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Consumption of alcohol is not a sin.


I'm so very tired of the church constantly giving a bum rap to alcohol and those who consume it, so this debate had to be done. I will be debating that the consumption of alcoholic beverages is not inherently a sin in regards to the Bible of Christianity. Any generally known orthodox of Christianity can be used so long as it follows the Holy Bible, 66 books, common Bible in use today. Sin: A transgression of a religious or moral law, especially when deliberate. Consume: eat, drink, or i...

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Why God is Justified in His Actions and Why Humans Remain Ignorant


The reason humans do not understand God is because they refuse to place themselves in His position. It is obvious that humans are born babies and remain as such. Your brain does not evolve. Your brain does not change. The only thing that happens is that humans grow in size. Place yourself as the Supreme Creator or whatever name you may choose. It is only you, and a canvas of void. You may create, do, and establish whatever you please. You may lie to yourself for your own sake, but no matter what...

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Mormons are Christians


In response to philochristos' comment, I have given definitions.Mormon- Those who believe in the tenets, teachings, and beliefs of the official LDS church[1][2], excluding any fundamentalists or other offshoots and branches. Christian- Any person who believes in all of the following: Jesus is the Christ The Bible (new and old testament) is the word of god through his chosen prophets, and is therefore an inspired work Round 1 is...

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Islam on Jesus


The full resolution: Muslims should not view Jesus as "Just a good prophet but not the son of God". This view is flawed and it is wrong. I recognize not all Muslims interpret Jesus this way, they are excluded from this debate. It is to focus only on Muslims who view Jesus as a legitimate prophet but not the son of God. First round acceptance...

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The argument from morality is not a valid argument for the existence of (a) god(s)


I will be arguing from the position that the argument from morality, as used frequently by theists like William Lane Craig, is not a valid argument. The first round is for acceptance, but my opponent may post arguments if they so wish....

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Is God real and is the Bible accurate


First of all use your brain and think how can a living organism come from nonliving things.Okay so you must think that makes sense because even the simplest organisms need parts the function all at one time with instructions and these instructions can not come about just anywhere so someone had to create them and that being is God.Please don't just answer without ACCUAL knowlege of what you are saying....

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anything religious based


quick debate on any religious topic....

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Is God inside your heart?


Interestingly enough is the fact that God has already placed within our beings that "receiver" that enables us to hear from the "transmitter", from Him. What we can know about God is already manifested inside of us and we could speak here about a multitude of things including our perpetual desire to find that "home", our unique characteristics as humans, the capacity to discern right from wrong, to have a free will, to have feelings etc....

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Is the Bible absolute truth?


I will start this with a very simple comment. There is an old accepted adage, that the Bible contains the direct message from God to man, and that it projects Gods message to man. There are even folks who will claim that there is no flaw in the Bible, and any claim otherwise is evil. They say that this is the ultimate perfect word of God to man. Therefore, if you do not accept this, you are an athiest. The Fundementalists Christian will make the claim that if you do not whole heartedly belie...

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Secular Morality is superior to Christian morality


The debate is closed, if you wish to challenge me, comment on the debate. Rules: Timer is set at 48 hours per turn Round 1: Pro and con both make cases for their positions. Pro must demonstrate that secular morality leads to a better and more morally correct world while con must argue that Christian morality leads to a better and more morally correct world. No rebuttals this round. Rounds 2-4: Anything goes, make any rebuttal or new argument you feel like. Round 5: No rebuttals or n...

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