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Does logic prove the existence of god?


When I talk about logic proving the existence of god, I am referring to the transcendence argument. First round is introduction. Second through fifth is debate....

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Is religion fact or fiction?


It's a simple debate, is religion based on facts or fiction....

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Are rape, murder, and slavery allowed in the Bible?


RULES: Opening arguments in round one, rebuttals and further arguments in round two, closing arguments and rebuttals in round 3. In the Bible, several instances of rape, murder, and even slavery are allowed by the Christian God, Yahweh, to happen. I am not a Christian, nor do I claim to be, but these are from the Christian holy book known as the Bible. If you do not believe that these passages are real, open a Bible and look for them. For example, the following passages from the Bible a...

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Religion must end on the planet to create global unity without losing God and his virtues


Religion splits humanity and divides the population into multiple factions. God promotes love and unity among all of humanity. This is why religion does not work on our planet as it goes against a universally accepted godly principle of love and unity. If humanity could agree on a simple concept of God without needing it to be connected to religion there would be less conflict on the planet. Most of the worlds conflicts can be linked to religious viewpoints. This fact has been a prominent theme...

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god is real


You say theirs no proof for the existence of god but there there is no proof that proofs that he is not so what proof is there. God is something to believe in other then your self science really does not know anything. Theories for everything is changed every 100 years or so. What we know now will be different 200 years from now and they will laugh at us for being so stupid....

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Near death experiences are scientifically explainable


Most medical institutions worldwide agree that near death experiences or NDEs for short are the hormonal death throes of a persons subconscious when that said person is either close to death or dying. There are also a number of reasons as to why a persons firsthand recollection of an NDE could either be fake or completely unreliable due to the age of the person, their mental health and ulterior motives to lie. Although I do believe that people actually see things during an NDE but I think that w...

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Was Jesus actually human?


Ok so I haven't read the bible yet and this is my first debate so please go easy on me if there's a technical mistake So my argument or thought just popped up. Was Jesus actually human because Mary the Virgin had Jesus the baby so from this there can only be 2 situations. either God imprinted his DNA on the baby or the baby was composed out of Mary's DNA entirely. Both these situations either lead to a conclusion that 1. Jesus was part God part Human or 2. Jesus was a clone out of Mary....

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The KCA is Sound


I dedicate this debate to Typhlochactas, that legend among mortals, that formidable foe and friend. May he rest in peace, yet remain in haunting vigil throughout the DDO empire. Vale...

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There is too much evil in the world for the traditional christian god to exist


I will be arguing that there is too much evil in the world for God to exist. God is defined as omnipotent, omni-benevolent, and omniscient. (although this can be changed if you wish - write in comments)...

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Are there moral facts?


'Moral facts' here, are defined as norms which you have a reason to act in accord with independently of your own wants, aims, and desires and you can make a mistake with respect to. Does anyone want to debate about whether or not there are such facts? If you do, I suggest you go first in round 1, then me in r2, then you in r2, me in r3 etc... And we'll stop the debate before the 2nd part of round 4....

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