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We Must Deport Illegal Immigrants From The U.S.A. For 10 Major Reasons


(1) Over 50% of illegals view themselves as citizens of their country of origin and have no intention of learning English or of assimilating. Some of them have the notion that they are in the U.S.A. in order to take it over with a crude overpopulation scheme called "reconquista". Their countries of origin view them as their citizens (soldiers) abroad. Fine. Go back to where you came from because you don't belong in the United States. (2) Illegals broke U.S. laws which is WHY they are called i...

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The Muslim females should disassociate themselves from the mainstream feminist movement


Feminist movement is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated movements of the current world and it has brought wonders by relieving women of social norms and superstitions. But the current worldwide feminist movement is led by higher class working ladies. As a result, they are able to apprehend only the problems of the higher class ladies. They have a minimum idea about the mid eastern ladies of Saudi Arab, Sudan, Egypt, etc. , about their condition, their values. Also, the lower class(poor) wom...

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Communism (Marxist) Vs Facism (Ideology is up to Contender)


I will be going for support on Communism in this debate, from the true communist ideological thinking of Marxism. I will be using things straight out of the Communist Manifesto. So first off. Marxism is a very progressive ideology that would benefit todays societies, as today unemployment is high in most countries and the world economy is getting worse for some while others prosper and the ones that profit no matter what are the corporations and bourgeoisie. So in my debate I say that Marxism...

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Solitary Confinement Use Should be Reduced and Elimanted


I believe that solitary confinement should be phased out of prisons within the United States and eventually eliminated in its current form. Terms:Solitary confinement (or segregation)- placing an inmate within an isolated cell for a period longer than 72 hours for either protection of the inmate, protection of other inmates/the prison, or as a means of punishment. Current Form- Isolated for 23 hours or more in a cell that generally is lit with artificial light...

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The dominance of two major political parties in the U.S presidential elections undermines democracy.


Affirmative Case #2: The Electoral College: An Undemocratic Tool of the Two Party System This case argues that the dominance of the two-party system functions through the Electoral College to undermine American democratic ideals. The Electoral College itself, as well as the "winner take all" voting rule used by most states, makes Americans fundamentally unequal as voters in presidential elections. Citizens of large states have much greater influence than citizens of small states. In extreme...

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All drugs should be legal.


We will be debating whether all drugs should be legal, and yes, I mean ALL drugs counting heroin, methamphetamine, you name it. I will take the PRO stance while my contender will be CON meaning you are against the legalization of all drugs. These are the requirements you must agree to before accepting the debate. First Round: Accepting the debate and a brief summary of what you think should be legal regarding drug use. Second Round: Why you believe your stance. NO REBUTTLE. Do NOT attack my...

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Should the age of minority/majority be abolished?


Age is just a number. This is a true statement. To group PEOPLE based on any external characteristic such as age, is by definition, discrimination. It is the standard philosophy of America to not discriminate. This philosophy has been adapted to adhere to the voices of citizens throughout the course of history. First it was all men. Then all adults, with a few exceptions. I suggest that the criteria now be humanity itself. All people, regardless of any external or uncontrollable characteristics,...

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Should the Death Penalty Be Allowed?


Life is sacred. This is an ideal that the majority of people can agree upon to a certain extent. For this reason, taking the life of another has always been considered the most deplorable of crimes, one worthy of the harshest available punishment. Thus arises one of the great moral dilemmas of our time. Should taking the life of one who has taken the life of others be considered an available punishment? Is a murderer's life any less sacred than the victim's is? Can capital punishment, the death...

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Marijuana should be legal for adults. (Debate sponsored by King La Ding Enterprises).


The Full King La Ding resolution: Recreational AND medical marijuana should be legal for adults in the United States, because the benefits clearly outweigh the positives. King La Ding Enterprises sponsors this debate with a set of rules, and this set of rules is as followed: If you are caught in an incorrect fact or anomaly, you must formerly recognize the opponent (who is roughly 99.99999999% likely to be me) as superior to you in every aspect of life....

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The US should fund rebels to defeat ISIS.


First Round: Acceptance Second Round: Opening Statements Third Round: Rebuttals Fourth Round: Closing Statements I will take the con side of this argument. I hope to have an interesting discussion with my opponent....

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