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Why God is Justified in His Actions and Why Humans Remain Ignorant


The reason humans do not understand God is because they refuse to place themselves in His position. It is obvious that humans are born babies and remain as such. Your brain does not evolve. Your brain does not change. The only thing that happens is that humans grow in size. Place yourself as the Supreme Creator or whatever name you may choose. It is only you, and a canvas of void. You may create, do, and establish whatever you please. You may lie to yourself for your own sake, but no matter what...

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christians should reject that stoning people so much, was ever initiated by God


below is a muslim who tries to argue that Christians should not tear down their religion, due to things like stoning, because that stuff is so based in Christianity. he points out how Christians usually try to get around the stoning issue, but notes that even if it doesn't apply to them, it did at one day if you take the religion's teachings to the core, so it can't be said to be inherently barbaric or wrong. he says they have an issue with stoning itself, if they were honest with themselves....

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Atheism Vs. Satanism. Is there a difference? Pro, yes. Con, no.


Is there a difference between atheism and satanism? Yes. Many people live off of the belief that to be an atheist means that you worship the devil. However, this would be incorrect. We all know the story of how Satan was one of God's most beloved angels and was thrown to the underground for his sins. In that statement alone is the proof that Satan was created by God. If you are an atheist it means you don't believe there is a God, and if Satan was created by him then there would be no Satan eith...

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The age of the earth is over 10,000 years old.


Hi i would like to have a interesting debate about this topic!I would like to debate that the age of our earth is over 10,000 years old.1.Use logic2.First round acceptance.3.Second round opening.4.Third rebuttals.5.Closeing statements.Thanks,:)...

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Mormons are Christians


In response to philochristos' comment, I have given definitions.Mormon- Those who believe in the tenets, teachings, and beliefs of the official LDS church[1][2], excluding any fundamentalists or other offshoots and branches. Christian- Any person who believes in all of the following: Jesus is the Christ The Bible (new and old testament) is the word of god through his chosen prophets, and is therefore an inspired work Round 1 is...

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anything religious based


quick debate on any religious topic....

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Izbo's Syllogism is Invalid


This is Izbo's recent syllogism:Premise 1: A theist must answer yes to the question do you believe in god.Premise 2: I don't know is not a yes to the questionconclusion- He is not a theist, and not a theist is the same as atheist.I will show this syllogism to be invalid.1st round is acceptance only. Burden of proof is shared. No rebuttals, only one round of presenting arguments for each side. Both sides can attempt to define words...

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Is God inside your heart?


Interestingly enough is the fact that God has already placed within our beings that "receiver" that enables us to hear from the "transmitter", from Him. What we can know about God is already manifested inside of us and we could speak here about a multitude of things including our perpetual desire to find that "home", our unique characteristics as humans, the capacity to discern right from wrong, to have a free will, to have feelings etc....

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Is God Real


In this debate the reality of God will be discussed. I understand that the existence of God cannot really be proven in facts. The winner of this debate will be the one who can provide the best argument for his belief....

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Nobody can discredit Pantheism


Hello, and I thank whoever for excepting this debate. This debate is open for any person of any belief or culture. Now, in taking this debate, I will defend, and you will attempt to discredit, the god I define, and advance what YOU believe as an alternative. Definition of God - God is all, all is God. God is the universe. Though God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent, God is not sentient, conscious, or personal. Though PARTS may SEEM imperfect, (ie: ignorance, destruction), such is ne...

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