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Death Penalty


Full resolution: The death penalty is an ideal form of punishment for particular criminal cases. My stance on the Death Penalty: While I support rehabilitation in as many cases as possible, there are some cases where the Death Penalty is the best option. I only believe that the DP (Death Penalty) will be of absolutly no value when we have the option of completely (with 100% certainty) brainwashing criminals to esentually make them into "new" people. Now, in order for this debate to really...

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Gay Is Okay


The U.S. recently passed the law allowing gay couples to get married, but some how, people decide it's still worth protesting against. I still don't understand why. Gay just means that two people of the same gender fall in love. There is no harm in loving someone. According to society and the media, relationships are in, so why is a relationship with two guys or girls bad? Twaimz (Issa) once made a video on YouTube called 'You're Gay' in which he protested against haters and stood up for the...

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corporal punishment


Should corporal punishment be be banned or kept in schools, daycares, etc? I am a student and I think that with the way children/teens act in today's society they need to be disciplined in some way shape or form. Give me your opinions, should we bring it back or not? If we have more punishment in schools and daycares just think how much more respect kids would give their parents. I think it should be brought back, and kept ....

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Polygamy should be legalized in Canada


I will be arguing that polygamy should be legalized in Canada because I don't think it is fair that we do not recognize polygamy but legalize other forms of marriage laws such as same-sex. I do not believe it is up to our government to decide what our citizens should practice in terms of marriage or what they shouldn't. If we believe in rights and free will, who is the government to say polygamy should be banned?...

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A woman's place is in the home


Research shows that the majority of people believe that a woman's place is in the home: looking after the children; attending to domestic duties and ensuring her husband's dinner is on the table when he comes in from work. [1] Sadly, many women these days have chosen to abandon their feminine duties and pursue careers in industry and commerce instead - and it stands to reason that their families have suffered as a result of their neglect. Meanwhile, there is mass unemployment with the resu...

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Plagiarism Should be Penalized on DDO


This debate is in response to comments made by DDO user Hect, who may present his case in R1.Definitions are common English, if in doubt, Merriam-Webster dictionary....

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Feminism is needed in America


Feminism is no longer needed in the United States of America. We have equality among genders other then petty complaints....

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Should same sex couples be allowed to marry?


This is my first debate, so please go easy on me. I know it's overdone, but this is a test of my debating skills. I wasn't sure about the amount of rounds, so I just put 5. First round is for acceptance....

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Resolved: In the United States, the principle of jury nullification is a just check on government


This is a re-do. Terms have been agreed upon. I will just start with arguments since we're behind in the Zaradi Tournament. Premise I: What is Jury Nullification? Jury nullification occurs when a jury votes not guilty in a trial when they believe the evidence is—beyond a shadow of a doubt—proving the defendant’s guilt. This occurs when a jury member either believes the law is unjust or the law...

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homosexual behavior


There is no firm scientific evidence that homosexuality is a common condition found in nature, especially not in mammals. Cave drawings in France and Spain included images of sexual acts between men and women. There were, however, no such drawings of homosexual acts. This strongly suggests, if not proves, that the normalization of homosexuality is a modern social invention. Today, in an effort to maintain political correctness in America, biologists and researchers suggest that it is found in na...

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