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Some people think that people shouldn't change their genders, or that it is something abnormal, some think that transexuality is okay, but they should use the ocker rooms/bathrooms fit for the gender in which they were born, some people think they shouldn't be able to marry or adopt... What do you people think? In my opinion, transexuality is completely normal, and people shouldn't look at it as something which is abnormal. As for marrying and having kids, I don't see why not, they are normal...

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Children should do chores at home.


Children should do chores at home. This makes them have responsibility. Also, it makes children more organized. This skill is very important. When they grow up it would be very useful because you should do chores as a father or mother. In fact, lots of parents like their children doing chores like washing the dishes. So I think children absolutely needs to do chores at home to make a happy house....

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Free Speech on Public Colleges


IntroRomanii applied to debate me on this topic and on these sides through my "You Choose the Topic" debate challenge. As an interesting bit of trivia, if Romanii accepts this debate, this would be our 7th time debating each other. I think that this topic is particularly interesting and timely, and I look forward to engaging him on the subject. He's an excellent debater, and I look forward to a fun round.In order to ensure quality judging, I have nom...

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School uniform: good or bad


I think that kids uniforms are boring kids want to be unique they want to be their self no uniforms is one way to do that. Kids want at least a little bit of freedom and that's the way to give them the little amount of the originality they have but they can't use because they have uniforms. It's not like money or something like that but it is the ability to be your unique and original self. I think that you should consider to stop the uniforms in exchange for originality and with the originality...

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Do you think that watching violence on TV and in films encourages youths to be aggressive and antis


I believe that television does offer a window to violence, especially when they watch violent games. I have two grandkids ages 8-9, who used to watch some children's shows. I noticed that after they finish watching the show they run to their room and grab their toy guns, and start shooting at each other. In other occasions, they start hitting each other and fighting just like the show they just watched. I do firmly believe that some children's shows do more harm than good. I do not allow my gran...

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Dog Fighting Should Be Legal


I would like to thank my opponent for agreeing to debate this with me. Dog fighting is a type of blood sport generally defined as opposing two game dogs against one another in a ring or a pit, for the entertainment of the spectators or the gratification of the dogfighters.Please note that just because I think dog fighting should be legal, doesn't mean I think it is good.The first round will be for my contender's acceptance. I look fo...

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Society should regret the common narrative of good triumphing over evil in children's entertainment


This debate is a part of the DDOlympics Debate Tournament described here: We are part of Group D, and as such, this is the first of two debates that both ShabShoral and I will be participating in during the group stage of this tournament. That being said, I'm excited to debate ShabShoral on this intriguing topic, and I"m looking forward to having this debate with him. I don't think there"s much need for ground rules here, but I will at...

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Gay marriage should be illegal


Pro should begin arguing in Round 1 and post only "no round as agreed" in the final round; we each have 3 total rounds to argue. [Arguing that same-sex couples can have equal rights without use of the word "marriage" is not allowed, since that's entirely semantic, and the resolution concerns the institution of gay marriage itself, not what we call it.]...

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Gay marriage should be permitted


Full resolution: Just societies should permit same-sex marriage. First round is acceptance....

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There are times both in which abortion should and should not be allowed


I should clarify my position because the title isn't long enough to accurately describe it. I am arguing that there are certain times when abortion is wrong and should not be done, and there are times that it is acceptable. Con will try to prove that it is either always acceptable or always wrong. Rules: - Obviously, there will be no attacks on people and no anger. We are debating, not having an online shouting match (as happened between some idiots in my third period today but in person)...

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