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Christianity inhibits US advancement


I argue that Christianity inhibits advancement of the United States. For this debate, let's define advancement as 'development or improvement' Before I begin, let me take this opportunity to point out that I am not here to attack Christianity or Christians. The debate is centered on the negative influence of Christianity (or lack thereof, as Con might argue) on the United States in key elements of advancement such as politics, finance, education, and our society in general. I am not arguin...

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The Humanities are an important part of any Education Curriculum


Standard debate rules apply; first round for acceptance, no new arguments in the final round, no semantics, no trolling, etc. I doubt any of that will be a problem, given Pfalcon's history of being an honorable opponent.There are a couple of important definitions for this debate...Humanities- subjects relating to the study of human culture; generally includes art, architecture, music, literature, the performing arts, and the history of each of those...

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Private vs public. Which is better? Pro-private, Con-public


When it comes to public vs private, public looses badly. Think about the public places you visit. Parks, for instance. In public parks, there is often graffiti, vandalism and litter. Think of the restrooms at public parks. Unclean, smelly and heavily vandalized. In the publicly owned park, everybody in a sense owns it. It's easy to not take care of it. Not in a privately owned park though. It's more pleasant and clean. Almost the exact oppisite of a public park. That's because a person owns it a...

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Caucasians are inherently more intelligent than African Americans


In accepting the debate, Pro agrees to the following parameters and definitions.Inherently: Occurring from birth; within the very genetics of the group.Round 1: Introduction of the Affirmative Case (by Pro) Round 2: Rebuttals and argumentsRound 3: Rebuttals and argumentsRound 4: Rebuttals and conclusion (no new arguments on either side)No semantics. M...

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AAN Tournament : This house endorses Death Penalty


Rules:1. Bop will be shared2. My opponent will start by giving giving his case immediately in R1 and to even out the rounds he shall pass the lastRounds:Round 1: PRO : -NIL- CON : Acceptance,ArgumentsRound 2:PRO : Ar...

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Is acts of terrorism beneficial to the world?


I have been researching a lot lately to take my mind off the news and what's going on in the world. However, I believe that under specific circumstances that a act or terrorism could be essential to the world/ benefit mankind by bringing us together and or by lowering human population. Martain Luthur King was considered a terrorist among several other Human rights freedom fighters throughout american history but, Before I get to deep prewarning I am picking a VERY touche' topic here. Are Acts su...

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Discrimination can sometimes be correct.


Discrimination is never correct due to the fact, that it pointlessly hurts people for no apparent reason. How can judging someone on their sex, skin colour, or even hair colour ever benefit our society in any way, shape or form? It makes no sense. People using discriminative terms for no logical reason are emphatically wrong. Think about it this way: The person who is being insulted at with your discriminative statement could go onto self harm or even commit suicide. There have been many...

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does US government lie about marijuana


recently i found out no one has ever died on marijuana, and in the 1930's we were told its the most cancerous causing substance .but we use it to fight cancer today. i also learned it can help secrete chemicals in the brain. then were also told it kills brain cells and lowers iq. but if it did we would die from it, and everyone i know that does smoke seems very insightful creative also good with puzzles. and in the 40's or 50's propaganda in shows makes us have a murderous crave and causes viole...

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Same Sex Marriage


Resolved: Same-Sex Marriage Should Be Legal in the United StatesI want to begin by saying how delighted I am to be debating 16kadams on a very important social issue. I have seen 16kadams previous debates and have seen that he is quite a challenging debater. I look forward to hearing my opponent's arguments against SSM.RulesThe structure shall be defined as follows:1) Terms/Acceptance2) Open...

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We should institute "Artificial" Selection for the betterment of the human race.


To begin, I would like to elaborate on the topic. I believe that the bottom percentile of the population should be removed from the gene pool for the betterment of the human race. If this occurs, many beneficial results will be achieved. First of all, this will obviously control the population. This will benefit the environment and reduce the general strain that humans are putting on the earth. Removing the bottom percentiles will cause the "better" part of the...

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