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Is dbaldwin1215 better than draxxt?


I have to say that I read a debate between dbaldwin1215 and draxxt and I was totally shocked that draxxt even decided to continue with the debate after dbaldwin totally OWNED him. Now, if draxxt has any ego and pride, he should step up to this debate and see who really had more logic....

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Gay marriage should be legal.


Simply put, it should be legal. I can find no compelling argument as to why it shouldn't be legal. So, I will ramble a bit. This must get to 100 words. I like words. Words are wordsy. Words, words, words. Sentences too. Also, two. Sentences are collections of words put together, often beginning with a capital letter and ending with a punctuation mark....

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Hitler was insane.


Disclaimer: I am not a racist, a Nazi, or any of the sort. However, I do not believe that Hitler was insane. I do believe that he had every one of his beliefs rationalized. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Hitler- Adolf Hitler, Leader of the Third Reich, also known as Nazi Germany, an Axis Power during the Second World War. Insane- mentally deranged ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I await my opponent's arguments a...

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Gay marriage


Gay marriages ought to be allowed because we need to respect them at rational and consenting human beings with the right to life liberty and property. Moreover, the right to marry does not impede our rights in any way and therefore it is not the governments place to prevent equal treatment. Furthermore, the tradition of marriage has been a fluent and evolving beast that will not be deteriorated by the allowance of free individuals to commit to each other in the name of love and commitment....

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imabench is an ignorant fvuck tard


Look at his weekly stupid. He also pretends to be a christian but talks about seaman in kim kardasahns mouth. You sir need to take an IQ test u'll score so low on it...

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Homosexuals are perfectly justified and deserve all the rights of other people.


So...gays are definitely people. Their homosexual actions have no negative impact on anyone but themselves (placing them apart from rapists and pedophiles.) Therefore, no country is morally justified in placing restrictions against any of their rights. Whoever accepts this debate must find a reason why we have a right to discriminate against gays....

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Animals: Should They Have Rights Under U.S. Law?


Animals should have basic rights under U.S. law. There is research done by many organizations that show that abusing animals is only a step below abusing children. Also, though animals may not have reason and logic like humans, they do have some degree of emotion and deserve to be treated decently. In almost every organized religion, studies show that animals are not to be treated poorly....

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Wikipedia is an acceptable source to use in debates.


Wikipedia is often not allowed as a source in a debate. People say "Oh, anyone can change it, they can make it say anything." While this is partially true, one forgets that unless something on Wikipedia has a source, it can be challenged and removed. Also, I would like to point out that Wikipedia has been found to be about as accurate as the Encyclopedia Britannica The Encyclopedia Britannica is considered reliable and is by no means taboo...

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It is inconsiderate to protest Christmas just because you don't believe in it , it isnt hurting you


Here is what I want to debate . If you don't believe in Christmas , that is fine. But why must a person protest that it is wrong and evil and such? If you don't believe in , thats your decision. Why must people protest it, how does it bother you so much? Christmas is a Holiday many believe in , many don't . I don't think just because you don't believe in a holiday that many people do that you have to criticize it. How does it affect you that others celebrate Christmas? Why does it bother you...

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David Icke's view that the world is ruled by a secret group called "Illuminati" is false


I welcome GeoLaureate8 to this debate, and him in general to this website. I hope this turns out to be quite enjoying given it's unique nature ;) Unless I am mistaken, most members of are new to these ideas that Geo has recently espoused upon entering this site. In general, his ideas align with David Icke's - an infamous British writer and public speaker who has developed this type of "New Age Conspiracism"[1]. To summarize it briefly, he basically believes that there is a secret g...

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