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Is age an important factor in relationships?


No I don't think age matters in a relationship So long as the people involved are of age, which I believe is anywhere from about 16 and up, their ages should not matter or determine whether they have a serious relationship or not. Some people more than 10 years apart, even 20 have had successful relationships and marriages, so it really doesn't matter like people may think. So long as the love, care, trust and commitment exists, the age doesn't mean a thing. So...

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THW not provide healthcare to smokers


Public healthcare, refers to the safety net provided by the government to ensure the well-being of the health of citizens. They are aimed to establish a harmonious, just and healthy society. According to the World Health Organization public healthcare refers to organized measures to prevent diseases and the public healthcare is aimed for the whole population, but NOT individual needs. As smokers are the "individuals", this motion should definitely stand. Before going onto my substantials, I...

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The United States should conquer Africa


Blackvoid and I agreed to have this debate over Christmas break. I understand that he's currently busy, but I figured it better to send the challenge sooner rather than later, to better answer any questions. Specifications on the exact meaning of "conquer" and "Africa" will be elaborated on in the next round (don't worry, I'm not going to pull any semantic tricks.) Debaters are permitted to make a seperate debate to place their citations in, to save characters.A...

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Should people be vegetarian?


I think that people should be vegetarian for multiple reasons. There"s the moral reason; animals in the meat industry are treated horribly and you save about 100 animals every year you"re vegetarian. There"s the environmental reason; the best thing an individual can do to help the environment is become vegetarian. The amount of water and transportation(gasses), machines who need to be made is incredible....

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Feminism is a form of sexism


Nowadays, the feminist movement is bigger than ever. They have achieved some great things against gender discrimination. However, feminism has sexist roots in it. I think that feminism ends up being bad for society, because it doesn't defend gender equality, but a prevalence of females before males. Also, it makes the gender problem very dualistic (men vs women) when It isn't (there are transgenders, gender fluids, etc.).Then, feminism shouldn't be celebrated, but fo...

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Transgender people should not be recognized by their self assigned genders. (Version 2)


This is a carry over from an already existing debate that is having some technical issues.Rules: Can not change anything when copying over from previous debate.Have Common Courtesy.Dnt spek lik3 dis k thxThat's about it.Failure to comply may resu...

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A philosophy degree is useful


AveThis debate will be about whether a philosophy major is useful. The standard for usefulness will be 'A perfectly rational person would recognize it as useful'. The winner of the debate will be the person who proves their case beyond a preponderance of the evidence. General DDO expectations of c...

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Open and Concealed Carry should be allowed in every state permit free.


In this debate we will begin by talking about open carry. Open carry is the practice of carrying a weapon in plain view, not concealed, for personal safety. I am for this. I feel that if you can pass the background check to buy a firearm legally, you should be able to carry a weapon as the Second Amendment gives us the rights to bear arms to protect ourselves from an oppressive government and those who seek to do us harm. Here is Ky policy on open carry. This statement statement is about what is...

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Should Gay Marriage Be Legal in a Christian Country?


Anyone can join this debate, (preferably a Christian). RULES: 1. No fighting. 2. If you use a website for "inspiration", make sure you state with your source. 3. Most importantly, have FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

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Abortion should be illegal


Thank you in advance for accepting, Con.As Pro, I shall be arguing that abortion should be illegal with no exceptions. Abortion shall be defined in this debate as "a medical procedure used to end a pregnancy and cause the death of the fetus."[1]The first round will be for acceptance. Trolling and insults will result in a full seven-point loss.Sources1.

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