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Fox News's detrimental impact on America


I've now challenged RoyLatham to the debate. I wanted to challenge him to this resolution a couple weeks ago, but my finals schedule prevented me from doing such. We've agreed to all the specifics of the debate. Resolution: Fox News has had a negative impact on the American electorate, and the way news i...

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FNC (Fox News) showed Obama's address to Congress about his supposed health care plan


I have heard many uninformed liberals claim that FNC [1] did not show Obama's address to Congress that was supposed to be regarding his health care plan. This is a blatant lie. I would like anybody who believes that FNC didn't cover it to accept this debate and show that they didn't. [1]

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I Am Not Charlie_Danger


I am just a man that knows where he lives, knows where he sleeps, and who knows what he eats. As a matter of fact, I'm looking at him now. He looks so peaceful as he sleeps. If I had a camera, I would take a picture....

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Waterboarding is torture and anyone who allowed it/executed it should be prosecuted


Hi! Recently you may have heard about detainees being waterboarded. If you have been living under a rock for the past couple months, this might help: Now, for this debate, you get two for the price of one. Not only are we debating that Dick Cheney and Condi Rice and all those other mother firetruckers should be prosecuted, but also that waterboarding is torture. If you aren't convinced of that, try this: Now, I'm pretty sure torture i...

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The U.S. Government Ought Not Sell the UnaBomber's Possessions

pcmbrown Resolved: The U.S. Government ought not to sell the Unabomber's possessions without permission from the Unabomber. I just saw this on CNN and was wondering if anyone would like a friendly debate on the subject. Be forewarned, this debate isn't about semantics or legal precedent. I'm looking for a debate on morals - basically: should the government be able to sell a criminal's possessions without permission? If either side...

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the Rothschilds have enough control?


Name me what else they need to controll. search the rothschild control....

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Jessica's Law


Jessica's law forces every single person charged with brutal child molestation into one of two categories. Mandatory minimum of 25 years in prison, or innocent. The reality is that most of these people probably deserve something in the way of 7-15 years depending on all the factors, which is what they were getting prior to Jessica's Law. There will always be a few people who get off lighter then they diserve no matter what the crime is, but mandatory minimums will actually make the problem wo...

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THW ban the civilian use of nulear power


Health Impacts The waste produced by nuclear power emits ionizing radiation, which can cause cancer and other adverse health effects in humans. Exposure to ionizing radiation can occur externally from material released into the air, or internally from the consumption of contaminated food and water. Scientists have concluded that there is no safe level of exposure to ionizing radiation, and that even the smallest dose is capable of contributing to the development of cancer....

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Quebec should not leave Canada


I hate the fact that Quebec wants to leave Canada and become a new country, first it would separate Canada into two parts, if Quebec started a war it will create havoc every ware and every map of Canada would need to change....

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Updated 5 Years Ago's "coming soon" additions will be a good thing.


I am against the new additions claims they will be launching soon. Thus, the polar opposite of my stance will have to be that the additions are good things, something I think most members will agree on, but I'll remind you that your personal opinions are not the standard of your voting, but which debater proved their point better. If you feel the need to justify your anonymous vote, you can do so in the comments area. Now to my points. Here are the additions that will be put up on...

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