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Should abortion be legal?


Abortion should not be legal because of many reasons. First, women need to think about their unborn babies who are not responsible for this situation. These unborn babies should have the privilege to live and grow into a normal person. It could also be a risk for the mothers health. It can expose various dangers and she could lose fertility.nWomen who have abortions often suffer major psychological damage from the experience along with, in some cases, the father of the child. Abortion is a form...

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Abortion is Immoral --- Tournament Debate, round 1


Resolved: Abortion is Immoral. MasterKage is Pro. He believes abortion is immoral, wrong, should not be done. He can make exceptions for rape and incest if he chooses, but the point is that abortion itself is a wrong thing, from the moment of conception. He doesn't have to argue that abortion should be illegal, but he should argue that it is immoral. Pro has the burden of proof. Wiploc is Con. His personal opinion is that abortion is good; lots of people should abort. Requiring abort...

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Abortion (Is it OK)


Do you think abortion is OK? Why or why not? I do not and I will tell you why in next round. Please accept!!!...

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Abortion as birth control should be illegal.


Hello, I know this is an old topic, but I like to debate it every now and then to get a fresh perspective on it. I have so far remained mostly against abortion...could someone on here be the one to change my mind? (I admit when it happens.) Let me be clear. I am not saying the clinics should be shut down. I am saying they should only give abortions to people who would either risk their lives to carry, or who were victims of rape or incest. I am arguing that abortion for the purpose of birt...

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first of all, being pro choice does not mean i am "pro abortion". i don't want to force women to have an abortion. the fact of the matter is, i think its wrong to FORCE any woman that you will never meet to do or not do anything. and, by saying that you are "pro life", if you are not aware, means that you believe the government should not only have a say in a women's decision of whats right to do with her body and her child, but that it should have the only say, whether they know what the woman...

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Abortion is A Moral and Should Not Be Restricted


First round: Acceptance and state reasons. Second, third, fourth rounds: Arguments upon opponent's statements. Fifth: Closing argument Abortion is considered one of the safest medical procedures, along with being ome with almost no consequences of injury. It also is right since it is the woman's body and that the fetus was not born yet. And for also being since we kill animals, what is the difference between a human and a deer? Only our brains if you are speaking of logical difference....

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a pregnant woman should not always be able to have an abortion


please note: most sane commentators to this debate say i am giving myself too much discretion, that it's not fair for that reason. i use the word 'not always' which means sometimes the woman should be able to abort. despite this, there are tons who have knee jerk responses and dont even negate that the woman shouldnt always have access to an abortion. not sure how they often win despite that, but. so, for this debate, you must accept that a woman should be able to abort a week before her due...

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Abortion is a terrible act, but is justified.


Abortion is an act that is not good, its not right, but it is justified. I stand here as a neutral ground to both sides, the middle ground between pro-life and pro-choice. I am willing to debate with either side because I disagree with them both. Abortion is an act of ceasing a life to be born into existence, which in my book is not technically killing, but it is still preventing a life from being born. I do not know what to call it, but it is not murder. Pro-life: It is a justifiable act be...

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Abortion is Wrong


Hello and Merry Christmas to all! Welcome to this debate on the highly controversial topic: abortion. I will be taking the stance that it is wrong, con will be arguing there are good for abortion. I believe there is NO good reason except for when the mother's life is in danger, other than that, there can't be a logical reason. Good luck, and let's have a solid debate....

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Abortion is Prima Facie Morally Wrong


I'm going to offer a brief outline of the pro-life position that I defend, and I will engage in further argumentation in the subsequent rounds. The fundamental issue regarding the abortion debate is not women's rights or other factors which concern personal autonomy, but over the status of the unborn child. Variants of the personal choice argument presuppose that the unborn child is not a human person, for if the unborn child is indeed a human person, then no amount of freedom justifies its e...

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