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Should students do their homework?


I feel like we should have homework in every class, " [homework] would allow you to learn more and it is just a better chance to understand things and take advantage of it," (Chute). Homework helps improve academic performance because it allows students to learn new skills, it is beneficial, and finally, it is influential. Students can learn many things from doing our homework, as well as improve on their skills. In this essay, it will talk about all of the pleasures of doing homework. First,...

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There was more accomplished in the 1800's than in the 1900's.


First round is not for acceptance. In the context of this debate, accomplishments will mean notable achievements humanity has completed. Ex. Inventions, discoveries, etc. Note: This debate is not about the number of inventions created, it is about how much humanity has progressed in the 19th and 20th centuries....

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Which is better; Paintball, Or Airsoft?


I believe paintball is better, so opponent has to believe Airsoft is better. First round is for acceptance...

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Feminism is necessary in modern First World countries.


Many of the arguments feminists utilize to justify the existence of a feminist movement in developed countries are outdated or myths. For example, the wage gap does not exist. Putting aside the fact that it is illegal to pay someone less for doing the same job [1], discrepancies in wages result from the fact many women simply are not going into higher paying jobs, and often quit early to take care of family [2]. While it can be argued that this wage gap is a result of the 'patriarchy' forcing...

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Ghosts: Real or Not?


I think ghosts are real, but they won't try to kill you or pull you under the bed or throw a television at you. The reason for this is because they do not have enough mass. You see, a man named Duncan MacDougall conducted a study about the weight of the soul, which has now been popularized as roughly 21 grams. However, Augustus P. Clarke found a fault in MacDougall's study: your body temperature rises just before death because your lungs can no longer maintain your blood's temperature, and the s...

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The Affordable Health Care Act


I'll be arguing on how the scariest word in American polotics, the Afordable Health Care Act, otherwise known as Obama Care, is a step in the righ direction for insuring the 47 million people who did not have health care before the law. People that paln to accepted this debate I have hope you somewhat understand what the Affordable healthcare act does as well as your vocabulary that you use to describe it, aka if you call Obama care communist I will be quite sad. However, if a moderately educate...

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Is God better for humanity?


This will not be a debate on whether god exists or not. It is whether it effects us and our future for the better or worse. To clarify I am talking about Christianity, Islam, and, Judaism as the main "god". I would like a nice and mature discussion. I personally am kinda on both sides but I went with con, so I am defiantly not completely one sided. I am an atheist and I think it isn't right for someone to lie to themselves to make themselves happy and to go against modern science and progres...

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promote smart class and reduce the role of teacher

debate date -17-12-14 COMMENT FAST.......

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Troll Debate: Potato (PRO) or banana (CON) mascot for 9GAG?


As of today, 9GAG has been a popular website for entertainment and laughs. So screw it and debate against me! Rules are: -Your statement should be funny. -Your statement should be fake. (The most fake wins!) -Never forget to flush the toilet after you use it. FIRST ROUND: ACCEPTANCE AND A PUN SECOND ROUND: FALSE STATING THIRD ROUND: DEFEND YOURSELF FOURTH: CLOSING CATCH PHRASE...

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Contender's Pick


I'm starting to get pissed because everyone's assuming I'm a dumbass (partly true), and I've decided that maybe I should focus more on the debating aspect of the site, as I think most people only think of me as a social butterfly, and am pretty sure lots of people would want to ban me if they could. Whoever accepts; make sure you have a topic ready. If you're arguing for Pro, post your constructive case first. If you're Con, simply state your topic and only acceptance. Depending on the top...

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