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Video Rap Battle


LET'S GET READY TO RUUUUUUUUUUMBLE!This will be a videorap battle. That's right folks, each debater will be required to upload 3 videos of themselves rapping. You can either rap a whole song, or part of a song (just make sure you record enough to judge!) and judging will be based on which debater displayed superior technical rapping skill.Rules1. Only 1 rap video per round, for a total of 3 videos2. It can be your own piece, or a cover3. Con must accept the full BoP4. Voting will be based on whi...

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Dinosaurs Lived With People


I will be arguing in support of the following resolution:People saw living dinosaurs at some point in history.I'll be using the colloquial definition of the term, which is basically anything that a layman would consider a dinosaur. Voters should judge whether or not I abuse the word. Using it to refer to an alligator, anole, or bird would be abusive; equivocating it with a pterodactyl, mesosaur, or the Loch Ness Monster would...

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Swag is stupid


First round does not count. The second round is where we are going to start....

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should there be a separate criminal offence of date rape?


judges and juries faliure to see date rape as being just as bad as stranger rape. this is dangerous and needs to be challenged, not reinforced by introducing a "less serious" level of criminal offense which fits their prejudices. beliefs like "if a women lets a man drive her home, she is asking for sex", "if a man pays for dinner, a women owes him sex" or certain forms of kissing and intimate touching make sex inevitable" are simply wrong-we should work against them, not with them!!...

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Wylted 100th Debate: The United States should implement caning as a punishment for criminals.


This debate won't be started for at least another 2 weeks. Between then and now, I'll work on the resolution. Any advice on that part is welcome. The debate should be impossible to accept and I will be nominating judges and doing a choose winner option. Judges are yet to be determined and any suggestions by potential opponents will be considered. I'll be arguing that criminals should have the option of being caned it going to prison, should they receive a jail/prison sentence. Yes, e...

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The Christian God exists (11)


This is a debate about whether or not the Christian god exists. I will be refuting arguments from my opponent, who will have the burden of proving that the Christian god is real. The Christian god is the god as described by Jesus and the Bible. Rounds 1-4 are all for claims, rebuttals, and counter-rebuttals. Since I would not be able to refute my opponent's fourth-round claims, I request that they write "no round" in the fourth round of the debate. You can use any type of evidence, o...

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Should cannabis be legalized?


I do not think cannabis should be legalized in any way except for medical reasons. Cannabis is first of all a drug, allow using cannabis would send out wrong signals which could make people think that it's not wrong testing other drugs to, like heroin and cocaine. Think of it, "the state has legalized" a "drug". Then would some people think that testing other drugs is ok to. The drug do also contain the substance Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This substance can give bioeffects like euphoria,...

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Parents should have the right to discipline their children(s) physically.


Hi debaters. This is my first time about to debate. I'm a future Lawyer, so I wanted to test my debating strength. I'm a university freshman by the way, starting the 25th of this month. As I do with all my debating, I like to give backgrounds in order for my opponents to have an understanding. Background: Anyways, I was on the public bus today on my way home from a long day at my university working out issues, and sadly, a woman was beating her child on the bus. He was a little boy, probab...

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Should Majora's Mask have been rated E/E10+ (Pro) or T for teen (Con)?


Full Resolution: Majora's Mask should have had at least a T rating.Definitions and clarifications:Majora's Mask: A video game from the Legend of Zelda franchise.E: A rating given to video games because "[its] Content is generally suitable for all ages. May contain minimal cartoon, fantasy or mild violence and/or infre...

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You choose the topic


You can choose the topic. The only requirements are the topic can not be religion based and it must be a well known topic. Try not to lose to me I am only 13....

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