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Adolescents ought to have the right to make autonomous medical choices.


Adolescents ought to have the right to make autonomous medical choices.Definitions:Adolescent: "the period of life from puberty to maturity terminating legally at the age of majority"(1)Autonomous: "existing or acting separately from other things or people"(2)Round one for pro is acceptance and opening argument.Pro will waive last round.Comment if you are interested.(1) http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/adolescence(2) http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/autonomous...

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When someone is in pain and is in the clutches of a terminal sickness how much do they really want to go on. If you are dying of brain cancer and you don't want your family to see you melting into nothingness would you really just continue on even though you had less than six months to live. Put yourself in their shoes, no we don't mean the elderly we mean the young people who don't want to waste away and be in pain for the last years of their life. Of course strict laws would help to limit the...

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Israel is morally justified in its attacks on Hamas


I affirm, Israel's attacks are justified. To start, I'd like to look at what qualifies as justified. Any action that has a net benefit (includes preventing a greater harm) is a justifiable action. A net benefit means that at the end of the effects of the action, more good was done than bad. With that in mind, I will move on to my arguments. My first is that Israel's attacks are warranted by the threat of Hamas. As already seen, Hamas is willing and has been willing to carry out attacks on Isr...

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Fat MPs should have to be elected twice, as they take up double the space in the House of Commons


http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/talking_point/2346381.stmWe all remember with joy that lazy fat arses have to pay double in aeroplanes because they take up two whole seats (one for them and one for their metabolism), but unfortunately we haven't seen the same ideas be applied to HM Government.Aside from the space issue, there are other reasons why we would want to make it harder for the fat to become membe...

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Gay marriage should be legal


I believe gay marriage should be legal because everyone is human regardless of sexuality. The only argument people use is religion but Jesus taught love and acceptance not hate and discrimination. So if this is true that people hate gays because of religion, you are going against the words of Jesus Christ. If being gay was a choice why would someone choose to be hated and discriminated against. No one wants to be put down. Love is a beautiful and a powerful thing. Shouldn't we embrace it, not ma...

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European Constitutional Monarchies Ought to be Dissolved


ROUND 1This debate will be about the constitutional monarchies of Europe and whether or not this form of government should be accepted. The premise of this debate is the Constitutional Monarchies of Europe ought to be dissolved. I will take the Pro side of...

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Should marijuana be illegal?


I don't even really need to make an argument of my own. This site, called "Why Pot Should Be Illegal" explains everything you will ever need to know. www.whypotshouldbeillegal.com I dare anyone to say otherwise....

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Those responsible for Benghazi where Four Americans Died should be made to answer for the debacle.


My opinion is that The State department heads are responsible for what happend in Benghazi because they were more worried about not offending Muslim officials than they were about protecting the Americans in the embassy. Will those responsible for Benghazi where Four Americans Died ever be revealed and made to answer for their failures to protect those Americans there with American military protection to the Embassy Will the heads of the State department be made to answer for their role in that...

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Felons should have voting rights in the modern U.S.


Felons should have voting rights in the modern U.S. A: Clarification/Context So as to be as clear as possible. I am arguing that so called Felons should retain the right to vote in spite of being felons. Below is some basic information on the current circumstance in regard to the debate topic. “The idea of taking away a criminal's right to vote...

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The 10 commandments newly set up on the grounds of the Oklahoma City capitol building is illegal


I will be taking the stance that having the Christian 10 commandments now clearly visible to all on the Oklahoma City capitol grounds is illegal and unconstitutional under federal law. Con will be arguing the opposite: That the 10 commandments being newly placed here are constitutional under Federal law. The first round will be acceptance....

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