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Abortion is the killing of an innocent human being, the right to life is an inalienable right given to every innocent human being, therefore, abortion, as the direct result of the killing of an innocent human child, violates the inalienable right to life. Thus, abortion is wrong. I would like to argue against abortion. There is no layout other than that my opponent should first provide a retort to the paragraph stated above in round one. This is just a free discussion in a relaxed manner. Als...

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Abortion is morally wrong


Definitions: Abortion - the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy It is my position that an unborn child is a human being, and therefore, by virtue of his/her common humanity, has the inalienable right to life. Furthermore, there is nothing fundamentally different about an unborn child (in any stage of its development) that would be considered 'sufficient conditions' for stripping that right to life away. Therefore, abortion is the deliberate killing of a human being and is just as mo...

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You never know what will happen to any child's life in a formidable family broken or other. That does not matter when deciding Wether to abort or not abort a child. The women made the choice to have unprotected sex the end. Should you spend your whole paycheck if you can't afford a medical bill to come up? Should you antagonize someone bigger than you in a fight. Should you miss work 3 days in a row and hope your boss. Ails you out and you can keep your job? Everything has consequences it doesn'...

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Should abortion be legal?


The debate will be on whether or not abortion should be legal, I will be be for abortion. Round 1.) Statement and agreement of rules Round 2.) Opening arguments Round 3.) Rebuttals Round 4.) Closing arguments/more rebuttals...

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This House Concludes that Abortion is Murder


** For the purpose of screening candidates, this debate should be near impossible for you to accept. However, if you are interested in accepting, please make yourself known in the comments section. **It's no secret that the subject of abortion is my primary interest on this website. I am aware of the fact that the subject of abortion has already been debated endlessly and I have read several of the other debates on this subject - already. That said, when it comes to...

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abortion is not legal murder.


Abortion is not legal murder, this can only be determined based on the start of a life. which is decided as many different times by different people, as i am not sure on your opinion on the start of a life then i cannot yet inform you whether you are wrong or not on that yet but im pretty sure your view will humour me....

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Abortion Is Generally Morally Reprehensible


Resolution Abortion Is Generally Morally Reprehensible In this debate I will defend the view that it is generally morally impermissible to deliberately terminate the pregnancy two weeks after the moment of fertilization; until the presence of the primitive streak one might argue that the zygote is not definitely an individual — in that period it is yet able to split into twins. In this debate I will not argue on religious grounds. In this debate I will not argue whether or not abortion...

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Should abortion be legal


I believe that abortion is morally wrong in ALL cases except if the life of the mother is in danger.I think that an embryo is a human being the moment egg is fertilized.Therefore according to the Declaration of Independence all human beings are entitled to "life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness"( first paragraph).The reason that I believe that a child is human at the first stage of its life because it was created by human reproduction,The embryo contains human DNA the second the egg is ferti...

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Thomson's Violinist Analogy for Abortion


First round is for acceptanceFull Topic:Thomson's Violinist Analogy Shows That Abortion is Morally PermissiblePro will argue that Thomson's analogy does show that abortion is morally permissible, while Con will argue that it does not. Disclaimer: if my opponent raises an objection that tries to draw a disanalogy...

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Abortion Is Morally Permissible


I want to begin by saying how pleased I am to debate Trent on this most important of moral issues. Like my opponent, I have a deep interest in bioethics. So I'm very much looking forward to discussing the philosophical aspects of abortion with such a capable and passionate contender. In this debate I'm going to defend two basic contentions. First, there are no good reasons to think that abortion is morally wrong. And secondly, there are good reasons to think that abortion is morally permissib...

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