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Is cheer leading a sport?


I think that cheer leading is a sport. A sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skills in which an individual or team competes against others for entertainment. Both competitive and high school cheer fall into the sports category. Cheer meets the requirements of the definition of a sport....

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girls playing football


i think that girls should play football and play with the guys. i am a 13 yr old girl who actually played with guys for my schools football team and many people were questioning why i played football but who cares its not their life so who cares what they think....

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Is chess a sport?


First of all I thank you for viewing this debate and I thank my opponent for accepting. Many people believe chess is not a sport but I disagree with this common misconception. A sport is defined as "an organized, competitive, and skillful physical activity requiring commitment and fair play. It is governed by a set of rules or customs." Chess fits all of this criteria. Though this opening argument is vague and general I will incorporate more detail in the next rounds. Please attempt to prove me...

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Basketball vs Football


Basketball vs Football Pro is for Basketball Con is for Football Round one is acceptance Round 2-3 arguments and rebuttals Round 4 rebuttals and closing statements (No new arguments)...

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hockey vs soccer


hockey is better! 1. we are non stop. rarely in a game of hockey do we even stop for "out of bounds". we do not have the option of running out to get a breather. 2. we skate at about 35 mph. go at that speed makes hockey the fastest sport on earth without a car. this is also for about a 2 min. shift. at that speed makes it very hard. also with the possiblilty to get hit makes it even more fun. getting to lay people out with all force and making the crowd scream! 3. scoreing. we shoot a litt...

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That doping should be permitted in all sports


In light of recent events in all sports, I believe that there is an easy solution. Allow doping.DefinitionsDoping = Use of (currently) banned performance-inhanced drugs in sportsSports = Can mean 'an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.'- but for this debate sports shall be taken to mean athleticsAthletics = The sport of competing in trac...

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Should tom brady have gotten a worse punishment for deflating them footballs in their playoff game?


First round is for conformation....

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The Pro Bowl Is Great


The NFL Pro Bowl is easily the worst of the All Star games being played by major sports leagues. Playing football can only be done at full speed and lets face it...none of these players want to risk career injuries by actually playing hard in this game. This fact makes the game lame and boring. The game has certainly been on the decline for years now, and the NFL decided to attempt to reignite fan interest by changing rules, adding a fantasy football-like draft and equipping players with fan...

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The National League Should Adopt the DH rule


Hitting a baseball at the Major League level is hard. Very hard. The best players in the game only successfully get on base 30% of the time. Pitching is a very specialized thing. Pitchers really don't have time to work on batting, they need to spend all their time working on what they do best - pitching. As a result, when a pitchers is forced to bat, the outcome (86.2% of the time in 2014) is usually a foregone conclusion - it's an out. The American League adopted the DH rule back in 197...

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Should kids bring electronics to school?


I think kids should have electronics because you can't just make kids do nothing but work all day. They should only be able to use electronics at lunch, for relaxation! Studies show kids work better if their brain is relaxed, so why can't the school administration set up controlled rules for kids to be able to relax at lunch! Welcome guys my opponent will explain why video games will not be allowed...

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