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Is homosexuality a choice?


Homosexuality cannot be choice because then I would be able to choose to be gay, and I cant. I'm straight and there is nothing I can do to change that. I didn't decide to be straight, I just am. I was never even given a choice....

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Legalization of Gay Marriage


Resolved: The reasons to make same-sex marriage legal in the United States outweigh the reasons not to do so.(Note: This does not neccessarily refer to a specific jurisdiction within the United States, but rather any jurisdiction within the United States.)I have made this debate unacceptable for now, as I would like to ensure a good opponent. I have tried this debate a couple of times before and have had forfeits both times.

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Parliament should be a voluntary role instead of politicians being paid


I personally believe that politicians should not be paid for their work or at the very least they should be paid far less for their work because when you pay someone a 6-figure salary then you run the risk of enticing the wrong people into parliament. I feel that if parliament was voluntary then the 'wrong' people ie the money seekers would be taken out of the equation. Therefore leaving the genuine people that want to do good for the country that they live in....

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Abortion should be legal


I've wanted to debate this topic for a while now, and my opponent has shown some interest in it on the forums, so I thought this would be a good debate. Since the resolution is very straightforward I don't think an acceptance round is needed. Con may use their text space however they want to. Opening arguments: 1) Uncertainty about the beginning of life The scientific answer to the question of whether life begins at conception, at birth, or at some other point during a pregnancy is not...

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Is the WHINSEC(US Army School of the Americas) ethical?


The Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (a.k.a. WHINSEC or The School of the Americas) is a school located in Fort Benning, Georgia that provides military training for soldiers in Latin American countries. The school is under heavy criticism because its former graduates, such as Manuel Noriega, Roberto D'Aubuisson, and Heriberto Lazcano, have committed human violations. I believe that the WHINSEC is still ethical even though the school has trained many evil men....

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Resolved: North Korea and South Korea should just have sex and get it over with already


The debate resolution is that North Korea and South Korea should just have sex and get it over with already. THIS IS A TROLL DEBATE 1st round acceptance only 4000 character limit Can now be accepted...

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Religious Schools Should Not Receive Government Funding


Some educational voucher programs allow students to use that funding to attend religiously based schools. It is my contention that this violates the Establishment clause and should be prohibited. This is a brief three round debate so round one will be acceptance and brief rebuttal, round 2 for arguments and round 3 for summary. I place no restrictions on my opponent regarding rating but do insist on courtesy and sticking to the subject....

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Rebellion and revolution is possible in America today


This isn't really an argument to me, but rather a method of figuring out the problems of this topic and how to solve them. A debate format being perfect for the task. I'll be attempting to prove that rebellion and revolution are possible in America today. Con's job would be to disprove that it is possible by asserting counter arguments & debunking my claims, and summarizing why it isn't possible. I'm not looking to boost my score, I could care less. I'm looking for a good argument, and...

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The United States is Ready for a Female President


Resolve: The United States is Ready for a Female President Clarification: I would not have any personal issue with having a female presi...

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Obama is posioning to America.


Obama has set in motion events that are damaging to the delicate geo-political balance of the world and thinks he is doing a good job. There fore he must be the anti-Christ. He has cut our Military off at the knees, while creating a power vacuum in the Middle East allowing ISIS to take over. This has all happen when his biggest concern was his golf handicap. Has forced Obama care on us effectively raising medical insurance for the entire middle class. Now he is trying to force his reCockulous im...

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