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Abortion Is Morally Permissible


I want to begin by saying how pleased I am to debate Trent on this most important of moral issues. Like my opponent, I have a deep interest in bioethics. So I'm very much looking forward to discussing the philosophical aspects of abortion with such a capable and passionate contender. In this debate I'm going to defend two basic contentions. First, there are no good reasons to think that abortion is morally wrong. And secondly, there are good reasons to think that abortion is morally permissib...

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Should abortion be made illegal?


Abortion violates the constitution, the constitution clearly states that murder is illegal in every way. When you abort a child you are murdering it before that child can experience life. The constitution also states that there should be no cruel and unusual punishment. You are cruelly punishing this baby for crimes it never committed. Also, when you abort a child you could be taking away the country's potential. Now what I mean by that is simply this, every kid has the potential or a dream to b...

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Should abortion be legal


I believe as a society we can come to the conclusion that abortion is an absolute evil on the same level as murder. It should therefore not only be unavailable but criminal....

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Should abortion be legal


I believe that abortion is morally wrong in ALL cases except if the life of the mother is in danger.I think that an embryo is a human being the moment egg is fertilized.Therefore according to the Declaration of Independence all human beings are entitled to "life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness"( first paragraph).The reason that I believe that a child is human at the first stage of its life because it was created by human reproduction,The embryo contains human DNA the second the egg is ferti...

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Abortion Is Generally Morally Reprehensible


Resolution Abortion Is Generally Morally Reprehensible In this debate I will defend the view that it is generally morally impermissible to deliberately terminate the pregnancy two weeks after the moment of fertilization; until the presence of the primitive streak one might argue that the zygote is not definitely an individual — in that period it is yet able to split into twins. In this debate I will not argue on religious grounds. In this debate I will not argue whether or not abortion...

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This House Concludes that Abortion is Murder


** For the purpose of screening candidates, this debate should be near impossible for you to accept. However, if you are interested in accepting, please make yourself known in the comments section. **It's no secret that the subject of abortion is my primary interest on this website. I am aware of the fact that the subject of abortion has already been debated endlessly and I have read several of the other debates on this subject - already. That said, when it comes to...

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February Beginners Tournament (Round 1): Abortion should be illegal.


This is one debate in the first round of the February Beginners Tournament. Pro, Krushia, is arguing in favor of the resolution. Con, myself, against.Terms: In the context of the debate, an abortion is "a surgical or medicinal procedure that terminates a pregnancy by removing the fetus; a therapeutic abortion." [1]Structure:R1: Laying out the terms of the debat...

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Resolved: The United States Government should make abortion illegal.


Rules: - No trolling or semantics. - No swears or racial slurs. - Forfeiting means an automatic loss, unless deemed okay by both sides. - If you break the rules of each round (as specified below), automatic conduct violation. - No google doc links. Order of rounds: R1: Acceptance and definitions. R2: Maximum 2 arguments, no rebuttals. R3: Maximum 2 arguments and rebuttals are allowed. R4: ONLY rebuttals and conclusions. Con may not refute what I have said in R4, because I don"t have...

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Abortion is Wrong


PRO MEANS IT IS WRONG, CON MEANS IT IS RIGHT. Abortion is wrong because it is condemnable for the same reasons that slavery and genocide are. People forget when deciding to have an abortion that it takes two bodies to make a baby, the baby experiences physical pain, and every abortion kills an innocent human being. Some people have to grow up with the fact that their parents did not want them for different reasons. The baby should not have to suffer especially because they feel pain. A baby bein...

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Abortion is MURDER!


The abortion debate has been ongoing for a very long time. There are many perspectives to the matter, but all in all it always opposes to 2 sides of the story, pro-abortion or anti-abortion. I will now state my perspective of the matter, hoping for a good debate opponent to accept the challenge. Basically, I see abortion as murder and to take another human being's life, whether it being a foetus or a living baby i still think it is the same principal, it is murder. And yes my dear opponent, i kn...

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