the use of birth control, in any form, but abortion is an entirely different thing because you are committing murder against someone who can't help or defend itself. Its no different than k...

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Is equality for all realistic or logical?


Good day. My name is Steven and I'd like to have a discussion on the topic of equality for all and if, in fact it is realistic or even logical. Equality can be defined as : the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities. This sounds like a perfect society for people who are all the exact same person, but as we all know we live in a world full of people of different beliefs and ideologies, some good, some bad, some irrelevant. As a species we even have different anatomi...

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A philosophy degree is useful


AveThis debate will be about whether a philosophy major is useful. The standard for usefulness will be 'A perfectly rational person would recognize it as useful'. The winner of the debate will be the person who proves their case beyond a preponderance of the evidence. General DDO expectations of c...

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Homosexual Behavior Is Immoral


I wish to thank my opponent for engaging me in this debate. I look forward to a spirited exchange. I will be defending the historic Christian position that homosexual behavior is immoral. Using the same method that Paul employed in Romans 1:26-27, I will argue that homosexuality is wrong because it is unnatural, meaning that it is contrary to the proper functioning of human sexual organs. Additionally, because both myself and my opponent are Christians, I will also make use of Biblical passag...

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The use of torture is justified in ticking time bomb situations.


For the purposes of this debate "torture" is defined as those methods of interrogation revealed as being used by the CIA on GITMO detainees. These methods include physical and psychological stress, the most severe being water boarding. The methods are non-lethal. An ABC News article describes the methods, at least in general: [1.] The article says tha...

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