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okay. basically homosexuals are those we call as "gays, lesbians, etc" in the other hand, marriage is a sacred sacrament that needs to be respected. if we would allow this homosexuals to marry, we would actually deprive the culture of the society with which, they are used to men-women marriages. with the given explanations. i believe that it's best set in the Philippines since homosexual marriages here are not yet allowed...

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Public Nudity Should Be Legalized


=== INTRODUCTION === I affirm the proposition that any person should be free to choose whether to wear cloths or not in either a personal or public environment without any threat of legal action against their decision. Con will be arguing that people should be forced to wear cloths in public places rather than be allowed the choice to go naked. I recognize that I have the burden of proof in this debate. === DEFINITIONS === Public place: 1. A public place is generally an indoor...

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Abortion: The Most Controversial Issue Since Slavery


In the argument of abortions, there are two sides. Of these two sides, life is the most important. Abortion gives women the power to kill an unborn child, but laws created by politicians are not rights. No human is supposed to be above another in such away that one is in danger of dying. Abortion however, exercises this right....

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Marijuana should be legalized in the US


I already posted this debate but my opponent was unable to post argu First off i'll start by saying under a government that allows the use of tobacco (specifically cigarettes) and alcohol, that same government should also allow marijuana (for recreational and medicinal purposes). I'll start with showing that marijuana is safer than cigarettes: Many say a marijuana is worse because it has no filter. But they do not realize that when you cigarette you smoke the whole thing down, whereas with m...

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Current Drinking Age


The current drinking age is extremely to high. It should be lowered to 18 for the following reasons: >You can buy tobacco products at 18 >You can die for your country at 18 >Some people start their lives at 18 >You get to vote at age 18. So why not drink. The drinking age in the United States is the highest in the world. ( Also, there's still loads of underage drinking going on, so maybe if it was lowered, we wouldn't have much of a...

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The Practice of Tipping should be Stopped immediately.


Tipping: The practice of giving an expected gratuity to a member of the service trade. The practice of tipping is one of the most illogical and crazy behaviors in our society. As a consumer you are expected to tip certain people- but not others, and to always tip- but don't give too little! Frankly the social rules of tipping can be a little confusing and arbitrary. People who advocate tipping usually put forth the argument that the people working in the jobs where tipping is deemed accep...

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There should be no laws in regards to gay marrige.


There is no reason why gay/lesbian people should not be legally allowed to marry. If they didn't get married they would still be doing things together. Allowing them to marry, would just allow them written commitment to each other allowing safer practices, meaning less STD's to spread using the logic, that gay/lesbians spread STD's quicker than strait people due to unsafe practices. There should also be no laws based on religeon. Just because gay people choose to be married does not mean you...

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should clothing be mandatory


as it is well known that all humans born are not natural in garments but born of naked flesh then immediately are cloth and covered ,shamed. why is this because we are afraid of our naked truth ... we as humans have obtained shame from our first mother and father Adam and Eve .. it was those two who sin in the garden of eden forcing us to see our self's as grotesque and naked. "We live in an atmosphere of shame. We are ashamed of everything that is real about us; ashamed of ourselves, of our...

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is civil disobedience still necessary in a democracy?


In the past, there are many times when civil disobedience has brought about a change. Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr, and Rosa Parks are all prime examples. But in today's society, we no longer need to disobey the law in order to bring about change. There are court procedures, you can talk to any official... All of these are nonviolent ways of brining about a change, the only difference is, one is legal....

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Military force is an appropriate weapon for the US to use against enemies that may develop nukes


The United States frequently uses military force to prevent any possible future conflicts. However, rarely is the soft-power technique used before resorting to military force. I stand that soft-power is much more useful and progressive than resorting directly to brute force. Also, because nukes are becoming the weapon of choice in the world today, I believe that soft-power will prevent the accidental firing of nuclear weapons, essentially ending the world as we know it. The only solution to nati...

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