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Society should regret the common narrative of good triumphing over evil in children's entertainment


This debate is a part of the DDOlympics Debate Tournament described here: We are part of Group D, and as such, this is the first of two debates that both ShabShoral and I will be participating in during the group stage of this tournament. That being said, I'm excited to debate ShabShoral on this intriguing topic, and I"m looking forward to having this debate with him. I don't think there"s much need for ground rules here, but I will at...

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DDO = Illuminati


i will argue ddo --> is illuminatu and the othr guy (my deer friend n oppnnt) will prove its not1st rnd acceptance plz try ur BESS ...

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The United States Is A Christian Nation


Thesis: The United States was heavily influenced by Christianity and its basic tenets and are thus a Christian Nation. As Pro, I will defend the resolution by making it clear that the Founders explicitly state that they and the United States were molded by Christianity. First Round Is For Acceptance What I Mean By Christian Nation:

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Official Debate Tournament: Badger is a Retard/Troll


Badger and I are due to debate some issue for the debate tournament. I have told Badger I am an anarcho capitalist and he cannot formulate a resolution to clash with this position. Since he is not an anarcho capitalist himself, he should have no problem.Since he cannot formulate a resolution, I am left to conclude that badger is a mental retard or troll.My burden in this debate is to prove that badger regularly engages in (intentionally) incoherant and moronic behavi...

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It's time to stop the obese from pigging out in restaurants


Preamble: ====== For the sake of the health of the grossly overweight and also for the sake of the sensibilities of normal people who have to watch them with their snouts in the trough, I affirm that it's time to introduce a law that will make it illegal for the obese to over-indulge themselves on food in restaurants. Observation: ======== This is intended to be a light-hearted debate, not meant to cause offence and it is therefore requested that any opinions expressed herein, by either P...

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The minimum wage should not be raised to $15/hr for fast food workers


Unions recently staged protests demanding that McDonald's in the U.S. should be required to pay workers a minimum of $15 per hour. An ABC News report provides some background on the issue [1.]. While McDonald's was the focus of the demonstrations, a law cannot target just one fast food company. If that were legal, other chains might get most of the business, McDonald's w...

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Same Sex Marriage


Resolved: Same-Sex Marriage Should Be Legal in the United StatesI want to begin by saying how delighted I am to be debating 16kadams on a very important social issue. I have seen 16kadams previous debates and have seen that he is quite a challenging debater. I look forward to hearing my opponent's arguments against SSM.RulesThe structure shall be defined as follows:1) Terms/Acceptance2) Open...

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Should smoking be banned in public places?


Welcome to this debate dear opponent. We'll be discussing whether smoking should be banned in public areas. As you see, I am the contender meaning that I am for smoking being banned in public areas. The BoP is shared in this debate. Okay, this is how I want you to organize your content:Round 1: Acceptance/Opening statementRound 2: ArgumentsRound 3: Rebuttals/counterargumentsRound 4: Closing statements/conclusion. ...

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Abortion should not be legal in any circumstance. several means of preventative tools have been manufactured. There are even steps that you can take after unplanned conception. The woman has a choice over her body, but to a certain degree. no more than 8 weeks after fertilization, the fetus starts to react to touch. no more than 20 weeks, the fetus develops nerves.the fetus responds to pain. the fetus is being killed because of what an inconvenience parenthood would be for the mother. statistics...

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Gay Marriage: Yay or Nay?


Gay marriage is good. Some people would say that in the Bible, it rules against gay marriage, saying that 'any man who lies with another man is sinful', but it also says in the Bible as well that Jesus (you know, the guy who the Bible was practically based on) said to love unconditionally. And if you also view this topic from the religious perspective, if God created mankind, and created everything about them, and knows the past present and future, then He created homosexual people. And why wou...

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