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The United States Is A Christian Nation


Thesis: The United States was heavily influenced by Christianity and its basic tenets and are thus a Christian Nation. As Pro, I will defend the resolution by making it clear that the Founders explicitly state that they and the United States were molded by Christianity. First Round Is For Acceptance What I Mean By Christian Nation:

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same sex marriage should be legalised in the countries where it is not


I fully believe that same sex marriage should be legalised my reasoning for this is that everyone is equal and if you want to marry someone of the same gender then you can that is totally fine. The only downside is you cant have babies and you have to adopt. so the pros outway the cons. That is the end of my first argument...

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What Are Your Views On Gay Marriage As A Whole? Yes or No?


Im not here to offend anybody, just want a good debate. Good luck to my opponent....

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Sex before Marriage?


I am all for having a relationship before marriage for financial reasons and emotional reasons. But I would like to have a Debate with someone who believes that Sex before Marriage is not right and why they think that. You don't have to be religious to join it could be just your beliefs....

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Should abortion be illegal in the United States (In Most Cases)


[Before I go on two things need to be cleared up right away; 1- Things like, "God's will" will not be brought into this debate. 2- Every living organism on Earth in simplicity is either a cell or a mass of cells.] This is how the debate will go; Round 1: Acceptance and initial argument (Usually one sentence long, maybe two) Round 2: Extending argument in more detail Round 3: Rebuttals Round 4: Rebutting Rebuttals (You can only rebut things that were stated in Round 3 by your opponent) And...

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Should marijuana be legal?


I want to debate someone who thinks marijuana should be legal. 1. You must use proper spelling and grammar. 2. You must cite your sources. 3. Arguments must be intelligent. I look forward to this debate....

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The United States should conquer Africa


Blackvoid and I agreed to have this debate over Christmas break. I understand that he's currently busy, but I figured it better to send the challenge sooner rather than later, to better answer any questions. Specifications on the exact meaning of "conquer" and "Africa" will be elaborated on in the next round (don't worry, I'm not going to pull any semantic tricks.) Debaters are permitted to make a seperate debate to place their citations in, to save characters.A...

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Do you believe in the concept of slut-shaming?


With the rising issue of rape and things that lead up to rape, a new term has arisen. Slut-shaming is shaming females who dress a provocative manner that might make men want to sleep with them. This brings the controversy that the victims of rape may have played a small factor in their own violation. This is not true. I believe that rape is rape, whether the female is wearing provocative clothing or dressed conservatively. If she says no and a man goes on anyway, that is rape. The belief that p...

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In the U.S., people have a constitutional obligation to change the laws they refuse to follow


This is the exact resolution: In the United States, people have a constitutional obligation to follow the law, and to change the laws they refuse to follow.The Constitution empowers the federal, state and local governments to make laws; this same constitution also dictates the rights we have as citizens. Therefore, as members of our nation, and to remain consistent and in agreement with the supreme law of the land, people have a moral and legal...

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Homosexual Behavior Is Immoral


I wish to thank my opponent for engaging me in this debate. I look forward to a spirited exchange. I will be defending the historic Christian position that homosexual behavior is immoral. Using the same method that Paul employed in Romans 1:26-27, I will argue that homosexuality is wrong because it is unnatural, meaning that it is contrary to the proper functioning of human sexual organs. Additionally, because both myself and my opponent are Christians, I will also make use of Biblical passag...

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