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Was Masterful's vote on the "Earth is Flat" Debate biased and should it be removed?


This argument is debating whether or not the vote cast by Masterful in the "Earth is Flat" debate is biased. I will be arguing Con, that is, "The vote was not biased and it should not be removed." Silverish, if you accept this debate, you will be arguing, "Yes, the vote was biased and it should be removed. This will be a one round debate.This is the link to the debate: vote is decided based on several factors: Which...

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Bryan Mullins: The Roast Game, ASPCA literally ate Cats and Dogs for 10 years


The truth is, the estimations of the number of Cats and Dogs in the America are incorrect because if 163,800,000 is the number of all the Cats and Dogs in America, and if you count up only 79% of households, not the pets, the number that the calculator projects is some what less than the number of all the Cats and Dogs in America. Then the estimations were intended to mislead the public by making a false estimation by plainly not doing the real math, which is by adding up all the Cats in Ame...

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God exists.


The resolution is that God exists. Pro will be arguing that God exists, while Con will be arguing that Pro has not established that God exists and/or that God does not exist. By accepting this debate, Pro agrees that they have the burden of proof to establish that it is objectively more likely than not that God exists. The rules for assessing this are the standard rules of logic, including the rules of deductive and inductive inference. For example, a deductive argument must be deductively va...

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Rap battle


Hello dearest oppenent, you seem to want a fight Did you really think that your comment would be nowhere in sight? I'm just getting warmed up, I'll give you the start If you forfeit, the bullet has just gone straight through your heart. It's a warm up rap. You can choose to accept or start straight away and pass per rules in the last round....

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Universally Preferrable Behavior and Socialism/Goverment


I've recently listened to the entirety of the audiobook "Universally Preferable Behavior" and find it fairly all encompassing. It covers four topics: Murder, Assault, Rape, Theft and how they are immoral because they require the use of force to violate personal property rights. For these reasons, Socialism and gov't in general is by its very nature immoral....

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Challenge World Of God Is In Dream Of Humans And Dream World Only Proof 100% Original Truth


Some gods and there genies and many believers says world of god is true and real only which they see after they believe that world of god to be true which is true for genies and gods only who are thinking and dream and thought. What happens when humans thinks in reality its thought for them and its not real for them and what happens when humans dreams its not reality for them because its not seen or heard and what happens when humans thought its nothing but just thinking. So in simple sense if h...

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should homework be optional?


I'd love to have this as a debate as I feel this could be a good debate, please only accept if you have full intent to finish Homework should not be mandatory assignments, the whole purpose of homework is to give practice for students to learn the subject better, however, this should not be mandatory as it is the SCHOOLS job to make certain the students know the material in the allotted time for the school day, not the student's personal life, also the idea of mandatory homework is idiotic be...

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Marks are the matter of past


Educational systems of many countries are extremely conservative. Time flies but the main principles of education stand still. However, some countries are rejecting home assignments and even marks. Personally I stick to the opinion that marks are the matter of the past. To begin with all the assessments are highly subjective and depend solely on teacher's opinion. And as our mark depends on a teacher's opinion, all we do is trying to meet teacher's expectations. We tell the things that are r...

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Can you get raped by a girl ?...

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YouTube is better than Netflix.


Although I love them both, YouTube is better than Netflix. YouTube is free, so everyone who has Internet can go on it. Netflix has lots of movies and shows, but if you find the right video on YouTube you can also watch movies and shows. YouTube is also good for educational purposes. They show short, easy clips and it helps millions of students on the daily. In addition, YouTube allows you to watch AND create videos.... and if you become population enough, YouTube will even pay you to po...

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