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Hamas are justified in their actions


While some mainstream media may have a pro Palestinian bias, I have found it is rare to find any that actually voice support for Hamas. In fact they are considered terrorists almost universally, even by 'so called' neutral media. I'm taking this position on what is Hamas' current position as I do realize that documents such as the Hamas Charter of 1988 are deeply antisemitic and were made back in a time when Hamas were bitter following a succession of failed battles. I'm excited to take a de...

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If India and Pakistan went into another all-out war, Pakistan would be victorious.


I'm sure most people have heard of a place called Kashmir, where Pakistan and India have been fighting for about 60 years in. Lets say, Pakistan and India do go in ANOTHER all-out war like they have before. Pakistan would be victorious for the following reasons.1. Pakistan is proven to have more weapons of mass destruction.2. China and Pakistan are friendly with each other. If India declares war on Pakistan, China is coming their way.3. Before anyone says...

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Should The President Of The United States Be Impeached?


What Do you think please be honest. This is a free work we have the right to talk about this stuff....

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The Government Should Eliminate the Minimum Wage


This is the final debate in the DDO Olympics government and politics bracket. If you have any questions about the debate format below, mention them before you accept this debate.Full ResolutionThe government should eliminate the minimum wage.The BoP lies on both debaters (I have to prove that this change in policy is good, while my opponent has to argue for the good of said policy; I'll give the voters some leeway here).

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Individual privacy is more important than national security


Individual privacy is more important than national security, because the Constitution protects people's rights of privacy. The First Amendment protects people's privacy of belief; the Third Amendment protects the privacy of house against the need of housing for soldiers; the Fourth Amendment protects the privacy of personal possessions and is against to unreasonable searches; the Fifth Amendment protects the privacy of personal information. Privacy is essential in every person's life....

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In US elections we should eliminate political parties


I argue that we should do away with political parties. People should vote for candidates based on their own positions on issues and their merit rather than what party they are affiliated with. First Round is for acceptance only and last round only closing arguments, but nothing that requires a response....

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Drivers License Checkpoints are Unconstitutional


Has anyone been driving along with your significant other after seeing a movie or having dinner on a Friday or Saturday night, only to find that they are now caught in a traffic jam? As you get closer and inch along, taking several minutes, you discover police lights up ahead. You get even closer and now you realize you're trapped in a drivers license checkpoint. When asked, you provide your license to the officer, and are allowed to proceed, but only after the officer scans your license, perfor...

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Which of the significant political issues would you concentrate on if you were a party leader? Why?


What issues do TGAS students think are most significant?...

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Should Gay Marriage(adoption and all other normal rights) Be Allowed In The U.S.?


I would love to debate on this topic and am open to anyone willing to debate. I will start this debate by clearing up main arguments that are used by the "con" members of the gay marriage issue I will do this by going over said arguments and debunking them. 1. Well My Religion Is Against It, So Ban It. Umm.... ever heard of this great thing called separation of church and state, here let me quote it for you. Establishment Clause: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of...

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Marijuana should not be legalized.


This is a debate involving the legalization of cannabis/marijuana.I wish to challenge this person to a debate.7,000 characters72 hours to argue3 rounds (short debate)DEFINITIONS:Cannabis: any of the preparations (as marijuana or hashish) or chemicals (as THC) that are derived from the hemp and are psychoactive. [1]Legalization:...

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