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abortion should ge not legalize


i think the abortion should be legalize because there is about 69% where most of the mothers doesn't have a comfort to give birth . so i think the abortion should be legalize because for example if there is a mother with a lesser earning and have got a devorse from his husband how can she give a birth suppose there are no good relatives also, so how can she give a birth to a child. if she thinks the child will get mentally ill she may think to give death to the child not because she doesn't love...

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Should Abortion be illegal in America?


Abortion is the ultimate child abuse. A child is a Human, not a choice. If you want to give your child a better life than what you think or want to give them, adoption is ALWAYS a choice. The embryo or fetus may not be fully developed, but at 18 days, the heartbeat begins beating, at 30 days, blood begins flowing through their veins , at 8 weeks, all organs are functioning, at 9 weeks the baby has fingerprints, at 10 weeks the baby can feel pain, at 12 weeks the baby can smile. For you, this ma...

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In some cases, abortion can be ruled as a justifiable homicide.


First, let me specify that I oppose elective abortion, but I support it for the following reasons: The health of the mother is adversly effected by pregnancy, the child will suffer anyway,, the mother is a mental patient who is traumatized by (pregnancy would make me suicidal),, and so on. If the mother is raped, abortion can be justified if the pregnancy causes her to relive that trauma. I am a modeerate when it comes to abortion....

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Abortion should remain a legal standing law.


Women should be able to determine their own future. It is ultimately the woman"s decision whether or not she should bring a child into the world. This is important because only she knows whether or not she is capable of bringing a child into the world. I believe that the abortion law should remain standing. Pros: 1). Reproductive choice empowers women, allowing them to take control over their body. 2). Women who receive abortion are less likely to suffer mental health problems than w...

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Abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. There are those that take the side of pro-life, pro-choice, and those with no opinion/side. I believe that life begins at conception and that abortion, as defined above, is the killing of a child. How could the mother determine the death of her child? This would mean that she holds the entire life of her child in her hands. Imagine if she suddenly changed her mind and did not...

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Abortion Is Morally Permissible


I want to begin by saying how pleased I am to debate Trent on this most important of moral issues. Like my opponent, I have a deep interest in bioethics. So I'm very much looking forward to discussing the philosophical aspects of abortion with such a capable and passionate contender. In this debate I'm going to defend two basic contentions. First, there are no good reasons to think that abortion is morally wrong. And secondly, there are good reasons to think that abortion is morally permissib...

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Watch the 28 minute movie silent scream. Abortion is immoral.


Watch silent scream, a 28 minute movie narrated by former abortion doctor and now pro life activist Bernard nathanson. The movie shows an abortion through an ultra sound. Abortion kills a baby and is immoral. Please don't debate me until you've watched the movie. Happy Martin Luther King day!...

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Abortion aka kill you child because of your mistake


It makes no sense to take away a fetuses right to live just to make your life easier. It is an independent human with it's own dna. And is morally wrong to execute a defenceless, unborn child. I am pro-life because i stand for the rights of the unborn and give a voice to the voiceless. No mother should be judge,jury, and executioner on their own child....

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Abortion is morally wrong and barbaric. The unborn child has rights as an American (obviously for Americans) and a God-given right to live....

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Men should have a say in the abortion of his & hers baby, yes or no?


It's not his baby...It's not her baby...It's thier baby. So yes, the father does have a say in whether or not they should abort their baby....

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