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This is a simple debate on the issue of abortion in America. I, the Pro, will argue for the right of a woman to receive an abortion, and the Con will argue his/her oppositions to abortion. I am willing to make some changes to the rules and details of the debate if you comment about it.Debate Itinerary:Round 1: Acceptance and definitionsRound 2: Introductory argumentsRound 3: Rebuttals

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This house regrets the rise of anonymity in social media


Ladies and gentlemen. The social network has been affecting many people's life. We all know what social network is. It includes something like facebook or twitter, and it is very rampant, widespread in our community. What i mean by anonymity here is, a state when people do not disclose their real identity. They can change their name into somebody else's, or into something like Superman, Snow White, or Barbie to falsify their whole identity in social network. This is what we do when we sign...

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Resolved: Abortion Should Be Legal


IntroWelcome.This is the second in the series of video debates that's become popular these days.Here's the first one between Kasmic and Lee001: to some issues with the format on the first one, Kasmic has proposed a multi-round structure which I will be listing here. These video debates are technically still in trial form,...

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are cats better than dogs


who ever wants to join the debate or accepts this challenge the people in the comments are the people we are goanna question so voters and comments be ready...

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First come last serve


The last person in a queue should be served first because queues are a waste of time. when people know that they would be served first in a queue, they tend to go earlier than they have to which causes a queue. If things turn around and people know the last would be served first, they would relax wherever they are without having to go early and cause an unnecessary queue.

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Caucasians are inherently more intelligent than African Americans


In accepting the debate, Pro agrees to the following parameters and definitions.Inherently: Occurring from birth; within the very genetics of the group.Round 1: Introduction of the Affirmative Case (by Pro) Round 2: Rebuttals and argumentsRound 3: Rebuttals and argumentsRound 4: Rebuttals and conclusion (no new arguments on either side)No semantics. M...

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Meat, dairy, and eggs should be banned worldwide.


Resolution: Meat, dairy, and eggs should be banned worldwide. This is a normative resolution. I Pro will contend for the resolution. Con will contend against the resolution. Meat " the flesh of an animal used as food" [1] Dairy "Full Definition of DAIRY 1 : a room, building, or establishment where milk is kept and butter or cheese is made 2 a : the department of farming or of a farm that is concerned with the production of milk, butter, and cheese b : a farm devoted to such pro...

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Homosexual Behavior Is Immoral


I wish to thank my opponent for engaging me in this debate. I look forward to a spirited exchange. I will be defending the historic Christian position that homosexual behavior is immoral. Using the same method that Paul employed in Romans 1:26-27, I will argue that homosexuality is wrong because it is unnatural, meaning that it is contrary to the proper functioning of human sexual organs. Additionally, because both myself and my opponent are Christians, I will also make use of Biblical passag...

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The United States Federal Government should legalize prostitution.


Well well, it's been a long time since kasmic's been active, and it's my pleasure to be one of the first to debate him following his return. I look forward to a great debate on this hot button issue. Just a note to voters: the ELO minimum has been set to 2500. I think this resolution is relatively straightforward, but I'll be as clear as possible. This is a policy-based resolution, and as such, it is my burden to present a case. The burden of proof is on me, as I am seeking to change polic...

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Animals should be freed from zoos


For this debate I believe that animals shouldn't be freed from zoos. Therefore pro should be arguing that animals should be freed from zoos. Round 1 - Acceptance Round 2 - Introduce your argument Round 3 - Make your main points and justify them Round 4 - Contradictions Round 5 - Conclude your argument (no new arguments or contradictions)...

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