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God Is Real


I believe that god is real because why would everything about god just be made up? Why would someone write an entire book about a god who created the world for no good reason? God has proved to do many miracles such as bring Jesus back to life when he died on the cross. Take the book "Heaven is for real, A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back" written by Lynn Vincent and Todd Burpo. If this child hadn't had a trip to heaven, how would he have known about his little sister...

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Evolution is more plausible than Creationism


Hello! I plan on having on having a debate with anyone who is interested. 1st round: Acceptance 2nd round: Stating our evidence 3rd round: debunking said evidence 4th round: Conclusion Thank you and hopefully we can have a knowledgeable and fun debate! :)...

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Does a Deity Exist?


I'm not sure on my beliefs yet, but I'll say I'm pro-deity for the sake of the debate. Any wanderers willing to debate, feel free to leave a comment and we can have a duel of the minds! (Wow, that was a bit too dramatic...) This deity would be omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, receive worship, be the creator of our Universe, and be intangible....

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Islam is a religion of terror


Islam is a religion of terror Hello, Donald. We both know exactly why I’ve proposed this debate. If you accept, I will retract my comments about you being a coward. Of course, if you don’t, my comments will stand. It’s your choice, choose carefull...

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Theological fatalism demonstrates the Christian god is a sinner, a liar or a fiction.


Claims for god - God is omniscient, omnipotent, eternal and transcendent of time. God hates sins. Claims for man - Humanity inherited sin from the original sin. Men choose to sin because they have free will. Step 1 - If earth doesn't exist god still knows what choices Adam and Eve will make on any given earth. Step 2- If earth doesn't exist god still knows what sins will follow Adam and Eve's children. Step 3 - If earth doesn't exist god still knows Bill Clinton will have an affair. Step...

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Christianity is harmful to today's society


Christianity is bad. In a country, and world, full of Liberals and athiests, Christianity has no place. somebody please tell me why they think it is good for society....

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According to the Bible is Jesus Black?


I am black so I don't think I am being biased. I wont go into speculation on he lived in this part of the world so he must have been a man of color. Greeks and Romans where already in the area so it is possible he could have been white. To end that speculation because we don't have a body or even know his bloodline to test DNA. So phenotype according to the words of the Bible was he described as a black man or a white man? I looking for a 1st round KO if anybody step up to the challenge....

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The God of the Bible Exists


I am a Bible-believing Christian and I assert that much evidence is readily available which supports the existence of Jehovah Elohim, the Lord God of scripture. I will allow my opponent to decide in which direction this debate shall go (e.g. ethics, science, logic, philosophy, etc.). I would rather not make a case for God based on philosophy if he would rather have scientific evidence, and likewise, I would rather not make a case for God based on science if he has ethical objections to the...

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Prove that God is real


If you can prove Gods Existance, I'll forfeit every round....

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God Exists


I say that God does not exist. Many people say that God exists, but then why do they say so? God cannot exist because there is no proof. I can believe what I want and I say God does not exist. God is "the omnipotent, omniscient, intelligent creator and ruler of the universe and the source of all moral authority." This does not exist. This cannot exist. Prove that God exists and I will accept it....

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