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THBT denial of rights of an individual can be made only if it infringes upon the rights of another.


I think that a person's right should be denied only if it infringes upon the rights of another and not when it causes harm to those who exercise the rights themselves.Like smoking should only be banned if it affects others(like passive smokers). But a person should be allowed to smoke if they want in private without affecting others...

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Children should not be allowed to use guns in school even with training.


Before you accept, anyone may join no cussing think before you act. My debate: Children should not be able to use a gun in school even with training. hats because of a child's temptation, anger, use of weapon, school budgets, PTA, health (injuries,) and the child. Temptation, Anger: due to lack of resistance against anger and temptation in most children, children may shoot at a fellow innocent classmate when the child gets angry and tempted. This could lead to a firefight between...

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Sex is good. Money is good. But sex for money? That's just wrong! Is it really?


Should prostitution be legal?...

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Gay Marriage: Yay or Nay?


Gay marriage is good. Some people would say that in the Bible, it rules against gay marriage, saying that 'any man who lies with another man is sinful', but it also says in the Bible as well that Jesus (you know, the guy who the Bible was practically based on) said to love unconditionally. And if you also view this topic from the religious perspective, if God created mankind, and created everything about them, and knows the past present and future, then He created homosexual people. And why wou...

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Gays are harming society....

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Public School Students should wear School Uniforms


They limit rights Yes the good old constitution the foundation of america and this debate Some opponents claim that uniforms are not a fix-all for the problems that plague schools, but instead, violate a student's right to express themselves, as guaranteed by the First Amendment. In a school in california, 73% of the students claim that their first ammendment rights were violated. After they signed a pettition the school went back to the old ways. The case Tinker v. Des Moines decided that s...

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It is stupid to compare politicla correctness to the rules of a religion


My opponent claims it is stupid to compare the rules of political correctness to the rules of religion. He quoted my claim in his list of the top ten most stupid things said on DDO. [1.] This debate provides him with an opportunity to argue for his proposition that the comparison is "stupid." Pro gave no unusual context for his claim, so the primary definition of "stupid" applies: not intelligent : havin...

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Do violent video games contribute to violent or aggressive behavior or actions in our youth?


Today I would like to debate a subject that has become very controversial in today's modern society: Violent Video Games.With all the violence and tragedies in today's society, many look for answers and solutions, such as what to blame for all of this violence, and many turn to violent video games such as first person shooters and violent role playing games.Now, I would like to point out that we are NOT debating if video games caused or contributed to the actions taken during th...

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Should fishing be legal.


There are many people out there who say fishing and hunting is wrong. So I wish to challenge someone to a debate about this. My argument is that fishing is a more humain way of getting meat then, lets say, getting it a Safeway where they get there meat from factory farms. Also my families ranch is kind of far from legit grocery stores so we get a lot of are meat from hunting and fishing. So please get me a good challenge. And remember please respect each others opinions....

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The term "Rape Culture" is not beneficial to society


This is all in regards to first world countries. Primarily America and Canada. Pro will accept the position that the term "rape culture" is needed in today's society, and will help progress the judicial system as well as society as a whole, or anything else they wish to...

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