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Trolling is just a label, a name calling kind of thing.


Most debaters are trolls, unless they are debating an inconsequential issue with humor or another featherweight issue. Trolling is normal with whoever takes a side as someone on the other side of serious issues will have an emotional response even if the instigator dumbs it down with PC language. I am proud to troll, but calling me a troll is insulting, however offensive and stupid the anti troll's beliefs are. Calling someone a troll is a defense mechanism, it is basically saying that the troll...

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Would the United States Be Better Off Without the Deep South?


Rules: Round 1: Acceptance, no arguments Round 2/3: Arguments and rebuttals Round 4: Closing statements, no new arguments Failure to adhere to these rules results in a loss of points for conduct. Definitions: The Deep South: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/35/Map_of_USA_Deep_South.svg/300px-Map_of_USA_Deep_South.svg.png I argue that the United States as a whole would benefit from a separation with The Deep South....

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The Fouding Fathers (U.S.) Didn't Care about the Constitution


The debate at stake is to discuss if our founding fathers truly valued the document that they created. In my argument I will show how our founding fathers violated the very Constitution that they signed, the very document that patriots died for, only to be discarded by our founders in the name of power and American White Supremacy. If our founders were alive today (maybe except Jefferson) they'd turn over in their graves at the sight of our modern day tolerance. Round 1 will be acceptance,...

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Obama is either not a Muslim, or a very bad Muslim.


The debate will precede as follows, the first round will be acceptation and brief statement of views on topic. (1-3 sentences) The second round is where both sides will put up their main argument (at least 2 paragraphs) You may not rebut what your opponent said in rounds 1 and 2 during the second round. Round 3 will be the rebuttals and closing arguments. Swearing is not allowed. Sources must be cited. Best of luck to my opponent. *********

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Assault weapons should be banned.


Before I begin, I would like to clarify that the opponent may not just rely on the right to bear arms, but must explain why the should have that right. I will now proceed to my argument. Contention 1: America no longer has the need to protect itself from a tyrannical government, one of the original purposes of the second amendments. Contention 2: There is no practical use for assault weapons. Contention 3: Gun Control effectively reduces the amount of gun violence....

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The British monarchy should be abolished.


I believe that the archaic UK's monarchy should be abolished and that the state should change its name and become a republic. The idea of having a monarch has always been ludicrous and is even more so in the modern time. The people of a state should hold popular sovereignty of it and be citizens of the state, not subjects of the monarch. Giving extra rights and privileges to a person based on the family in to which they were born is a stupid, archaic idea. According to Article 1 of the Un...

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DDO Tier Tournament Take Two: States Should Possess Nuclear Weapons


Resolved: States Should Possess Nuclear WeaponsDebate Details:Round Two of the DDO Tournament Take Two, Middle Tier. (http://www.debate.org/forums/debate.org/topic/43961/)

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The UK should leave the EU for it's own benefit


The proposition of this debate is that the UK should leave the EU for it's own benefit. I will be Pro in this debate and my esteemed opponent will be arguing against the proposition.BOP is shared.Important notes for readers and potential voters:This debate is...

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Obama is the worst president in history


There are two condemning features of Obama's disastrous presidency that rise above the many others - his lies and broken promises, and his harmful policies. No president in history is as notorious for lying as Obama. While several, Andrew Jackson and Lincoln among them, are known for there humorous tall tales, they all believed that speaking truth as they know it is essential to honor. His specific large and small lies are the subject of countless conservative media publications. Reference Googl...

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3rd wave feminism has made notable progress for civil rights


My opponent believes the 3rd wave of feminism has not made any progress. I disagree. Debate will be limited to 4 rounds. First round is for acceptance only....

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