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"George Bush is stupid!"


We've all heard the shameful America-bashing from the, Enlightened Ones-the Actors and actresses, reporters and other Bush-bashers who think they walk on water. Id want to know why the media elite gives these tiny minds a pass when they blast the president and his cabinet with adjectives such as "ignorant," "Moronic," and "Stupid." Just because you do not agree with the President does not make him stupid. If you did not vote for him it certainly does not mean that you can just disrespect him. He...

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Patriotism is the best quality one can have.


We have more freedom, more rights, and a better quality of life than anywhere else in the world. We are protected from attacks and we can choose our own destiny. Americanism and patriotism are bedrocks in our society. There is a growing trend right now that to teach kids to be patriotic is to teach rebellion. We are scared to death of the rest of the world and we don;t even want to stand up for ourselves now. Non patriotism is essentionally the same as treason. You have a right to disagree with...

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Abortion is just morally wrong.


For a long time the argument of abortion has been going on. My opinion is that abortion is simply morally wrong. If you think that abortion should be legal, challenge me on this debate....

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Can Communism really work?


Lucan, while communism is very appealing on paper I fail to see how it could work in reality without the existence of a group of morally perfect people. 1. Greed will undermine the system. While I believe that most people are to a greater or lesser degree good what does a communist government do with those few greedy people who refuse to cooperate? If we force them to cooperate then we abridge their rights. If we do not then the system begins to come apart as we have looters taking from what...

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Islam is the reason why the world's a mess.


So let me get this straight. It's not that the Bush Administration who invaded an Islamic country, when the reason we were attacked on 9/11 was because we had troops in the Middle-East. It's not that the administration as done as much as they possibly could to ruin good will with most countries that had ANY importance in the world. It's not their fault that they planned the war poorly so Iraq became a hotbed for terrorists. It's not their fault that they gave us false pretences to go to war in a...

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Obama's tax plan is idiotic.


I want to especially single out Obama's plan to raise the corporate tax from, which by the way, he hasnt said by how much....go figure. Right now the corporate tax rate in the United States is 35%, the second largest in the world (Japan is #1). Obama wants to raise this corporate tax rate. Do you know why we have unemployment? ITS BECAUSE COMPANIES GO TO MEXICO, CANADA, EUROPE, AND ASIA TO DO BUSINESS. Why would a corporation stay in the United States and get taxed to death when they can go to,...

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Should Barack Hussein Obama become the next president?


I do not understand why anyone would want Obama to be president. He has no experience and is a lying cheating stealing politician from Chicago....

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Despite the recent NIE, the US would be justified in taking military action against Iran


Despite the recent National Intelligence Estimate stating that Iran has ceased its nuclear weapons program as of 2003, President Bush still claims that Iran is still a threat. After the debacle of the Iraq War, you would think that sabre rattling would be the last thing on the White House's mind. Does anyone else out there believe that Iran poses a threat to the US, and if so would we be justified in invading them? I welcome any takers....

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George Bush is the worst President of the last 75 years.


George Bush has dramaticly damaged this country internally and externally. The gap between rich and poor has widened, "The top 10 percent, roughly those earning more than $100,000, also reached a level of income share not seen since before the Depression." and "the top 1 percent of Americans - those with incomes that year of more than $348,000 - receiving their largest share of national income since 1928" (International Herald Tribune)He cut taxes while allowing congress to spend at out of co...

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Abortion is prima facie morally wrong.


Abortion is not morally reprehensible and should not be illegal, given the actual qualities that a human fetus possesses. Simply put, all people's realization of the world is actualized at the level of their brain. If any entity - human and non-human alike - is sufficiently young in their cognitive development, they will be incapable of experiencing the world at various levels. As a result, a fetus certainly does not have the same capacity to experience the world the way in which a fully-grown a...

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