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Dog Fighting Should Be Legal


I would like to thank my opponent for agreeing to debate this with me. Dog fighting is a type of blood sport generally defined as opposing two game dogs against one another in a ring or a pit, for the entertainment of the spectators or the gratification of the dogfighters.Please note that just because I think dog fighting should be legal, doesn't mean I think it is good.The first round will be for my contender's acceptance. I look fo...

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Known alleged rape victims should not immediately be believed


If you accept the debate, you are, of course, arguing that known(relatives, friends, etc) alleged rape victims should be believed immediately. Rules of debate:1) If con chooses to use round 1 for debate, they should waive round 4 to keep the number of rounds used for debate even between us. 2) No ad hominem, personal attacks, or insults3) No new arguments or evidence presented in the last rou...

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Gay marriage should be permitted


Full resolution: Just societies should permit same-sex marriage. First round is acceptance....

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If you kill someone who was going to kill millions of people ok


Please don't start immediatly with come back. I want to see if there is certain areas that you can kill someone and still be able to go to heaven (stay by god's rule) if in a scenario a person was going to kill millions but you kill them (you cannot neogotiate with this person) I say yes in this certain situation you canFirst round: IntroductionSecond Round: StandingThird...

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Do we need feminism?


A few rules to start with Pro= we do need feminists Con= we don't need feminists I will be debating from the viewpoint of Con. This debate is to be professional. No personal attacks. Also, don't join unless you're willing to play our the four rounds. Each round (except this one) will be a different common feminist issue. This round is just for accepting and stating whether you agree or disagree with these issues I'm going to bring up. If you like, you can suggest different issues if you 1...

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Gay marriage should be illegal


Pro should begin arguing in Round 1 and post only "no round as agreed" in the final round; we each have 3 total rounds to argue. [Arguing that same-sex couples can have equal rights without use of the word "marriage" is not allowed, since that's entirely semantic, and the resolution concerns the institution of gay marriage itself, not what we call it.]...

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There are times both in which abortion should and should not be allowed


I should clarify my position because the title isn't long enough to accurately describe it. I am arguing that there are certain times when abortion is wrong and should not be done, and there are times that it is acceptable. Con will try to prove that it is either always acceptable or always wrong. Rules: - Obviously, there will be no attacks on people and no anger. We are debating, not having an online shouting match (as happened between some idiots in my third period today but in person)...

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I will be doing several debates on the current Big Issues. This is the first. The topic is abortion. If you accept, you are saying that abortion is bad. The first round will be for acceptance and for explaining the rules, the second round will be for placing down arguments, and the third will be for placing rebuttals and no new arguments. Should any of these rules be broken, voters should be aware that that person should be penalized by being voted against....

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Black Lives Matter Movement


Black Lives Matter!!! Really? That's your movement's name? I would rename your slogan to Black Lives ALSO Matter. Did you see that word, ALSO? Yes, I know, you might laugh at my argument that ALL LIVES MATTER . Don't get me wrong, you're movement as a whole is perfectly fine and respectable, but the people who protest it are a WHOLE OTHER STORY. Yes, of course, racism totally exists, but it doesn't only effect the lives of black people, it effect's ALL of us. One of you're biggest argument's is...

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Persuasive Debate: Animal Rights


Full Resolution; Persuasive Speech Debate Writing Format: Animal RightsI thank my opponent missbailey for doing this with me, and I thank Rosalie which made this program. This is a persuasive speech debate, no BoP, no rebuttals, just your arguments to convice the vo...

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