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Barack Obama is doing a decent job as president


First round is acceptance... Two rules too: 1.) Do not disrespect anybody. I don't want to waste my time with people saying things like 'Obama sucks'. You are entitled to your opinion, but this debate is attacking/defending POLICY ONLY. 2.) Please back up everything with sources clearly labelled. Like this: Rebuts opponents argument. 1.) argument, makes a point 2.) argument, makes a point SOURCES 1.) 2.) i just randomly made up the pages, but you get the idea....

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President Obama's plan for increasing troops in Afghanistan is in the US' best interest


I'm gonna go ahead and post my case in round 1. Thanks to anyone who accepts; this'll be practice for both of us. I'm running con because this is now my personal final version. Good luck. Please, no personal attacks, and try to be grammatically and structurally clear. Thanks :) _____________________________________________________________________ "[Since the] invasion by Genghis Khan and his two-million strong Mongol hordes to the superpower proxy war between the United States and the Soviet...

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Barack Obama would be re-elected in 2012 if he faces the current field of GOP candidates


My other debate was accepted by the troll mysterio whose account was closed shortly after accepting me debate...... So now I have to do this again...... I believe that Barack Obama will be re-elected president because overall he is a better campaigner and a better overall candidate than any individual out of the current GOP candidates. Every current candidate in the GOP has some fatal flaw or fatal quality that I believe would cost them the presidential election if they were to go one-on-o...

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Should Barack Obama be elected back into office for a second term?


I think Barack Obama should be elected back into office for a second term because he is a good president for this country. Anybody who wishes to oppose this should be con in this debate....

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President Obama would destroy Bush in an election


Well lets see if Obama and Bush were to go against each other in a presidential debate Obama would win and here is why. First of all Bush lied through his teeth when he ran the last time, talking about he was going to fix everything as for Obama is doing what he said he was going to do and then some. Two Bush did not do nothing his first 100 days in office as for Obama he traveled around and met many other presidents and actually sat down and talked with them. Obama was not the only one...

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Obama deserved the Nobel Prize


Full Resolution: Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize he won in 2009.Round 1: AcceptanceRound 4: Rebuttals onlyStandard debate rules apply. ...

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A pro life voter who Attempts to justify a vote for Obama is rationalizing.


Voters: When voting on this debate, please consider the arguments, regardless of your personal feelings of Obama. amcclinton (CON) - in his profile and his email to me made the following statements: "At the time I voted for him (BHO), I had no evidence that he would not be a more than adequate President. I know most people focus on the abortion issue. However, abortion (which I know to be wrong) is murder/killing and so is going into battle and killing others for whatever reason is equally wr...

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President Barack Obama is a Socialist.


Socialism: any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods Pesident Barack Obama is quickly turning America into a Socialistic State. He now has control over banks and car companies and will soon control healthcare and your thermostat. This all in a matter of 7 months. It's enough to make even Hugo Chavez blush. It's been...

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Obama's Stimulas Package Was an Utter Failure and a Second Stimulas is Unacceptable


I will let my opponent start this debate. I would first like to set up a few ground rules. No insults No cussing and please do not act like you are better than anyone else First I would like to define the what I mean by Stimulas Package. I am talking about the multibillion dollar spending bill passed a few months ago by the Obama administration. Please follow these rules and I challenge anyone who wants to take my debate. Thank you...

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Barack Obama is a gay, Muslim, communist, black, hippie, atheist, and lazy president


prove me wrong suezy wong...

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