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Instrumental worship for New Testament Christians can be justified (debate #2)


My opposition must agree that the ONLY authority to go by is the 66 books found in the Holy Bible. I have this exact argument going on with someone else but I would like to take on another opponent as well. What I'm proposing: New Testament Christians can worship God accompanied by instrumental use (only stringed instruments) and the bible is not silent on this matter. Evidence of my proposition to be true: Christians in the New Testament were plainly instructed to sing and do it fro...

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The Kingdom of Jesus Christ was set up and established in the 1st Century


** I forgot one other request. When citing passages, please insert the passage for convenience (so that readers will not to look it up). The Imminence of the Kingdom in the First Century Before g...

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Vote-Bombing Contest!


You know what, nevermind. I'm doing the challenge. I'm just unsure because so many people hate me. Lets test that hate. Simple. Just accept. Then you have to try and get as many people to vote-bomb for you as you can and I have to do the same. Whoever gets more votes within 10 days wins the debate. Round 1 is for acceptance and round 2 is for any additional questions. I won't respond as quickly in order to give people time to see the debate. I think I will lose though......

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The government created the great depression


This is for an economics tournament, and I am certain no trolling will occur, but if it does its an automatic FF. 1st round acceptance 2nd arguments 3rd rebuttals 4th rebuttals ---> No trolling ---> No semantics...

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Obama will not be our next President


Obama will not be our next President. I have three arguments for this stance on this debate. 1.RACE-Unfortunately America is not ready for a African American President. Racism is not far enough in our past yet. I am a Union member. Out of the twenty seven people I work with there are three Republicans, including myself. The "dems" I work with were split, twenty for Clinton, four for Obama. When Clinton lost the nomination twenty of the "Dems" said they would NOT vote for Obama. Race was the m...

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The Qur'an openly preaches violence and hatred against non-believers.


My opponent, Mirza has offered to discuss a controversial subject regarding the Qur'an, that it openly preaches violence and hatred as this has been bothering me for some time now. While I'm aware that much of it is likely misinterpretations it's still an important issue worth addressing. One can't help, but to wonder why there's so much bloodshed done in the name of the "religion of peace". I hope for an interesting and informative debate. Good luck to both of us! I will begin by presenting...

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(History suggests) Muslims have killed more than Christians in the name of their god.


(History suggests) Muslims have killed more than Christians in the name of their god. This debate is to see if Muslims have killed more people in the name of their religion than Christians. My arguments will be displayed in Round two, a way of reliving pressure when Con accepts a the debate. Expect anyone who takes this to have a good knowledge of the History of Islam and Christianity to modern day, also the History the Middle East and North Africa, Byzantium, Coptic Christianity (Patriarch o...

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In terms of quality of life, a flat tax places an unfair, substantially heavier burden on the poor.


This is mostly a hypothetical debate. However, I will present numbers which Con is more than welcome to question.In this debate we will be looking at relatively modern Western Societies and specifically the United States (although I think this would easily apply to modern European countries such as the UK, France, Germany, etc.). This stipulation is particularly important when defining the minimum cost of living (since one could say that in 3rd world countries the cost of living...

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Are republicans just stuck up christians with too much money?


Republicans, where to start. This debate is sensitive subject with me. My whole family is Republican and christian. I guess you could call me a rebel. I am confused about God and I am a democrat. I think that republicans are extremley close minded and dont ever allow anything new or different in the country. George Bush for example came from a wealthy family and look how sucky the country is right now!! I would like to know why republicans are so against gay marriage. Oh wait I already know that...

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Jesus Christ is more likely to be an alien than the son of God.


First round is acceptance....

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