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Hamas is more at fault for the current suffering of Palestinians than Israel.


I have already posted this debate but it was screwed up so I made minor changes to who can accept this debate. I said Hamas in the title and that is the focus but this also includes other terrorists like them such as whoever was responsible for the murder of the three Israeli teens. By current I mean in the last few months. Just to be clear it is still permitted to bring up an occurrence before if it is relevant. Other than that I think the title says it all but I will define fault. Fault- R...

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Trolling is just a label, a name calling kind of thing.


Most debaters are trolls, unless they are debating an inconsequential issue with humor or another featherweight issue. Trolling is normal with whoever takes a side as someone on the other side of serious issues will have an emotional response even if the instigator dumbs it down with PC language. I am proud to troll, but calling me a troll is insulting, however offensive and stupid the anti troll's beliefs are. Calling someone a troll is a defense mechanism, it is basically saying that the troll...

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The Military Draft should be abolished


This debate is for Round 1 of the Official Tier Tournament, hosted by the site's vice president, Bsh1. 1. First round for acceptance 2. No new arguments in the final round. 3. By accepting the debate, Con agrees to define the Military Draft as "a policy allowing the govenment to engage in the compulsory enlistment of citizens into military or naval service; usually employed during times of war." Good luck, Lannan....

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flat fees, not flat taxes, r the truly conservative approach


flat fees, not flat taxes, are the truly conservative approach conservatives often push for flat taxes. a set percentage of one's income. but, why not just say that eveyone has to pay the same amount? why tax the richer more just because they make more income? and if this casues more tax to be paid overall on the poor, so be it? these are all the arguments made when it comes down to progressive taxes v flat taxes. we could just extend the arguments to flat fees v flat taxes...

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Voluntaryism is correct.


Here is the wikipedia description of it, which I agree with completely. My position is that wide-spread adoption of Voluntaryism would makes society function more efficiently and increase average, median, and net welfare. Voluntaryism (or sometimes voluntarism), is a libertarian philosophy which holds that all forms of human association should be voluntary.[1] The principle most frequently used to support voluntaryism is the non-aggression principle (NAP). It is closely associated with, and o...

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The United States Should Legalize All Recreational Drugs


Welcome! This will be a debate on whether or not all recreational drugs should be legalized. Con must not have less than 3 debates completed and must have knowledge that he or she will be able to complete the entire debate without worry. If you wish to accept this debate, then say so in the comments.Burden of Proof will be shared. I must prove that drugs should be legalized and my opponent must prove that they should stay banned.The debate wil...

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Hamas has no right to shoot rockets into Israel.


The first round of this debate will be accepting your agrument. Pro side is arguing that Hamas has no right to shoot rockets into Israel, and the Con side will be arguing that Hamas does indeed have a right to shoot rockets into Israel.Express your interest in this debate in the comment section. I shall choose a opponent.First Round! Start by Accepting your premise!...

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The Fouding Fathers (U.S.) Didn't Care about the Constitution


The debate at stake is to discuss if our founding fathers truly valued the document that they created. In my argument I will show how our founding fathers violated the very Constitution that they signed, the very document that patriots died for, only to be discarded by our founders in the name of power and American White Supremacy. If our founders were alive today (maybe except Jefferson) they'd turn over in their graves at the sight of our modern day tolerance. Round 1 will be acceptance,...

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This house believes that Stalin was not a true socialist


As a totalitarian socialist I support all (former and current) communist leaders, Kim Jong Il, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov Lenin, Josip Broz Tito, Nicolae Ceausescu, Fidel Castro. However, I do not support the reign of Josip Stalin because of his ulterior fascist and capitalist motives. In this debate I establish that: This is a debate on whether or not Josip Stalin was a socialist. Your personal opinion on what is and is not moral is irrelevant. Definition of socialist: 'A theory or syste...

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Would the United States Be Better Off Without the Deep South?


Rules: Round 1: Acceptance, no arguments Round 2/3: Arguments and rebuttals Round 4: Closing statements, no new arguments Failure to adhere to these rules results in a loss of points for conduct. Definitions: The Deep South: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/35/Map_of_USA_Deep_South.svg/300px-Map_of_USA_Deep_South.svg.png I argue that the United States as a whole would benefit from a separation with The Deep South....

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